And This is Who Represents Mary Kay Cosmetics

I don’t expect Mary Kaybots to like us or like this site. They have a vested interest in us not publicly discussing the dismal rates of success and the common deceptive tactics used in recruiting and pushing consultants to order. It’s only natural that they wish we weren’t out here there telling the truth about Mary Kay Cosmetics.

But why, why, why do the need to do things like register with six different screen names in order to post awful comments on our discussion board? Shouldn’t they be out working the Mary Kay “business” they love so much? Instead, they’re busy trying to post messages like this on Pink Truth. This, ladies, is exactly what Mary Kay consultants are made of:

guess who its Tx Girl…..since Ms Tracy blocks anyone that thinks MK is awesome I better type fast. You BITCHES are whinny little loser and I see why your MK business failed, it’s because your attitude suck and so do all of you. Now all you bitches do is logon PT all day and bitch with other bitchers about how it’s all your DS and NSD fault. Get a life and realize you suck. LMAO

And then she said:

Tracy don’t block me. I love how one thread gets all the loser “pink” oh some of you pink ladies need anger management.


I give it 5 mins and I bet my one comment will spown 100 replies. Bring it on


hate is a nasty word so don’t use that word. And you wonder why you couldn’t sell MK. Your hateful nasty attitude. Mary Kay is Awesome. Pinktru(bi)t(c)h

Really? This is who is representing Mary Kay? Awful grammar and all? I’m sure Mary Kay Inc. is very proud of her.