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Tips For Moving Up NOW in Mary Kay

They make it look so easy to move up, don’t they? If you’re not moving up in Mary Kay, you must not be working hard enough. Those who are really moving up legitimately and making more money are few and far between. But pieces like this will make you think you’re the only one not moving up!

Do you want to really, really move up in your business today…right now? If yes, then look at the following list of things that are necessary for you to grow and realize your dreams now. These were shared by Sr. Cadillac Director Jeanette Thompson, Duluth, Ga….Thank you Jeanette for your insights!


ASK yourself daily….”did I….

  1. AFFIRM my dreams & goals….write them out on a 3×5 card and repeat a inimum of 10 times in the morning & 10 times in the evening! (remember to put them in present tense)
  2. SPEND 30 minutes on the phone…booking hostesses…booking interviews? Book 2 appointments every single day Monday – Friday
  3. SELL products today?
  4. ASK at least 2 people today about the MK Career? “May I share some information with you about what I do?” (remember your objective is to set the appointment) …dialogue might go something like this: “Hi Jane, this is Linda, do you have a quick minute? Great! I am working on an awesome goal this week to share how we make our $ with 5 women…and I thought of you….if you can help me out by listening and giving me your opinion, I will have a FREE lipstick for you!?” then set up the time and tell the story!
  5. CALL my new team members for a “check-up” check (1-3 minutes) Purpose of this call: inform them of the training events, next MK event., or when she’s available for observation, which way has she decided to open her business the PS/POWER START or BUSINESS DEBUT (you’ll need to get it on your datebooks)..and get them to it! Always work with them on the “next step”…don’t confuse them by taking them beyond the next step… Remember, Mary Kay has always known that we need an “EVENT” every 3 months .. a Retreat, CareerConference (which you DO want all your team members to attend!)/Seminar…and of course EVERY Weekly Success Event!
  6. FOLLOW UP with everyone I gave tapes to this week, & my hostesses?
  7. MAKE the best use of my “prime people time”? (9 am – 9 pm) (If I had a postponement, did I get out the door & meet new people or work on the phone for that two hours that I had designated to my business? Remember…Wal-mart is open 24/7!!! There’s always a way, when the WHY is there!
  8. STAY AWAY from energy draining activities and people?
  9. ASK MYSELF…”does this activity help me make $ or move up?” If not…don’t do it!
  10. CALL my director within the last 3 days to give her an update on my activities/results?
  11. HAVE 2 GUESTS at each and every guest event and every Success Event?

One thing I would like to add…if you see someone you are intimated by…remember…IT’S NOT ABOUT ME…IT’S ALL ABOUT HER! If we ever feel the slightest bit intimadated by someone we would like to “approach” about trying the product/listening to the career….remember this the fear is your ego….UNZIP that coat and drop it!!!…IT’S NOT ABOUT ME…IT’S ALL ABOUT HER! ASK!!!!


  1. IfItSoundsTooGoodToBeTrue

    “One thing I would like to add…if you see someone you are intimated by…remember…IT’S NOT ABOUT ME…IT’S ALL ABOUT HER! If we ever feel the slightest bit intimadated by someone we would like to “approach” about trying the product/listening to the career….remember this the fear is your ego….”

    WELLLLL…..I’d like to propose that that’s not necessarily just your ego. It’s your good old common sense kicking in to tell you that, contrary to the delusions perpetuated in the Mary Kay world, people are going to most likely resent being bothered, if you are warm chatting perfect strangers. And if it’s someone you already know, and you sense they would not want to be bothered with a sales pitch or give you 5 minutes for a survey or be harassed to scrounge up however many victims…er…friends….for a “pampering day/party/skin care class/event WHATEVER”…..well, chances are, go with your common sense and your gut feeling.

    Common sense and logic says, if you know they won’t want to be bothered, respect your friend or acquaintance’s personality and don’t bother them. It’s not like a matter of critical importance that if you don’t talk to them about it you would be allowing them to go into harm’s way…it’s just makeup (or rather, the attempt to get them to SELL makeup).

    Of course, the Mary Kay ladies would disagree with me, and state that not offering them the “OPPORTUNITY” IS a critical mistake. haha. The Mary Kay sense also says that, if you think someone really won’t be receptive to being pestered/harassed about holding a class or joining your team or doing a “practice” interview, then THOSE are the people to PESTER AND HARASS ABOVE ALL OTHERS!!!

    Sure make s lot of sense, doesn’t it.

