Mary Kay Teaches National Sales Directors How to Get Big Commission Checks

It’s just good business to maximize your Mary Kay commission check, right? We’ve all heard the upline talk about not “leaving money on the table.” In general, I don’t mind the concept of making the most money possible.

Yet when it comes to Mary Kay, the “earnings” are really just a transfer of money from the downline to the upline. It just feels like Mary Kay Inc. is teaching the national sales directors to take advantage of women.  What do you think of this announcement?

 Webinar Makes Sense of Your Dollars

“Understanding NSD Compensation,” an all-NSD Webinar led by Gary Jinks, Senior Vice President of Sales. It’s not just the exquisite suit that sets an Independent National Sales Director apart from the  Independent Sales Directors in her National area; it’s also the structure upon which she earns her commissions.

The strategies you used to yield strong commissions as an Independent Sales  Director may not necessarily yield the same results now that you are an Independent National  Sales Director. This course shares in-depth information and examples of how the production generated from first-, second-, third- and even fourth-line Sales Directors and beyond can impact  NSD commissions.

You’ll learn sound strategies and philosophies that can clarify the focus for  what really matters most — fiscally speaking — to successful NSDs.


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