Quitting Mary Kay

Mary Kay Recruit is a Quick Learner

A Mary Kay sales director is looking for advice on this situation:

I have a new Consultant who started in November with $1800. She just emailed me last night that she thinks she has products in her inventory that she can’t sell (I order her inventory so I know what she has). This is exactly what she wrote:

“Also, I got so many products in my inventory that I think are not going to sell.  A main reason I got so many products in the beginning was because I thought I would get leads in the random drawing. I did not get a single customer for being a star consultant. That’s crazy! Anyways, I know I get 90% back when I return the products so I would like to do that. How does that work? “

Hooray for quick learners. I hope the sales director sends her over here to our Returning Inventory page so she can get the real answers to all her questions.

Is it my imagination, or are Mary Kay recruits coming to their senses faster than ever before?

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