Primerica’s Fake Job Interviews

Primerica Financial Services has become known for offering people “job interviews,” when they are really just having multi-level marketing recruiting meetings. Here’s one victim’s experience of being asked to show up for a “job interview” that was really a recruiting meeting. Here’s another victim of the fake job interview technique:

Primerica’s Opposition to the FTC’s Proposed Business Opportunity Rule EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The proposed Business Opportunity Rule (“Rule”) pursues the laudable goal of preventing fraud in the work-at-home, pyramid and vending machine marketplaces. But the Rule does not narrowly define and prohibit the specific practices in which the Commission has observed fraud. Nor is it limited to the types …

Low Commissions Paid in Primerica

One common complaint I’ve seen about Primerica Financial Services is the low level of commissions received from the sale of the company’s financial products and services. Essentially, there are many levels in the pyramid that are paid from the sale of a product, so the person who actually sells it …

Primerica: Predatory MLM?

With a couple of threads about Primerica over on the Pink Truth Discussion board, the Primerica defenders have been sending me emails to sing the company’s praises. So here’s a little about the company and its multi-level marketing structure.