Mary Kay Hiring Private Investigators

This was an interesting little tidbit on a site that writes about Beckett Brown International, private investigators out of Washington, D.C. This site has obtained records about the work BBI performed, and reports this :

A January 1998 “Client Briefing” for Mary Kay Cosmetics, which apparently retained bbi to gather intel on Gayle Gaston, mother of actress Robin Wright Penn and a Mary Kay executive. The briefing relates a psychological assessment bbi commissioned on Gaston. An excerpt of the “recommendations”:

  • Attempt to show that corporate wants to help her. Risk: It may enhance her feeling that MK is out to get her.
  • Prepare a behavioral response against Gayle…using back up video.
  • Have a mental health professional observe her discretely at functions.

Certainly Mary Kay, then, would have the wherewithal to investigate allegations of improperly exporting goods, in violation of consultant and director agreements?