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An Apology From Mary Kay Cosmetics?

Written by Raisinberry

So Mary Kay announced a new FAQ website, supposedly to address concerns from the sales force.
I would have more respect for the company if they simply said “Wow, we’re sorry.”

Imagine opening your Intouch page and having, “We’re Sorry” across the top?

Imagine a list of grievances, out front and in the open, and the company’s sincere plan to revamp and find solutions that are profitable for the company and the sales force. Imagine the honest statements of Corporate saying, “We don’t exactly know how to retool the marketing plan fairly for all involved, but we are going to be meeting and discussing it in order to prevent abuses and create across the board consistent leadership practices.”

Imagine a message that says,

“We believe consultant sales are really not actually as high as previous thought, and are concerned at the lack of appointments being held. To that end, we are looking at ways to support the idea of encouraging American women to invite friends back into their homes for personal service and relaxing down time. We intend to begin an advertising campaign that will seek to influence the market in this way, and thereby benefit the sales force. We will immediately initiate a pro-consultant institional advertising campaign to help rebuild the MK Consultant image in the marketplace. We will encourage advertisement of your business and provide all consultants with on trend camera ready art for local publications.

“Then we will immediately address, unethical pressure, “contests” and manipulation tactics of NSDs and Directors who probably mean well, but have over-stepped what is the best practice in the development of beauty consultants. Further, we will give all Directors a complete sales training course on the actual and successful methods for professional selling in order to fill in any gaps in training as they take their new positions.”

Please stick with us and and allow us to reform the company for your benefit, so our motto of enriching womens lives becomes true for all.”

There ya go, Darrell.

No charge.

Now. Do you have the cujones to do what’s right?

And just in case you think you might want to lift this quote out and plaster it on tomorrows websites, recognizing the inherent desire of Americans to want to forgive and forget, and recognizing a confession of this type would probably stop the bleeding… Your sales force are bright capable women! We wouldnt take too kindly to LIP SERVICE, would we?

Why not make an impact statement that is truthful, instead of warmed over scripted razzle dazzle?


  1. Perfectly stated!

    Have you received an offer to head the MKC Consultant & Customer Relations Dept yet? …………Or a new Dept head position for the “REAL Consultant & Director TRAINING & APPRECIATION Dept.?

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