You Are a “Soar Looser”!!!

It always brightens my day when a Mary Kaybot leaves me encouraging comments on my business blog. This is one such comment left by someone who calls herself “The Diva Director” on an article about Mary Kay. If I didn’t know better, I’d think this was a practical joke, thanks to all the standard misspellings and grammar errors. What an impressive representative of Mary Kay!

Hi Tracy,

Hope you’re having a great time in your business as a (whatever). Anyway, I am really curious of what your experiences were during your short time in Mary Kay Skincare and Color Cosmetics? Because, it is so obvious that you are carrying a load of hatred on your narrow shoulders for Mary Kay. And, it is pulling you into a negative place.

I want to tell you that it’s ok to be dissatisfied or in total disagreement with a company, product or even an entire organization about their practices and policies. However, I think you have taken this to the extreme. People have noticed that you seemed to have raged a one women negative crusade to discredit this awesome company.

I want you to know that I truly admire your energy, drive and ambition and the time you have to negatively critize Mary Kay. Never the less, I wish you had utilized such time, energy, drive and ambition on developing a solid and profitable business that Mary Kay Inc promotes. You could have atleast try to know about the products and it’s benefit and also how to market them. And, also unselfishly offer this unbelievable independent business opportunity to women who are looking for extra income. If you did maybe you would not be so angry.

I am sure many readers as well as myself are interested in knowing what made you so bitter, sad and sore. I will take the liberty and suggest that you call Mary Kay and ask for forgiveness. I’m sure that being a company with a heart they’ll probably forgive you and take you back. Though, I suggest that if they do they should have you commit only on the condition that you will transfere your negative energy into positive and channel it through into your business. Girl, you’ll be awesome, (LOL) helping women and men with their skincare and cosmetics and also financial needs.

Good Luck and I hope I have ignite your awareness to your negative behavior. To each his own. Stop pushing thing down people’s throat and allow them to make their own choice and decision. Soar Looser!!!!

Try to have a calm and stressfree day.

PS. By the way, the combination product that Krissy mentioned is actually from the “Miracle set.”
(I taught you knew EVERYTHING about Mary Kay.) LOL!