Why $2 Million Retail Returned to Mary Kay is So Important

The last week of May 2008, Pink Truth passed the $2 million retail milestone for total products returned to Mary Kay Inc. under the product repurchase agreement. And besides it just being a beautiful number, it says so much more than that.

Our $2 million retail doesn’t mean a lot to Mary Kay. That’s $1 million wholesale, and a nice chunk of that is recovered with commission chargebacks. And then corporate has the product. Which is theoretically destroyed. Or not, if you’ve been one of the lucky people who have placed a product order and received a “new” product from Mary Kay with some consultant’s sticker already on it.

The figure represents over $1 million put back in the hands of women who were involved in the big pink scam: Mary Kay. Many of them didn’t know they could even get their money back because they were lied to by their sales director and/or recruiter.  (One more time –  You can return anything bought in the last year. It is a much perpetuated lie that a consultant cannot reurn products after her first year in the business. And Pink Truth has a returning inventory page to help you with your return.)

Oh sure… the facts about returning your products are in company documentation, as are a zillion other things. But maybe you had a director like mine, who lied about company policies? And weren’t we always taught to listen to our sales director? She knows what she’s talking about? She has your best interest at heart?

So here at Pink Truth we offer the real information to consultants, as well as tips to get the most back from their returns. We help them realize that they should NOT forgo their return just to spare their recruiter a commission chargeback. (After all, you must look out for your family’s best interest first and foremost. Get your money back!)

This site has been around for almost 2 years, and the total returns admittedly also include the returns of some women who returned their products to Mary Kay before Pink Truth was even around. But even with that factored in, I’m proud of the money that consultants have gotten back from the evil pink empire.

What excites me even more are the numbers that don’t show up in that figure. Those are the women who bypassed Mary Kay all together because of the reality they’ve witnessed here. Their families were spared the financial upheaval and the emotional manipulation so central to Mary Kay.

We don’t have hard numbers on how much Mary Kay’s production is down. All we know is that it is down. And the ridiculous number of contests for recruiting and order prove that the company is in a panic, trying to create excitement and get dollars from consultants any way they can.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Pink Truth from the beginning. You are what makes this possible. Everyone’s story is unique, and something you have said (no matter how small) may have touched the heart of someone who can relate to your story. Thank you everyone for sharing and helping others learn the truth about pink.

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  1. Nichole

    $2 Million, three and a half years ago. How much more has been returned since then? Hopefully, oodles and oodles. Goodness knows…I tell everyone I can about about Pink Truth.

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