Mary Kay Sales Director “Stepping Down”

Here’s a group email from a Mary Kay sales director who is stepping down. I suspect she didn’t make production for several months.

I just don’t understand it. I thought Mary Kay was the BEST opportunity in the land. That it works when you do. Part time hours for executive pay. Surely if this director’s deserve level was high enough she could do it! The product sells itself and recruiting is easy once women realize how wonderful the opportunity is.

Hello to the greatest gals everywhere,

I am writing to share that I am stepping down as a Mary Kay Director.  I wish that things were different and this wasn’t the letter I was writing.  Since my auto accident in my MK Car 4 years ago, things have been unbelievably rough.  And as I keep reinjuring myself in my daily activities, I am needing all of my energy to go toward getting better.

MK Corp has been great, the have given me extra time to get healthy, it just isn’t long enough with what my injuries and my mounting medical bills/treatments have been.  ( no the accident wasn’t my fault, but getting this financial mess all taken care of takes FOREVER )

I love this company and plan to continue adding to my 17+ years as a consultant.