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Another Mary Kay Event That Offers You the Secret to Success

Those still in the pink fog are looking for that one little secret that will help them make it big in Mary Kay. They haven’t yet figured out that 99% of people in MLM fail, and they assume they’re personally doing something wrong.

These events feed into that mindset. They know you’re looking for “the key” to success in Mary Kay and you’re willing to pay to find it. Even long-time directors still are looking for that key to get them to nsd. So the organizers of these events collect the checks and pocket the profits… and they tell you the exact same thing you’ve heard at every other event. But they’ve profited from the event, so who cares!

I just love January! First off, I get to go someplace warm every year (warm and sunny Houston this time)) with my Mary Kay girlfriends! Secondly, I get to participate in the best Director planned workshop in the entire country- that’s Chicagorama and you need to be there!!! How do I know it’s the best??? Corporate MK thinks so too and we are known nationwide for this!! The best part is you get to go and start your New Year with a BANG!!

Picture this: The holidays are over and so are you! Over tired, over fed, over spent and maybe your clothes are over tight! You are thinking that you really need to get going with your MK but you feel sluggish because of the ‘over’ syndrome! Not to worry because you have a ticket to Chicagorama and you know it’s going to be great! You can hear the exciting music and you picture yourself in the Red Jacket March as you enter the room to the Applause of the Chicago Directors and your sister consultants!! You wave madly as you cross the stage and pose quickly while I snap your picture.

Wow- here are the NSD’s Sandy Miller and Pam Ross and after reading their bios (BELOW), you couldn’t wait to hear them speak!! Mary Kay multi-MILLIONAIRES telling you you can do it too! You are really pumped and ready for some training on the basics- booking, coaching, selling and recruiting. You can’t wait for that one idea that is going to help your skin care class slaes double and wrap up this Seminar Year! The day is flying by and you can’t believe it’s one o’clock and time for lunch with your frineds! After lunch, it’s back in the ballroom again for some excitement and motivation! What a day! Time to leave but you know you can do anything! Now you have captured a new dream for you and your family and you are ready to start the year with a BANG! !

Sounds great, doesn’t it!! Well, it is. You’ll want to register NOW because it will sell out- it does every year and I have to get the tickets in by Nov. 30th. I will only order a ticket for you if I have your check, so mail it to me or bring it to the meeting ASAP. See the attached flier in this email for all the details. You can go on Friday January 11th OR Saturday January 12th. Friday tickets are $40 and Saturday tickets are $50. Both include a wonderful hot luncheon with a yummy dessert. There are headsets available for Spanish classes too. More details to follow in December, but for now, we have to order tickets before they sell out.

As far as the dinner goes, you must attend Chicagorama in order to attend the dinner. Everyone can attend day classes, but you must qualify for the wonderful, semi-formal dinner! The dinner has qualifications that must be met by the end of the quarter- Dec. 15th:

$1800 wholesale and 2 ($600 qualifed recruits) OR
$2400 wholesale and 1 ($600 qualified recruit) OR
$3000 wholesale

The dinner has been described as making consultants feel like they are in a fairy tale. Picture wearing your most exquisite dress and walking into a beautifully decorated room with your significant other. You feel so happy, you just know you are walking on air. You dine on surf and turf- yuuuuummmm and it’s FREE!! Your guy is so excited that you earned the dinner and so proud of you that he just can’t stop smiling. Oooh la la! They just brought in the desert!! Wow!! Don’t worry about the calories; you plan to work them off with all your bookings! It’s almost time to cross the stage. There you go….. It was wonderful…………….Such a magical evening and YOU were there!!! It was awesome to see you there and celebrate your success!!

Get your ticket and set a goal to be among the elite winners at the dinner! I WANT YOU TO BE THERE WITH ME!!!!

And for those who don’t get it yet – the free dinner isn’t really free. It takes a whole lot of ordering and/or recruiting to get there. Spare your credit card the pain and just go for a quiet dinner on your own with your husband. You’ll thank me later.


  1. Deflated Pink Bubble

    Ugh… Chicagorama. I avoided this one every year. VERY expensive and this time there is no “free product” to cover your registration fees. Just big bucks to hear the same BS that you hear at Career Conference and Scaminar.

  2. Anna King

    You can buy your way into anything Mary Kay. What a sham. How wonderful is your conference! You come home to face your Credit card and your new, wonderful year of payments. Nothing is free in Mary Kay.

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