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Happy Birthday Pink Truth!

Five years ago today, Pink Truth was born, and it’s been a wild ride! Thank you to all of our wonderful members who have made this place what it is… somewhere for women to find the real story about Mary Kay, share their frustrations, and help one another find their way out of the pink fog. Here’s to continuing our mission to support women!


  1. Leigha

    Hi, I was hoping you could help me. I want to quit Mary Kay and the woman that got me started like wont let me… And she wont tell me what to do or anything.. can you help me out.

  2. Moosemama

    Hi and Welcome to pinktruth. we have a link at the top of the page labeled returning Mary Kay inventory, click it and you will find everything you need, also we would love to hear your story please register to post on our message boards and tell us your story, you’ll find that many of us have had similar experiences when we tried to get out

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