Sucking You Back Into the Pink Mary Kay Vortex

Here’s an attempt to make it all about the Mary Kay consultant, when the truth is that it’s really all about the director getting someone to re-up and add more to wholesale production.

Manipulation at its finest… I’ve been told some of these exact same things, and I bet many of you have too.  You had a dream… I know you can do it… I believe in you… I’ll support you in whatever way you need me to…

Dear Former Member of *********,

I know we have not been in touch for some time and I hope this letter finds you and your family well. At some point in your life you had a Mary Kay dream for yourself and your family. For whatever reason that never came to pass. Maybe it was just not the right time. I want you to know that I have held onto that dream and kept it for you, until you were ready to claim it!

I know that you can have success in this business because I have seen every woman who really makes that decision, become successful. I would love it if I could assist you in recapturing that dream and make it a reality.

A special offer just for you

Coming back to Mary Kay has never been easier. For only $20 you’ll receive the First Steps Starter Kit Update containing materials for you to restart your business. Or if you prefer you can order a NEW Starter Kit for $100, which contains over $323 in full size products. Either option makes you a brand new beauty consultant with the same opportunities as any other new consultants.

You can choose to make excellent hourly pay or you can order your personal products and/or gifts at wholesale cost, that is completely up to you.

During the month of April, May or June I am offering the opportunity for you to come back into Mary Kay and pursue that dream and receive FREE products from me. When you re-sign and place an activating order (min. $200 wholesale) the same month of your agreement you will receive from me a set of the new TimeWise Microdermabrasion – value $55. Make April your starting month and also receive a Timewise Firming Eye Cream value $30 – the retail value of these two items is $85.00. They will be my gift to you to help you get started on the newest and best selling products for yourself.

Whatever you decide to do, know that I will continue to hold that dream for you and at any time you can reclaim it! I will be here to assist you in building a successful Mary Kay business!

Let me welcome you back. Give me a call ******* or email me *******. You can fill out the enclosed Mary Kay application or ask me to send you a Mary Kay link to sign up online which makes you a Mary Kay beauty consultant immediately. Also check out our unit web site for all that’s new in Mary Kay at ******* and my personal Mary Kay web site to see all the new products is *****.

I sincerely hope that the time is right for you to come back to Mary Kay. You are always welcome to become my preferred customer if that is better for you. Either way I will always be here for you. Please let me know if you would like me to add your name to my Preferred Customer Mailing List to keep you up to date on all the latest products in Mary Kay. I offer 20% off on all Mary Kay Products to former consultants.


Desperate Director