Mary Kay Warm Chatter Training (Part 1 of 3)

“Warm Chatter” is a favorite tactic of aggressive Mary Kay recruiters. It involves approaching people in public to harass them about Mary Kay. This is the first in a three part series detailing tactics used to warm chatter.

I have never, ever been a fan of “warm chatter” in Mary Kay. Warm chatter is the process of looking for potential recruits or hostesses while in public. You are supposed to “give a sincere compliment” or find some other “legitimate” way of initiating conversation in an attempt to talk about Mary Kay.

I know lots of Mary Kay consultants and sales directors have convinced themselves that this is an okay way to meet more prospects victims. I don’t think it’s authentic or genuine, so I don’t like it.

Here’s the first of three parts of training on warm chatter. I don’t know the source of this training, but here goes anyway…


Part One: Preparation

Before you warm chatter:

1. Spiritually prepare

  • Declare God’s favor. Ask Him to bring you sharp, successful ladies who either need MK the product and/or MK the opportunity. Write down a specific prayer or affirmation that really speaks to you, and repeat it while you are getting ready.
  • Get out of your own way! Ask God to give you courage to approach the women He is bringing into your path. Remind God that you are on His side, and that you want every word you speak to bring honor to Him.

2. Physically prepare

  • Dress for success! Imagine Mary Kay Ash was going with you… how would you want to look? Then remember this: you ARE Mary Kay Ash to everyone you meet, so dress accordingly!
  • Wear your pin! Quite simply, it validates to people that you are a representative of the Mary Kay Company.

3. Mentally prepare

  • Check to ensure you have all the materials you will need: business cards, samplers, Look books, date book, extra pens.
  • Read over the script(s) that you plan to use. If necessary, write them on index cards and take them with you. You can even practice (not always out loud) while you dress, while you drive, while you wait in line, anytime there’s not a lady within three (3) feet of you!

Ready for warm chatter:
1. Smile! A smile radiates positive energy, and you must be an energy-giver.
2. Raise your eyebrows slightly. This will help you look pleasant and approachable.
3. Stand up (or sit up) straight! Remember, you represent the #1 bestselling brand for 12 consecutive years… act like it!

While you warm chatter:
1. Look the person in the eye. (Your right eye to her right eye whenever possible.)
2. Control the speed, tone, and inflection of your voice. (Your tendency will be to go too fast… slow down and enjoy the experience!)
3. Always thank the person for her time. (Whether you have booked her, gotten her information, or she has flat turned you down…she has given you the gift of her time; show your appreciation for that.)

Do you feel dirty after reading that? If not, you might after I post parts two and three.


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