If It Was Really This Easy…

I hate these kinds of suggestions.

“All you have to do is…”

“If you just found 10 women who….”

“It only takes….”

Wake up! If it was that easy, 40,000 U.S. women wouldn’t be quitting Mary Kay every month!

I LOVE THIS!!!  Who do you have that loves a bargain?  Perhaps she works with a lot of women?  She can pass this around the office & get a deal herself!  Think of the potential here for YOU!!!  One hostess selling just 10 lip items is $130 retail!!  (You know they will buy more when they are looking at The Look book.)  When you have 10 clients “showing & selling” for you, that’s easily over $1,000 retail!!!  Yippee!!!  Who can get excited about the sales, the new names to book, the prospects, oh my!  I can’t sleep thinking of the possibilities with this one!  (If you look REALLY close, you can even see a Vibe & if you look closer, you’ll even see a Director’s suit in the picture of the lipsticks on the flier.  I see it….do you?)  Love you all!  Ann – your fearless leader!