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Rumors About Classic Basic Skin Care Being Discontinued

 I don’t know who started the rumor that Mary Kay’s classic basic skin care was being discontinued, but Darrell Overcash denied it in February 2007. The rumors persist, however, that the classic line will be replaced with the botanical line of skincare sold overseas.

His email:

From: Darrell Overcash
Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 5:33 PM
To: Nancy Bonner
Cc: Franklin, Greg
Subject: RE: classic basic

Dear Nancy,

I understand that Greg Franklin is trying to reach you via phone to see if you have any questions. I just talked to him today, and he said he has not talked to you yet so I thought I better let you know that we do not have any plans right now for Classic Basic to go away. Now, at some point when sales decline to the point where we can’t support it, we’ll have to look at that. However, it is not even on the radar.

On the direct ship questions, you probably know that option has been discussed periodically for at least 10 years, maybe 15. We do discuss it to see if time/technology has changed to allow us to get around the hurdles because there are some valid uses. For example, a Director who moves and has a customer base in another state may like having the option for reorders to ship from their local branch and not their personal inventory. As you stated though, there are MANY pitfalls too. We have to be able to ask those questions and others to understand what people think. That does NOT mean it is happening.

I do want to thank you for contacting us, Nancy. Just as we said at Leadership, anytime you hear a rumor that you think might be untrue, PLEASE call so we can respond one way or another. In our world, it is so easy for rumors to get started.

Best wishes as you prepare for Career Conference and Seminar!!!




  1. frankie bohensky

    i;m realy angry about my extra emm cleansing cream being discontinued i;ve used everything else on the mrkt and this is a wonderful product,so was your lip gloss so was your pink shampoo yrs ago,i cant wear lipstick and your old lip gloss was a god send.ialso wear the night cream nice and oily,i,m sure that will be going soon.so i;m of to find anothercompany,,shame on you all

  2. RMW

    It’s so very sad and upsetting at the same time! I used to use the old formulas of Mary Kay’s Skin Care Line! Cleanser 3, Toner 2, Mask 3, Moisturizer 2. The Time Wise Collection is aweful in my opinion! Ontop of that, the packaging is no longer Pink! Neither are the Cosmetic Compacts! When you think about Mary Kay or you hear Mary Kay, you automatically think of “Pink”! No more! The Formulation’s are not the same, so I sadly stopped using MK! I tried the Botanical Line, No Way! WHY Do makeup and skincare companies, change everything?! CASH?! It’s just when you finally find an awesome thing, people come in and change things! “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It”! I’m lost with dupes, ect. They have lost Me as a customer, that’s all I know!

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