Targeting mothers of teenagers for Mary Kay

Written by NoMoreMLM4Me

Recently, The Scribbler wrote an incredible piece about how Mary Kay targets stay at home moms with young children. Let me share with you why they target moms with teenagers.

Think back to the last time you were around a toddler. Picture those pudgy (sticky!) hands wrapping around you as you carry him up for a nap. Ah, bliss! Personally, I never had any desire to leave my children when they were that age. Where else can you find someone who thinks you are “the bestest.”

Now, fast forward 10 years. No more diapers, true, but also no more hugs or any touching whatsoever! Plus, suddenly you are a not-so-smart person to your teen, and you feel left out of his life. Well, in swoops that Mary Kay lady. Boy, does she have the answer to that sense of imbalance you feel as a mom of a teen. Here will be a few of the approaches she will use to rope you in:

1. You’ve sacrificed yourself for soooo long as a stay-at-home (or working outside the home – fill in the blank here) mom; you finally deserve some “me” time.

2. Your teen doesn’t need you around as much; it’s time to start preparing for when he leaves the nest.

3. You have car insurance/college/retirement to save for; what better way than to work for yourself and meet those financial needs.

And last but not least –
4. Gain the respect of your teens by showing them how successful you are at starting your own business!

Tempting, oh so tempting. Time for me, extra money, respect from a teenager – where do I sign?!?

Now let’s look at reality:

1. Yes, you sacrificed; that’s what you signed on for when you became a mom! Would you have it any other way?

2. This approach is flat out wrong! Your teen needs you more now than she did as a baby! My son has made some telling comments about this. When I was deep in the fog, he was talking about a teacher who was seriously ill. I had no idea what he was talking about. His comment was, “Oh, yeah, that happened last week when you were gone every night.” Ouch. If you are not spending time at home with your children – not making those dreaded phone calls, either –
they notice, and you miss out.

3. This has been covered in so many other posts – MLM’s are not a way to save $$$; they are a way to lose money and line someone else’s pockets.

4. First, you don’t have your own business – it’s an MLM. Second, you are better off developing a relationship with your teen; the respect will be mutual!

Don’t fall for it, ladies! Be strong, and just say no. The memories of the teen years (homecomings, teaching them to drive, having all the neighborhood kids at your house) are worth it!

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