Tough Financial Times Mean More Opportunities to Exploit via Mary Kay!

Another piece written by a Mary Kay sales director promotes the Mary Kay “opportunity” to be the real secret to financial security, now and in the future. She doesn’t come right out and say it, but you know by the fact that she sent it to all her Mary Kay “sisters” that she’s saying Mary Kay is the answer to all your problems. Except anyone who has ever been involved in Mary Kay and who is honest with you will admit that Mary Kay is anything but secure.

Your earnings as a Mary Kay director are wholly dependent on the ability to recruit and to get the newbies to “invest” hundreds or thousands of dollars into inventory.  Recruiting and inventory purchases are down. That means sales director earnings are down.

Where is the financial security in Mary Kay? There is none. Not only because of the recruiting/frontloading situation that you’re in when you try to make a living with Mary Kay. But also because Mary Kay has all the rights in this relationship. You have the right to sell the product and recruit people. But that’s about it. There are restrictions on how/where you can advertise and how/where you can sell. And the best part? Mary Kay can kick you out of the company at any time, for any reason (or no reason at all), with no compensation, and no rights to your recruits or the commissions they would have generated for you.

Security, indeed. Here’s the director’s fiction:

The Attack On Your Future

It’s an attack. Many will fall.

If you put on the TV today, you hear about big financial institutions in America, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and others having huge financial challenges.

And they say there’s more to come.

Pundits, reporters, and more shout from the rooftop gloom, doom, and then they repeat themselves. Over and over again.

Half of the United States can’t stand one candidate for President, the other half can’t stand the other candidate, and it seems like everyone is complaining about something.

(Deep breath)

The negative mind isn’t the creative mind. The negative mind isn’t the prosperous mind. The negative mind isn’t the winning mind. The negative mind is set up for ONE thing.

No, two things.

1) Fear
2) Poverty

You can look at the news today and say, “Oh no!” or you can say, “Where’s the opportunity?” Yes, there is a huge opportunity going on globally today.

This new century is practically forcing us into the AGE of talent, the AGE of individuality, and the AGE of self expression.

Security now is not being an employee. Those days are over. Security now is in being an entrepreneur, though more than just being an entrepreneur.


It is in MAKING YOURSELF OVER and rebuilding your habits, character, and thoughts. Yes, you must rebuild and reprogram yourself.

It is in serving your clients in a grand way and doing everything you can to help them succeed. This is the only financial security now and in the years to come.

Unfortunately, many people won’t step on the stage in this new era.

Why? You know the answer. You do. Fear.

So many people have been beat down by their family, environment, and culture; they’ve seemingly forgotten their true heritage. They’ve forgot that they were born to triumph, to conquer, and to win.

Their inferiority complex is sky high and their self esteem is soaring downward.

Are you ready to take a stand?  Are you?

Do you really want to pass mediocrity down to your kids and their kids?

I didn’t think so.

You’re reading this right now and that tells me one thing about you. In your heart of hearts, YOU love yourself and YOU believe in your own power.

You do.

Now’s the time to show it. It is. It’s so EASY to be distracted right now. It’s almost laughable how easy it is.

Give yourself the GIFT of focus. Give yourself the GIFT of courage. Give yourself the GIFT of taking ONE step at a time.

You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going.

Are you ready to increase your self confidence 1% today? Are you ready to take 1% more action today in your business? Are you ready to give 1% more today? Are you ready to say YES to your greatness?

I honor you, appreciate you, and believe in you. Now, let the world CELEBRATE you.

Love Ya! You’re The Best!