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Dear Mary Kay Sales Director Who Doesn’t Want Pink Truth to Get More Traffic Than It Already Does

Written by Raisinberry

This is Raisinberry’s response to a Mary Kay sales director who wrote to her fellow directors, urging them not to read the “negative” websites.

Thanks for your prayers. And thanks for at least trying to help your Director friends maintain a positive attitude with the encouragement to do it “the right way”. I am not being sarcastic in the least. When I read your letter, I believe I was reading a woman who genuinely feels badly for the losses many other women have sustained.

Like you, I first read Pink Truth and it made me doubt what I was a part of in Mary Kay. I determined no longer to read it, and do my best to work towards honest communication with both guests and consultants. I was not about to let what happened to me and some of the other ladies on Pink Truth become the reality for my Current Unit members.

Here’s the thing. Why would you have any doubts at all, unless you have witnessed some of these things? Apparently you have, since you wouldn’t be nagged by “doubts” if what we were telling lies. Your compassion tells the story that you are well aware, that the “system” of Success that is modeled in Mary Kay, makes women feel the pressure to order to maintain, order to achieve, order to “qualify” for the tokens and recognition hanging likes carrots over their heads.

You know the drill. You find “building the wall of positivity” a struggle! And why? Because it has to be continually propped up in the face of the reality of your Unit production and personal business?

We have compassion for you as well. We know how desperately you want it to work. We know how much you have bought into the pink bubble. We know you have given the inventory talk to women who didn’t have a chance in hell of turning a profitable business because you needed the production.

We know you have personal shame and guilt associated with this… that you rationalize with the words, “How can I judge what she might do?” We know that you pretend you do not have the debt that you do. We know that you look at all your “T” consultants… and wonder if “they” feel Mary Kay enriched their lives. You gratefully take a sigh of relief when one of your Consultants places an $800 order, and at the same time feel pain because she hasn’t stood for high sales in months. Yes, we have compassion for you and how desperately you need to prop up your positive mental attitude concerning Mary Kay.

Has it occurred to you, that you would not have to build a wall of positivity around something that was truly positive? Truly good? It would never be so “frail” as to need a wall around it.

No. Apparently it has not occurred to you.

We, who do pray, will keep all of you in our thoughts and prayers and hope that the light of truth will pierce that “mental bath” that has built the pink fog of denial.

We know, that if you were truly honest, truly helping unit members to build a selling business, and recruiting with true information, your Unit would be in decline, and you would not be permitting your members to sit under the exaggerations of your NSD. That would ostracize you. We know, that in 4 to 6 short months, of HONEST DIRECTING, you will be here, needing to process what the brain washing has actually done to you… and at what cost.

Your attempt to lower the search engine numbers is really an attempt at self preservation and self protection. We understand. There isn’t one of us here, who wasn’t in the same boat.

Depinking is painful on many, many levels; spiritually, emotionally, morally and financially.

So when you have the courage to look again, we will be here… and for my part, I will not quit until Mary Kay Corporate apologizes publicly to the sales force, for looking the other way, standing silent, knowing exactly how their “profit” was being made.

In Grace,


  1. Christy Bell

    Thanks bella Raisenberry. I’m not a director and I’m not ready to quit MK but I would covet your prayers if you don’t mind praying for me. My prayer is that Mk WOULD come clean and you would get the desires of your heart.

  2. raisinberry

    You have them,Christy. For you my prayer would be wisdom and discernment, to be able to hear a spirit of manipulation and deceit.And I will agree with you, that MK comes clean.

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