Quitting Mary Kay on Two Levels

Written by BerrySparkle

We are told as we move up the career path from Independent Beauty Consultant to Sr. Consultant, to star Recruiter,to Team Leader, etc. “Be too dumb to doubt”. So the saying goes. Thus begins the journey as a good IBC to blindly trusting your Director, and NSD. You do not question the reasoning for many things.

On the one hand,I followed the directives of my director to book, sell, book, recruit. I began the debt accumulating to meet the supposed goals of my Director, NSD and national area, putting one in for the gipper. I,like many,wanted to be surrounded with “excellence” so did what needed to be done to have the face time and thus the cycle begins again.

Once I decided to pursue the run for directorship, I began counting the cost. I asked many questions about, recruiting, business debuts, number of interviews per week, etc. I found that when my director moved to Dallas, I was on my own for interviews, and all such things. My adopted directors, though well meaning, were not available to help me. So, I began to think that this may cost me more than I was willing to pay. I began to really watch what was said at meeting, watch actual numbers, and counting what was the real potential earnings. I smelled a rat.  out of the pink fog. You all are such a blessing to me. With much love,

At the same time all this is unfolding, I began to get reports from my gynecologist that my uterus was growing and my estrogen levels were unusually high.This was the summer of 2008. I was totally caught blindsided. I decided to follow his advice and see a surgeon.

I saw him Sept. 2008. He did not begin this appointment with any type of grace. He assumed I was a new patient and never bothered to find out that I was a referral from a colleague. I informed him that I was a consult and then he began to look at my records.He agreed that the numbers were high and wanted to physically examine me. Fine. He concluded that I needed a hysterectomy. He treated it as though it were as routine as getting a filling. He never gave me the specific information I needed until I asked questions to understand the procedure and the ramifications of having it. I asked him if this was an elective surgery and were there other options. His demeanor changed and he became a little perturbed. (I was majorly pissed off but holding my cool.) I agreed to reconnect with him about two weeks from the alleged surgery date for blood work.

That day I was so disturbed in my spirit and began searching the internet to understand all about hysterectomies. I found a lot of good information and was getting angrier by the minute. I continued to search the net and gather as much information as possible. Later that day I had an appointment with my nutritionist and chiropractor. I mentioned to him my situation and asked him if he has some information about it. He gave me some excellent information that really got my blood boiling. Information like the second largest number of surgeries in the US on women are hysterectomies its a 6 million dollar industry annually. I wonder why. This knife-happy surgeon tried the fear of Uterine cancer card with me and just think no more periods. But, of course, he never mentioned that the fibroids that I have would naturally deteriorate once I had gone through menopause. He also neglected to mention that I have no symptoms to operate other than I have fibroids. Now I am really mad.

Earlier that summer,I ran into another xIBC from my unit Lighter Shade of Pink and she told me to check out the www.cosemticdatabase.com site to research our beloved MK products.Her doctor had told her to stop all products for another hormone alterning toxic chemical found in almost all the Timewise products, OXYBENZONE (BENZOPHENONE-3)and SODIUM BENZOTRIAZOLYL BUTYLPHENOL and another whose name escapes me. At seminar last year, MK had Gary Jenks, senior scientist for MK come on stage and talk about the family of chemicals call parabens. There is a lot of research and they are dangerous to the human endocrine system. He touted that in fact, the research is inconclusive. I smelled another rat. I did not believe him at all. My SD looked at me with surprise all over her face and said “Mary Kay would NEVER, NEVER, do anything to hurt us. This is the best business, don’t you just love this opportunity!!(Excuse me while I puke. )

So I began another research project, tracking down the excessive build up of estrogen in my body. I decided that the surgeon was out and called to cancel the appointment. The nurse cross examined me like I was a criminal and delinquent for not following his lord and savior surgeons instructions.I had 5 months before another blood test to check it out.I made a file on my computer of all the ingredient listings of all the products I used.The list was ENORMOUS, I was too dumb to doubt. Go to In-Touch and look them up one by one. I made sure to get them plus some Lighter hadn’t gotten off before she was shut out.

Then, one by one I plugged each suspicious ingredient into the cosmeticdatabase.com to check the impact of each ingredient. They rate the products of many, many companies. You can also check ingredient by ingredient. This takes time. The most noticeable thing is this:the Compact for Safe Cosmetics Signers Mary Kay will not sign this neither will most major cosmetic companies. Why? If they are looking out for us why? The reason is $$$$$.

This industry is not controlled and as we all know it is a multi-billion dollar business annually. Yet, the use of these products could be killing us slowly.

