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Mary Kay Has Never Been Stronger!

Inevitably, at every Mary Kay event, you will be told that things have never been better for the company. The company has never been stronger! This is the greatest [insert event name] ever! How exciting to be a part of this company right now! We’re a part of Mary Kay at the perfect time!!!

So it comes as no surprise that Mary Kay’s U.S. president, Darrell Overcash, sent one of these rah-rah communications to the sales directors.  You’ve got to wonder how honest he’s being, however, in light of the fact that the company is down 1,000 sales directors in the U.S. in the last year…. a record number.

From Darrell:

While I read a lot of news online, I’ll admit that I still read the printed paper pretty much every day. I tend to scan articles that are negative, and I read word-for-word articles that are positive. The good news is that my approach doesn’t take me as long to read the paper as it used to. The bad news is that my approach doesn’t take me as long to read the paper as it used  to. Continuing to read about how poorly our economy is doing, I am reminded how GREAT it is to be a part of Mary Kay. I thought I’d share with you today why I passionately feel this way.

First, I’m proud that as opposed to feeding the fears of human beings our business model is based on feeding and nurturing the basic needs of human beings. Our business model is based on following the Golden Rule, doing what’s right, and treating people as if they have a sign around their necks that says, “Make me feel important!”

Second, we have a rock solid foundation at Mary Kay. I hope the fact that Mary Kay Inc. is privately owned and DEBT FREE is a huge relief to you in this sea of financial strains on individuals and businesses today. Here are just a few ways that benefits us:

  1. We do not have outstanding debt that is subject to the pressures of the credit and financial crisis most other companies are experiencing.
  2.  We do not have a need to secure loans in a market where it’s difficult to find anyone willing to lend money.
  3. We are not bound by the ball and chain of Wall Street’s demand for short-term results which causes other companies to make decisions that can negatively impact the long-term health of their business.

With that said, I want to point out that we are all affected  by the economy in other ways. Just as higher prices affect each of us as individuals, markedly higher prices from our suppliers and business partners have already impacted us this year. We are being fiscally mindful of the reaction to this economy by others which is outside our control, and making choices about those things we can control in keeping with our values and long-term commitment to your opportunity as you would expect us to be.

My crystal ball is no better than yours is, but I know our current economic conditions will change. The economy will get better. In our history we have always pulled through. We always do! And, for our part, we simply need to stay focused on what we control as individuals. I encourage you not to let ANYONE dampen your optimism and enthusiasm. Use the power of your enthusiasm to  help others see the positive and help them understand things will get better.

Third, let’s remember that we have so much to offer any woman  who is struggling in today’s economy. If she’s looking for great skin care and cosmetics that are a good value, we have that. If she’s looking for a way to make money, we have that, too. You have the answer to what so many women want – a way to make money and find security with an established, highly- reputable,  successful business opportunity.

As you encourage your area members to share this wonderful business opportunity, teach them to really listen to the needs of each individual. Many women today are just looking for some extra income each month to help make ends meet. Can you help someone do that? Yes, you can! All you need to do is teach them the Mary Kay way. Teach them to build relationships one person at a time. Teach them to share the product. Teach them to provide Golden Rule customer service so they develop a long-term and loyal customer base. That is the way they will meet their short-term needs.

I ran across an old proverb that says, “It’s human nature to always find fresh cause for optimism.” That’s why over the history of mankind, I believe we continue to survive challenging times like these. We have an innate ability to dream, hope and believe. We understand that; we live it every day, and that’s why I believe it is GREAT to be a part of Mary Kay! I hope you are as excited about our future as I am. I do believe it is filled with promise and hope!

Stay focused on making your fall holiday season great. I look forward to celebrating with you at Leadership Conference.

Warm Regards,
Darrell Overcash
President, U.S.

I have to wonder who he’s trying to convice with all this? And how he can, in good conscience talk abut what a “successful” opportunity Mary Kay offers… in light of the massive amounts of debt piled upon women and their families via Mary Kay.



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