  2. MLM Radar

    In short:

    -It only takes 30 minutes a day to book lots and lots of parties. (SNORT!)
    -If you want to sell, people will want to buy. (Get real. The two don’t equate.)
    -Recruit your customers. (Destroy your business before it’s stable.)
    -Training events are constantly happening. (Too bad they don’t teach anything.)
    – Helping your recruits make long term plans will confuse them. (They might start thinking about their lack of long-term sales.)
    -Motivational tapes/CDs keep you focused. (But none of them tell how to find enough people to call when your warm market dries up.)
    -Wal-Mart is open 24/7, so if you don’t find customers earlier in the day you can stalk customers there. At midnight. (You’ve got to be kidding.)
    -“Have” two guests at every meeting. (It’s all about recruiting. So how many of your customers do you have to strong-arm to ensure two new ones show up every week?)

    This is what they call a business?

  3. A Reader

    ASK MYSELF…”does this activity help me make $ or move up?” If not…don’t do it!

    Yeah, that’s how the cultish church I used to belong to worked, too. Strip away anything that’s challenging, fun, relaxing, or just plain humanizing from your life, so you can devote every waking minute to bringing more money and/or recruits into the corporation/kingdom.

    1. Tigger

      A Reader;

      Spot on, says I! Spending time playing ball with my grandson IS an investment – an investment into his future as a quality human being. Spending time on the back porch with a tall lemonade breathing in the spring air visiting with an elderly neighbor is another investment into the life of a lonely old woman.

      Ladies, life, by it’s very consumption, is time-consuming and exhilarating all at once. Life takes time. We give so much of our lives to job or mlms. Well, I for one am working on taking it back one step at a time. I’m not renewing my mlm. I am cutting back to flex time at work. I am sleeping more and cleaning less. Guess what? No one notices – at least no one that I used to think mattered. But my grandson has become my best little cuddle monkey by virtue of the time I spend him. I will not help him by hushing him every two minutes so I can do an IPA. Sitting on the couch munching popcorn and watching UP with him is a high that cannot be matched by a Seminar or Rally.

      Let’s make an effort to stop the narcissism. We’re boring ourselves and everyone around us to death. Our families and communities need us – NOT our MLM!

      1. QueenOfTheTanned

        Tigger, If we had an option for a LIKE button, I’d LOVE this. No rah-rah, bourgeois, glittery, tear-jerking, Cadillac-humping (I’ve seen pictures…), fake spectacle for a profit can compete with REAL relationships, real people.
        ‘IPA’ means an India Pale Ale and not ‘Income Producing Activity’ in my book 😉 I’ll keep it that way.

          1. Tigger

            Lady Z;

            I resent being told to squeze an mlm into the cracks of my life. When I’m done vacuuming a room, I want to stand there and gaze at my handiwork. I want to marvel that I have a clean carpet – marvel that it is no longer covered in dog hair, squashed popcorn, toenails, and glitter. I – the cleaning grandma – have succeeded in cleaning a room.

            Now I have no intention of running into my ‘office’ and making 5 phone calls to prospective hostesses. I’m not going to create 5 more gift baskets. I’m not going to set up recruiting appts. Nope, I’m going to continue to gaze at my beautiful carpet until I’m freaking done gazing at it. Then, I will haul that vacuum to the next room and begin another round of amazing cleaning – cuz’ I is an amazing vacuumer.

            I get high on a clean floor, a clean carpet, a clean countertop, a clean kitchen. Yes, I still have to work for a living, but you can bet your ass when I come home, my home and family take priority. Not some dam mlm.

            1. QueenOfTheTanned

              It’s a beautiful thing. Very Zen, live-in-the-moment. No Pink Hamster Wheel. Your work is done, and it is good. Even on the 7th Day, God rested. Do KayBots ever rest? No, Sunday is as good of day as any for a warm-chatter at the Golden Corral or wherever. (Not dogging Golden Corral–just saying a lot of people go there!) Because you never know when your next Team Member is going to show up, right? You never know who will be your next hostess!! Call, call, call…pester, pester, pester.
              I once LOVED Mary Kay cosmetics, but now that I’ve seen the consultant side of the PinkHouse…

              1. Tigger

                Dang straight, QueenOTT. Sunday is a work day for many in the mlm world. Well, sister, not me. After church today, we’re meeting with extended family at a local coffee shop for a b-day party. I hope it lasts well into the night. I’m in no hurry to warm-chat, score phone numbers from the waitresses, or set up my wares for all to see. Nope. It’s coffee and as much cake and other assorted goodies till dawn.

                BTW, I love Golden Corral.

                It’s time to start living, Ladies. And, no, I take no prisoners or pictures. Life is not lived in a series of poses.

                1. Still Breaking The Basic

                  I have already received six emails from my director today with. As the month ends on Tuesday, this tells me that the dialing for dollars is starting earlier because the unit’s “goal” (i.e., pink caddy co-pay) is way short.

                  I am spending quality time with my family while my director is glued to the computer and telephone. Since I am no longer worthy of her telephone calls, if her assistant calls me between now and Tuesday, I will know she is really desperate.

                  Life on the pink hamster wheel sucks big time.

