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Mary Kay Product Changes in 2011

Get ready to throw your discontinued Mary Kay products in the trash!!! More changes are coming. Why? It’s how Mary Kay makes more money from consultants who have been with the company a while. Discontinue a classic product, and there is a bump in sales from everyone buying the new product. They claim they need to stay “on trend,”and that is what motivates the changes. We at Pink Truth know better.

Product changes mean big money for Mary Kay. All the seasoned consultants and sales directors quickly buy up the new products, because they’d never want to have old products on their shelves!

In an effort to help Mary Kay consultants avoid being surprised by the (many) changes the company makes to products and packaging, here are the upcoming changes to the product line. Beginning with the September 15, 2011 quarter:

Regular line:

Timewise Night Restore & Recover Complex $40 – Goes on sale August 1. To “fight the signs of aging while you sleep,” with a “complex that activates collagen production” (based on “in vitro studies” done???)

Limited Edition:

Beauty That Counts Mary Kay Creme Lipsticks $13 – In 3 colors – Give Joy, Give Dreams and Give Hope. Mary Kay donates $1 for each lipstick sold. They don’t say where they’re donating the money, only that it’s for domestic violence.

Mary Kay Miniature Fragrance Collection $32 – Mini replicas of Belara, Bella Belara, Journey, Thinking of You, and Velocity.

Mary Kay Redefining Elegance Collection:

  • Lip Suede $14 – Luscious Plum, Polished PInk
  • Filigree Eye and Cheek Powder $20 – “Powder palettes, enhanced with flecks of gold…”
  • Luxury Liner $14 – Liquid liner pen for eyes in Black Velvet, Rich Plum, and Classic Sable
  • Nail Lacquer $8 – Gold Leaf, Plush Plum, Lavish Sable
  • Base Coat & Top Coat $8

Thinking of You Body Lotion $16 – “Fruity floriental fragrance”

Little Gifts Hand Creams $10 – 3 ounce hand creams in Vanilla Mint and Vanilla Berry. “Stocking stuffers” (already????)

Little Gifts Lip Balm $15 – Clear, flavored lip balm in Vanilla Mint, Vanilla Berry, and Vanilla

Mini Timewise Night Restore & Recover Complex & Mini Microdermabrasion Set $20 for pack of 5

Packaging Change:
Timewise Replenishing Serum +C – Packaging change gives you six weeks for the price of four. Instead of 4 vials with enough product to last one week, MK will move to one vial which will contain 6 weeks of product.

Advanced Moisture Renewal Treatment Cream

Discontinued due to new formula launching December 16, 2011:
Eyeliner, Lip Liner, NouriShine Lip Gloss sampler


  1. DivaDove

    This sort of thing happens too often in MK and used to drive me–AND my customers–nuts. Customers got mad at me when their fave products were discontinued, and I got mad because I was saddled with a load of suddenly discontinued stuff. Corporate’s “on-trend” argument is a load of hooey. I’m so glad I bailed out of MK and donated all my leftover inventory to a local women’s shelter, so at least those products didn’t go to waste.

  2. NaiveNoMore

    I became a consultant Nov. this year. I do not like the pressure to purchase inventory, and fell for it a couple of times, but for the most part have consistently bought only what I sell. The new Night R&R is my big issue and is honestly just turning me off. I really think it is all marketing and I told my director I looked at ingredients, compared with night solution benefits, serum + c benefits, and I just don’t see how adding this product helps anyone. I have a pretty good Serum + C reorder business and I think this will hurt it. I also think it will hurt miracle set sales bc who needs night solution. I tried to talk to my director about my concerns but was told not to waste my time thinking about why a product was added, just to trust the company because they know what is best and hottest and millions of research $$$ etc. I was also told not to talk to any other consultants about my concern, so I am talking to YOU because this is really bothering me! I am not quitting, I have a solid customer base and don’t want to let them down, but the introduction of R&R is a turnoff.

  3. Movinon

    This is one of the big reasons I am leaving M.K. You build up an inventory and they change it–frequently. Then they don’t advertise the older product in the Look book or your website so you can sell it. I’m still waiting for the Repurchase Form to show up in my mailbox. Why would anyone buy lip balm for $15. when they can it up at the drug store for a fraction of the price?

  4. Rosetta

    I have used Mary Kay products for many, many years. I am looking for the dark red to dark pink night cream. I don’t see it in the night cream line up. Has it been discontinued? I am not sure of the name, but I think it was some type if emollient. It was thick and only had to use a small portion.

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