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Don’t Talk To Negative People!

This is courtesy of Ann Vertel, a woman who “helps” Mary Kay sales directors move up. Her writings fit perfectly with Mary Kay, as they promote the ever-popular cult-like tactic of not talking to anyone who doesn’t “believe”.

Naturally, this item from Ann is being circulated ad nauseum by Mary Kay sales directors.

“DON’T Share My Goals?”

Remember the last time you got feedback on anything? You may have gotten tons of positive feedback but it was those one or two negative comments that seem to cement themselves in your brain. We tend to give negative comments much more weight than they deserve.

There are people in your life that claim to support you…but really don’t. If you ask them, they will probably tell you that they are very supportive. But listen closely to how they respond to you when you share with them you biggest goal.

Once you’ve told them what you intend to do, see if these responses sound like what you hear:

  • That’s a pretty big goal. Are you sure you have the time to do that?
  • No one in our family has ever made that much money before.
  • Isn’t that going to be hard?
  • How are you going to do that and still take care of your family?
  • How do you expect to find that many people or sell that much?
  • Don’t come crying to me if it doesn’t work out.
  • When are you going back to your real job?
  • That’s nice.

If so, then these people, some of who are family members and friends who love you very much, are part of the 99% percent crowd. The people that support you 99% but still hold out that 1% of doubt.

And that doubt can be deadly.

When you sense that someone doubts your abilities, your intentions, your desires, even your dreams, it will cause you to doubt yourself too. And that’s the last think you need on your way to the top!

When you share your goals and dreams, this is what you should hear:

  • Well of course you’re going to do that; I have no doubt about it.
  • I know you can do it.
  • You’re perfect for that!
  • You’ll be wonderful!
  • How can I help?

These are the people to talk to about your business. They will ignite a fire in you and keep your vision alive and in focus. They will claim your victory for you… sometimes before you even realize it’s possible. They are your power partners.

Do you have to stop talking to the 99% crowd? Of course not. Just stop talking to them about your goals! When they ask how business is, say, “Awesome. How are things going for you?”

The 99% crowd means well. They’ve merely forfeited their right to have an opinion about your success. Your potential is only what you think it is!

Now go have a POWERFUL day!

Warm regards,
Ann Vertel
Taking You to the Top!

Remember, everyone. The people in your life who tell you the reality about Mary Kay are NOT unsupportive. They are realists who understand what a scam multi-level marketing companies are. Please listen to them.


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