Mary Kay’s Husband Oath

The official “oath” for a husband of a Mary Kay consultant, as published by Mary Kay Inc.

As the husband of Mary Kay Independent Sales Director,
Recognizing the commitment made by my wife
To reach this position of leadership,
I solemnly pledge that I will do my utmost
To support, encourage and love my wife in every way
As she continues to develop her business,
Realizing that only as we share our lives completely
Can she reach the full potential of her God-given existence.
I will never belittle her efforts
Or leave her to struggle alone against adversity
That may from time to time appear.
I, too, will uphold and protect the Golden Rule,
Project a positive attitude to all I meet
And share each and every step my wife takes
On the road to success.



  1. There was a girl in the same unit as me who divorced her husband of 20 years because he belittled Mary Kay and called it a “hobby”… This woman is constantly in the Unit Court of Sales and always a star. I wonder if he was lucky to get out of a marriage where his wife was bleeding him dry.

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