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A Direct Selling Association Seminar

A December 2006 seminar by the Direct Selling Association included this breakout session on bloggers who oppose multi-level marketing:

Are Bitter Bloggers Taking a Bite Out of Your Business?

Failed ex-distributors and misinformed malcontents are using the Internet to attack Direct Selling companies and successful distributors. Protected by the first amendment and fueled by an Internet culture that encourages negativity and victimization, bitter bloggers and cyber bullies are scaring off prospects with negative campaigns based on misinformation, distortions, half-truths, and out-and-out lies. This session offers a rebuttal to bitter blogs and negative complaint sites.

Dr. Steve Price will identify the types of cyber bullies, explain their true motives, and suggest strategies that will empower corporations and their distributor bases to wage and win the war against cyber-terrorism.

Since when did printing the truth about these scams become cyber-terrorism?