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A Mary Kay Director’s Letter to Her Unit About Resigning

This letter was from one of our readers to her unit, regarding her resignation from Mary Kay. She was a long-time director, so this may have been quite unexpected. I admire her courage in telling her unit exactly what has happened. Surely she will receive criticism from “sister” sales directors for resigning. Thank you for sharing this letter with us.

Due to recent events, it is necessary for you to receive this letter. I am resigning as your director. I want you to have in writing the reason why I am resigning. There will be speculation and I believe you deserve to know the truth. I am not resigning due to a lack of unit production. Nor is it due to a lack of car production. I willingly called Mary Kay Inc. and asked them to come pick up the car. This is about problems I see with the corporate office and those who are in leadership positions in Mary Kay.

Those of you who have spent any time with me will agree that I have loved this company and considered myself an “MK Lifer.” I had dreams of growing our unit into a top unit and then on the journey to a National Area. I can no longer say this is my goal or vision for myself. I now question many things about Mary Kay Cosmetics. I’ve learned many claims cannot be substantiated. I’ve also learned that there are many interpretations of what is right and “legal” in this business.

It has been leaked that the company is planning major product changes. In previous months, new products have been added to the line and other products have been revised or discontinued. While some would argue that adding or revising any MK lines offers flexibility in the market place, I do not see it that way. I take issue with the company when we have customers who are loyal and love particular products, then suddenly we can no longer order it and have to look high and low to find it. I do not see this as being a service to us or to our customers. It has been suggested that the reason this happens with such frequency is because the company views us (the consultant) as the end-user. After much thought and with all the changes in recent months, I would have to agree that the behavior of the company validates this opinion.

In addition, as the company has grown there have been problems with unethical activity. Those who move up fast receive a lot of attention, but their methods are not questioned. I do, however question methods and motives and find it necessary to take a stand against those who do not support what I have perceived as the Mary Kay way. I have written letters to legal and even called people out privately for taking other’s customers and potential team members. I felt it was important to the reputation of the company. Sadly the intensity of unethical behavior has escalated to a disturbing level. There are reports of identity theft, and credit card fraud. I have witnessed personally someone in a level of qualification asking to use others’ credit cards to meet production quotas. It troubled me deeply and began a succession of questioning for me, not only toward that person, but also toward the company.

The tipping point for me was when MKC terminated a million-dollar director for violating her Sales Director Agreement. The director in question was Robin Blackmon-Dunda and she was terminated for selling a hostess apron at the Seminar vendors’ booth. I spoke with NSD’s and sister Sales Directors. It made no sense to me for a company to rid itself of a top producer, especially one with influence over 400 consultants and numerous National areas. I waited to hear something from corporate and when I did not, I decided to search for information on the Internet. I found several links to Robin Blackmon-Dunda’s name. The second link led me to the blog: www.pinktruth.com

I was offended at first by some of the comments on the blog. I continued to read and found that much of what I was experiencing with product changes and unethical behavior were happening across the country. Some unethical behavior was not as bad as others. However, all unethical behavior had some part in damaging people’s lives, finances, marriages and even health. I finally came to a decision that I could no longer support something that caused such harm to others. I’ve included some articles. Please read through them and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

This has been one of the most difficult decisions of my life. I have 18 years of my life invested in this company. When I finally chose to deplete my inventory and step away, I had a sense of peace and I knew it was the right thing to do. I covet your prayers for wisdom and discernment, as I do not know what my next career move will be. I’m exploring many options and while it is scary, it is also exciting.

You will become a part of my Senior Director’s unit. Her name is **********. She will most likely get in touch with you by letter or phone call. I encourage you to make decisions that are best for you, based on you and your family’s needs not what a sales director needs you to do to qualify for a contest, conference, or car. Be true to yourself and your standards first and foremost. You may be discouraged from any communication with me because I will be considered “negative.” You have an open invitation to call or email me. Please know that I am available to answer any questions regarding any of the above or the enclosed articles. I am so very thankful for my association with you. If I can be of any assistance, never hesitate to call me.

I pray you will be successful in your every endeavor.


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