Quitting Mary Kay

Another Mary Kay “Failure”….

From an article at Forbes.com :

Sarah Morris Smith used to spend 70 hours a week selling Mary Kay cosmetics while her husband, John, a part-time sales associate at Walgreens, stayed home with their infant daughter. “He always did the housework and cooking,” says Smith. “I’m sure he resented doing all those chores.”

Smith admits that her workaholism ripped her marriage apart. She and John still live together, though they are legally separated. No longer with Mary Kay, Smith works well into the evenings as a recruiter for nSight, a business consultancy in Burlington, Mass.

“I think we might have had a chance if we had shared hobbies or scheduled time together, but I come home and monopolize the computer,” says Smith. “Even down-time is work time. I’m giving him primary custody of our daughter because I know my work habits are not fair to her.”

70 hours a week and still not successful at Mary Kay so she found a different career? That’s impossible, according to the Kaybots. Mary Kay is just a numbers game and it works when you work. Sounds like this lady worked. Why didn’t Mary Kay work???

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