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Where Are They Now? Women From Mary Kay Seminar 2006

Written by The Scribbler

It’s interesting to me to go through old Mary Kay Applause magazines, choose a couple of feel-good propaganda pieces, and look up some of the I-story tellers.

The piece I combed through tonight involves 10 women from Seminar 2006, what rank they were then, and what they’re up to now.   In addition, each woman shared her “team-building perspectives.” Did their guidance help them soar on turquoise wings of stardust or whatever? You be the judge!

#1: A consultant who says, “The hardest part of following up is picking up the telephone, but that call can lead to bookings and team members and the rewards we’re all working toward.”

She is still a consultant.

#2: This senior sales director says, “When I think of passing on the opportunity, I imagine changing a life for the better.”

She is now an sales director (down 1 “stripe” for those not familiar with the rank structure in MK)

#3: An sales director who “works with a sense of urgency.” I could find no information on her anywhere, which leads me to believe she is no longer in.

#4: A consultant with a full-time job working 13-hour days. No record of her anywhere, either.

#5: This DIQ mom with 3 boys says “I ask God to bring me women who need the Mary Kay opportunity.” No records found.

#6: A sales director who says that “it’s important that we share the opportunity.” No records found.

#7: This DIQ and single mom recruited another single mom with three jobs to be her team member. This DIQ is now a consultant.

#8: A sales director who says that successful team building is “all in the numbers.” Count on it, sister: she’s now a consultant.

#9: This sales director claims that the “message of a sisterhood” is vital in team-building. She is also a consultant.

#10: The only individual out of the ten to advance in rank. This Nigerian senior sales director is now an executive senior sales director and says to “seize each moment that presents itself to let women know there is another way out – the Mary Kay Way.” (barf)

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  1. NoMoMK

    Yeah a lot of them just drop off. I remember the group I was with, most of them have disappeared, the few who stayed are back to being consultants. I remember they use to have their meetings at a large hotel but then dropped to some schlocky hotel. Never again!

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