Begging For Orders Before Seminar

The end of the “seminar year” in Mary Kay would not be complete without sales directors begging for orders from their unit.

Begging for orders is despicable. Why? Because no one should place an order for Mary Kay products unless they have actually sold those products. There is zero need to carry inventory or stock up on anything. The sales directors all know this. Yet they will beg for orders any time they need better numbers.

The year-end feeding frenzy of the sales directors is the worst. Trying to guilt women into being “team players” and ordering products they don’t need so “the unit” can reach whatever goal the director has her sights set on.

Today’s blackmail is being done by Mary Kay sales director Tina Wright. But don’t think for a minute that she is alone… there are hundreds of directors doing the exact same thing she’s doing right now. Her plea is for every one of her 300 unit members to each order $300. Thankfully, only a small fraction of those will actually order. But Tina will pull out all the stops to get those who are ordering to place orders of $1,000 or more so she can “do million”.

What does the Mary Kay sales director get for “reaching this goal”? First, she’s going to get commission on those orders. On the $87,000 Tina is begging for, she’ll get 13% or $11,310 for sure. Any of those orders from direct recruits of hers will also get her another 13%, so she could get up to $22,620 just in commissions.   Next, she’s going to get a bonus for the month. If Tina gets the extra $87,000 wholesale she’s begging for, there’s an instant bonus of $8,700 of her. On top of this, there are annual prizes (cash, jewelry, etc) that she will get. Not a bad deal, and certainly Tina’s personal enrichment is the reason for her plea in this email:

Subject: Will you help us reach the Million?

Hello to the most amazing Unit!

I am thrilled to share with you that we (our unit) are currently #3 in all of Pearl Seminar!  Do you realize there are 1800 units in Pearl Seminar and you are #3!

We have only days left until June 30th – the last day of the Seminar year!  We are running to cross the finish line and reach our Million Dollar Goal as a Unit!  We can’t do it without you!  If ever there was a time to place your wholesale orders – ladies, it’s now!

The exciting part is that all your June production will also count for the New Seminar Year and this is thanks to the “Twice as Nice” challenge.

As of today, we are only $87,000 wholesale away and there’s 300 in our unit!

I am asking each and everyone to help us reach this amazing quantum leap of faith and complete the Million!  If everyone orders atleast $300 wholesale – it’s done, but any amount will make a difference!

Love to know if you can help us cross the finish line for a “Dream Come True” Seminar Year!  Please know you will truly be a part of my dream come true.

Love and Belief in You!


  1. Cindylu

    It’s sad really. Back in the 60’s when MK herself started all this, she supposedly had hit a glass ceiling in sales. She would train young men and then the company promoted the men against senior female sales women. She wrote out what needed to change for women. Unfortunately she allowed her son & other men to control her company for decades. These same corporate men who did not have to do parties or sales. The same men who change products just so hundreds of women have to buy more product they’ll struggle to sell. So much for that fake dream company, that fake dual marketing scam & all those scripts & ploys to con women into a fake sales career. This company supposedly designed to help women succeed. Worst is the use of faith, family & career to lure women into thinking this company actually cared. My experience after getting sick was a company & SD that did not care once I could not sell inventory & was no longer gullible enough to order product I no longer needed.

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