                  1. MLM Radar

                    If you haven’t SOLD anything (i.e., if you don’t have a real live person who placed a real product order), you should NOT be ORDERING anything.

                    On a Sunday morning, I doubt you had very many new sales between her 1st and 6th email. So what was the point of all the emails?

                    Sounds like it’s time to flag anything from her email address as spam.

                    Furthermore, if you are ordering based on hoped-for sales (which is not smart) you should NEVER order at the end of the month. That will only extend your Active status for 61 days. Always order on at the beginning of the following month, which will give you a full 90 days of active status.

                    What’s in the Director’s best interest is NOT what’s in the consultant’s best interest. It’s YOUR business. She is NOT your boss. She’s a parasite. It’s time she was reminded of that.

                    The best way to remind her is to call the repurchase department and send back everything you can.

      2. Lazy Gardens

        ^^^^^^ THAT ^^^^^

        I’m sitting here watching my neighbor’s friends and family gathering for a wake** … no amount of MLM rah-rah can make up for just spending TIME for other people.

        **Her husband was over 70 and died comfortably with his family nearby. He had a good life, which is what they are celebrating. I did my condolences earlier, and supervised her yard guys for her.

      3. cindylu

        Tigger so glad you mentioned stopping the narcissism. I am quite certain that my NSD, SD and another local NSD were definitely self-centered uncaring narcissists.

  4. Lazy Gardens

    #8 – STAY AWAY from energy draining activities and people?

    So the weekly meetings and the phone calls are out?

    #9 – ASK MYSELF…”does this activity help me make $ or move up?” If not…don’t do it!

    Ordering product you don’t need is not going to help you make money, so STOP DOING IT!

  5. QueenOfTheTanned

    This person has never been to my 24/7 Wal-Mart. Warm-stalking drunks and meth-heads seems like a good way to get mugged. Getting mugged would not be an ‘activity to help me make $’. Reminds me of those rather funny Direct TV commercials that follows a series of disasterous luck… “When you wait forever for the cable guy, you get bored..When you get bored, you start staring out windows. When you start staring out windows, you see things you shouldn’t see” ..and the guy witnesses a mob hit. Give it a Mary Kay spin: When you get desperate for sales you go to Walmart, When you warm-chatter meth heads at midnight at Wal-mart you get acquainted with the trunk of a 1984 Camaro….

    1. givemeabreak

      “walmart is open 24/7….”. this writer must be a tweeker herself to even suggest such a thing! i can see it now a strung out mary kay lady warm chattering another meth head in the dairy section and a mid shift worker starts throwing eggs because she/he is so annoyed—-total bedlam ensues…..um noooooo

    2. givemeabreak

      when i say ‘this writer’ QueenOfTheTanned, i did not mean you but the silly crazy Jeanette person who wrote the ‘suggestions’ in the first place…just wanted to be clear about that

  6. new2newengland

    ASK MYSELF…”does this activity help me make $ or move up?” If not…don’t do it!

    What happened to God first, Family second, MK third? I cannot think of anything that I do for the first two that would make me money in MK or move me up.

  7. princess lea

    Wait, you can move up in Mary Kay? Bwahahahaha!
    Moving up implies you will have bonuses, and incentives like raises or higher commissions, and health or retirement benefits. Moving up in Mary Kay. That’s funny.

  8. Eliza

    What I’m thinking about today is why is MK not tailored for location? I live in VERY dinky small POOR town. NO ONE can afford MK. You would think they would create a line of rubbish to help sell particularly to this demographic.

    1. MLM Radar

      They did create a line of rubbish to sell to this demographic. Some of the rubbish is products. It’s made cheaper than anything WalMart sells. The reason YOU paid more is because your purchase price included all those commissions to the SD, the SSD, the ESSD, the NSD… and MK Corp has to make a profit too.

      You bought it. Now you’re supposed to retail to them at a price they’re willing to pay. No one cares of YOU make a profit.

      The other rubbish they sell is false hope. You bought that too, and if you can sell enough of it yourself you can be the next winner.

      1. cindylu

        MLM radar thank you for mentioning the commissions to the up line of: SD, SSD, ESSD & NSD etc. Also for sure they sell false hope. I remember a few desperate women with children desperate for extra cash. MK exploits them.

  9. enorth

    Here’s the line of rubbish being sold…

    “I’m making executive income, driving free, spending more time with my family, earning fabulous prizes, and taking luxury trips around the world while working part-time as a Mary Kay consultant. So can you!”

    1. cindylu

      Well said enorth…executive income, free car, part time hours, products falling off shelves, just book 30 faces, free training, faith first, family second, career third, this is your own business, etc. definitely is a hoax and never achievable. The only truth is debt, products no one wants, embarrassment at being part of MK and waste of time. The sooner new MK recruits leave the better for them and other women.

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