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Low Commissions Paid in Primerica

One common complaint I’ve seen about Primerica Financial Services is the low level of commissions received from the sale of the company’s financial products and services. Essentially, there are many levels in the pyramid that are paid from the sale of a product, so the person who actually sells it receives quite a bit less than she or he would if selling for a company that didn’t have a multi-level marketing structure.

About the low commissions paid to each person because of all the levels that are paid:

  • Primerica is legitimate. I worked with them part time for 7.5 years. I never made much. You have to recruit many, many people to make it there. It’s the only way to achieve your promotions. The commission structure is very low compared to the independent channel I now work with.
  • I went independent in Aug 2003 and have made 5.5x what I made (still part time) in the last 3 years what I made in the last 5.5 years I was with Primerica. If you are serious about helping people and being in the Financial Services industry you can not compete with the life and mortgage products they expect you to sell. Since you are captive you are also not allowed to sell health and disability insurance or property and casualty insurance to supplement your income and help your clients. The securities pay is REALLY bad too; starting at a paltry 16.5% of gross dealer concession. There are several things I could go on about but it would take to long.


Another former Primerica representative commented:

I completely agree with Jonathan’s remarks. I too worked with PFS and never ever exceeded $40k working full-time. In order to make a significant income through PFS you have to recruit many people and sell one of the most expensive term insurance products on the market. I also went independent and i reached a six figure income my first year recruiting not one person. As for the owning your own business, it is virtually impossible to do that through the PFS structure. The financial services industry is incredible and there are many great companies along with many great products out there to help middle americans. If you would like to hear more feel free to email me.


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