The amount of toxic chemicals with hormone altering possibilities and bio accumulation, cancer causing agents is really quite terrifying. I made the decision after my research to stop all use of MK skin care, body care, and perfumes. I still use the color. I haven’t used it since November. My levels of Estrogen dropped in 5 months such that my doctor, not my gyno, was really impressed.

I made the decision to quit MK based on its unethical practices. It was horrifying to me to walk away. The “friends”, the amount of debt, the health hazards. I have returned all my product and when I use the color up or get too bored with it it too will be gone.

I challenge you to check out who did sign the Compact for Safe Cosmetics. You may be suprised by the wholestic companies that have signed it. Not one or two but really a shocking amount of companies who really want safety in this industry. It is really hard to shop Ulta, Sephora, TJMax, Marshalls etc for body creams, etc, because so many of the products have toxic chemicals in them. They do have eye candy appeal and fragrance to die for. But, I for one, am taking control of what goes in, on, and over my body. Thank you very much.

My decision to quit MK was based on the facts of my health, and the lack of true information about this business opportunity.

I am not suggesting that anyone follow me. You must decide what is best for you.

Once, I decided to leave MK, I contacted Lighter and she sent me back here to read. The horror and agony of realizing I was indeed duped to believe that MK is a business when in fact it is a MLM was gut wrenching. As I read the Directors stories, like Pinkpeace, Raisinberry, SuzyQ,and so many others, I was horrified to discover that what I suspected was true about directorship. It is manipulation at its finest. I was heart broken. I cried and cried that the dream was in fact a nightmare. I am so glad for that fateful luncheon with Lighter when she broached the subject and said just read, keep an open mind and read. I was ready for the TRUTH, and believe me it has set me FREE!!!

Thank you Tracy for keeping this site going. Thank you to the many, many directors, and IBCs who tell their stories so that others will come


  1. CaliforniaGal

    Well, gal friends, loved this post! When I exited Mary Kay, I went to natural oils and very little bought from any store. Happily there is life after leaving Mary Kay. The grape seed oil or coconut oils do I need for my skin. My dermatologist tells me every year, to keep doing what I am doing. My skin is well hydrated and looks great. Nice to know that Mary Kay is really not what the company says it it.

  2. cindylu

    It is amazing how many decent women are conned into believing that MK genuinely cares about us. Little by little our critical thinking is eroded away. We make excuses for what our gut feelings are telling us. Begin with only buying the kit. No big deal. Told about the free training. Having to pay for weekly meetings. No proper training given. Initially we believe the Director is making a large income after 10 years and that free car is real Then the DIQ fails. We begin to notice the lies from our directors & NSD. We notice the extreme narcissism of many directors. We buy product because our SD won’t trade even though her shelves are over flowing. We resent the product line change almost immediately after we purchased product. I never cared about make up till I was conned into MK by a trusted co worker. That was decades ago and even then I heard the word cult. When I left MK after becoming ill, my director never visited me. I was discarded in the MK inhumane numbers game. I researched cults at the library (no internet back then). MK fit the cult description I found. How many women have been divorced, bankrupted, had breakdowns, lost friends, lost credibility and become very ill to cater to this phoney, soul sucking, uncaring bunch of women & corporate men? Too many. MK is untrustworthy on so many levels, it is a wonder they exist in Texas, the USA, Canada, Mexico, China etc. Cannot understand why this fake mlm business hasn’t been terminated once and for all.

    1. MLM Radar

      Outside the US MLMs have been strictly curtailed. India has gone so far as to outlaw MLMs which can’t prove their claims of sales to end-users. Mary Kay opened a division in India in 2007, invested $20 million in building its network, and announced it would spend even more money. Then in early 2013 Mary Kay abruptly announced that due to “regulatory issues” they would shut everything down within 3 months. SSScccrrreeeccchhhhh!

      In nearly every country outside the US, Earnings Representation Disclosure Statements are mandatory. These put on one piece of paper your REAL chance of succeeding. The MLMs go out of their way to spin these statements into a nest of lies; they “annualize” potential income based on a succession one-month wonders, they intentionally omit the “inactive” distributors from the calculations, they avoid any reference to how fast their recruits quit…

      But even the most addled MLMers can usually read between the lines of an Earnings Representation Disclosure Statement to see that their chances of succeeding in an MLM are close to zero.

      Here in the United States though? The Direct Sales Association has a very wealthy political lobbying group. The FTC has tried to impose restrictions, tried to enforce rules requiring these companies to prove their claims of sales to end-users, and has been thwarted at nearly every turn. Remember Bill Ackman’s campaign against Herbalife? He laid it all out, in painstaking detail, and even he couldn’t get any support from the government.

      America. Land of the Free. Don’t get me wrong, but sometimes our beloved country is a little too free.

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