Mary Kay Sales Director Amie Gamboian Lying to Her Unit About Pink Truth

Shame, shame on Mary Kay Sales director Amie Gamboian. She is spreading malicious lies about Pink Truth, and today’s post is an exposure of those lies and a call for a retraction and apology by Amie.

I understand that Mary Kay directors don’t like Pink Truth and don’t want their consultants to visit the site. I know this is true because we have many former (very successful) directors who are active members here. But to make up malicious lies about the site and what is printed? That’s going too far.

We’re very careful at Pink Truth to let readers know what is fact and what is opinion on this site. On numerous occasions, I have invited the general public to point out any factual inaccuracies we may have and direct me to the documentation that will provide the correct facts so that I may give the public correct information.

Not so with Mary Kay sales directors, apparently. Amie says she has never visited Pink Truth. I would bet lots of money that she’s lying. But what if she’s telling the truth? Then it’s even more reckless to spread the malicious lies she has made up about us. Don’t Mary Kay recruiters tell potential victims not to listen to anyone else? That they need to try Mary Kay and find out for themselves what the real deal is? Yet, based on Amie Gamboian’s own claim that she’s never visited Pink Truth,  she’s found out nothing for herself and she’s resorted to the spreading of hateful and malicious lies about us.

My personal and professional reputation are on the line with this site. How dare Amie Gamboian spread awful rumors about what is and is not on the site. Below is an email Amy Gamboian sent to a unit member who told her that she was going to be returning inventory because she was out of friends and family to sell to, she has read a lot of stuff about Mary Kay at Pink Truth, and she decided the “business” was not for her. It was a very polite and direct email, and nothing in the email sounded “angry” as Amie describes it in her response below.

Wow **** this is a shocking email for me to read. It saddens me. While I must support you in whatever you decide since I am here to help you as your coach, it breaks my heart to hear your words. You sound so angry with me…. for that I am saddened as I have only ever sought to help you, to build you up, to grow your personal confidence, to be a small part of the betterment in your life.

Evil exists in many forms in our world. I pray daily for the ability to have discernment and to be able to steer clear of anything that is of the Enemy’s hand. I have never witnessed the evil of the site you shared, but I have heard that at its heighth the authors shared that one of our Nationals should have been MURDERED by her abusive husband.

Advocation of murder. Imagine spending your time writing about something so atrocious. Attempting to tear down, to slander, to steal the dreams of women who daily give their careers to helping other women be successful and enjoy their lives more. It is so evil and wicked that I cannot believe it is still in existence. But hurting hearts hurt others… that fault in humanness is one of the worst things that exists in our World today because of all the hurt it creates — like an endless cycle.

I will always be grateful for the friendship we have shared. I wish the blessings of Jesus upon you and your family. I will continue to give my career to attempting to being a blessing to others, and will continue to pray for those who are able to receive that.

I believe in all of your great skills, talents, and abilities. I pray for you that you will find all that you desire in  your life. May God bless you, Amie

How dare Amy Gamboian invoke God’s name in an email with such malicious lies about Pink Truth. First, it’s simple to see if we’ve ever suggested murder of a Mary Kay NSD. A simple Google search shows that nothing of the sort was ever printed here. We are not dream stealers. We speak the truth about the Mary Kay opportunity so that anyone interested in pursuing the “Mary Kay dream” may have the full story about the company before they invest their time and money.

This site is not about hurting anyone. But we definitely are on the side of those seeking real truth about Mary Kay. Pink Truth is not a place for Kaybots and pink lovers to spew their praise or blather about their (unsubstantiated) earnings claims. We keep it real here, and anyone wanting to sing the praises about the Big Pink Cult has plenty of other websites to do that on (or they can even feel free to make their own website).

If it hasn’t been made clear by now, I am absolutely appalled that a Mary Kay sales director would resort to outright lies such as this about Pink Truth. Sure, we’ve been called “pink porn” before and women have been told to avoid us like the plague. We’ve been called “disgruntled former consultants” who “didn’t work their businesses” and now “want a place to complain.” We’ve been accused of being “lazy loosers” (their spelling, not mine) who didn’t know how to run a business and who were trying to get rich quick. All those characterizations are false, but we’ve dealt with them well.

This malicious email from Amie Gamboian is not something I can sit back and take, however. Shame on you Amie.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the above lies are an isolated incident. Below is Amie’s statement from her website. She knows it is an absolute lie that her unit has “retailed over $7 million in product.” What she knows is true is that she has been responsible for the frontloading of $3.5 million of wholesale product on her unit members over the years. She knows that much of that went unsold, so saying the product was “retailed” is an absolute lie.

Because of the excellence of our consultants all across the nation, our unit is a nationally ranked, 2x Million Dollar Unit in Mary Kay.  We are the #1 Unit from Nebraska for the 7th consecutive year, and the #6 Unit in the Pearl Seminar this year. We have passionately retailed over $7 million in product for Mary Kay Inc.

This year, we are building our National Area by January 1st, 2011 as we develop 6 more 1st line directors and 8 2nd line directors.  You could be one of our Leaders!

We are passionate and on purpose about developing Women of Excellence who live victoriously, and as your mentor, I am here to help you be successful as you build your business.

Check out our Star-Studded Challenges!  I will match my time with your effort.  Please utilize everything on our website to make this your most successful year.  We are cheering for you & for your Victory!

May God richly bless your journey.
Love, Amie

Amie, I know you’ve been “going National” for several years now. I see you still only have 3 directors under you. You need 18 to go into NIQ. Why not stop the madness now? How many more financial lives do you have to destroy in your quest to make it to the “top” in Mary Kay? And you likely won’t even make it there, so now is the time to reclaim your morals.

Stop lying to women about Mary Kay. Stop lying about Pink Truth. And please, I again ask that you issue a public retraction and apology, not only to me as the site owner, but also for every single woman who has ever visited this site to find out the truths about Mary Kay Cosmetics that you and other Mary Kay recruiters would not tell them.