Facts, opinions, and the real story behind Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Mary Kay Flimflam

Written by BlessedOne

The awe inspiring spectacle of this polished flimflam scheme is the amazing camouflage it employs. The Mary Kay Cosmetics sham is truly elegant. Like an injurious social disease, the MK plight is spread from one woman to another through social intercourse often without the host even realizing they are spreading something so harmful.

It can spread like a grass fire in a dry field on a hot, windy day. Its fuel is the vulnerability which accompanies trust between women who share common characteristics such as motherhood, a devout Christian faith, and a default belief that we are all inherently good.

This curse, the Mary Kay Cosmetics Cult, mercilessly exploits these vulnerabilities and damages relationships, financial portfolios and self esteem. This cult can’t easily harm its prey unless those victimized first let down their guard and become vulnerable.

Like the true confidence scam it is, Mary Kay Cosmetics doesn’t punch you in the face and steal your purse, it convinces you to hand your money over, willingly. Many, many women have impaled themselves on the Mary Kay Cosmetics sword.

The good news is people are learning. Thanks to the internet and sites like  www.PinkTruth.com, people are learning.

So tell a friend, tell a stranger, tell everybody…avoid the Mary Kay Cosmetics “opportunity” like the plague it is.