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Mary Kay: “We’re not screwing consultants as bad as last year.”

The most recent Applause magazine issued by Mary Kay had this statement about the new packaging for the Timewise product line:

While the packaging is changing, the formulas and the retail prices remain the same! With that in mind, this packaging transition will not be as dramatic as the color product updates implemented last year, but you still may want to take a look at the Miracle Set inventory you have on hand and plan according to your customers’ needs as well as what current Miracle Set inventory you must sell.

Translation: We know that every time we change the packaging, we make the products on your shelf obsolete. We don't mind, because that just means more ordering by everyone who becomes convinced that they need the latest and greatest on their shelf. But for those of you who don't fall for this scam, you can rest assured that since only the packaging (and not the product itself) is changing, we aren't screwing you as bad as last year when we changed all the packaging and formulas on all the color cosmetics. (Remember that cash cow?)