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Pam Shaw on Money, Recruiting, & Manipulation (Part 1)

Notes from a conference call with Mary Kay national sales director Pam Shaw. The bottom line: money, recruiting, manipulation. Wash, rinse, repeat.

It’s a system and a mindset and not a personality.

I believe that success in Mary Kay is not a personality, rather it’s a way of thinking and a way of working and it’s not exclusive to any group of people. If you look at your Million-Dollar Directors or line up all your National Sales Directors, you will find common ground only in the way people think and in a pattern of working. You’re going to find a common ground in a pattern of working, a work style, and in a pattern of thinking.

In the Shaw National area, I have what I call for my Directors, the Shaw Time Advantage that when they fit this mold, they will in and of itself, separate themselves from their peers every single time and they’ll find themselves at the top of the scoreboard every single time when they consistently work to follow this model and here’s what it is:

  1. 40 or more personal recruits on their personal team by way of getting to 25 and growing on a goal schedule. How many personals do you have? Let me remind you that 5 in our Company, is called Team Leader; that 8 is called Future Director and you can enter DIQ; that 12 active with the production is called Grand Achiever. Let me remind you that the foundation to your business is your personal team size. So 40 plus personals by way of 25 and growing.
  2. 13 percent personal recruiting check every month. The way to be successful in the Star program is to select a prize to figure out what your game plan for wholesale and recruiting is going to be, what that combination is going to be. Set a goal and then go to work with that game plan. That’s the successful way to work the Star Consultant program. Approach your business asking yourself, “Did I earn my 13% check?” It’s got to be a check that you strategize for, that you work for, that you know which of your personal team members are ordering and that you earn a 13% check every single month.
  3. Your personal team production is never below 8,000 wholesale production. Shoot for 8,000 or higher every single month, why? Well a lot of reasons, one is because you’re going to get paid your personal commission on that 13 percent and then if you’re doing over 8,000 personal team, you’re going to have another 13 percent Director check. You’ll be doing Grand Prix production as a Sales Director from your personal team and earning 26 percent. So it just makes sense to create a focal point that your personal team does 8,000 or higher. And you know what? I guarantee you that when you get your personal team consistently doing 8,000 or higher and you’re consistently growing your team by way of 25 on the way to 40 and higher, you’ll be doing Cadillac production before you can blink. So personal team of 8,000 and higher.
  4. Leave no money on the table. When the Company says, with five qualified we’re going to give you $500 and for every personal qualified $100 on top of that. You know you have three personal qualified but five unit qualified and three of the unit were personal, that’s $800. You know, just don’t leave any money on the table. I’ve always made a practice of if the Company’s giving one a way, I want one. If the Company’s giving it away, I want it. If the Company’s bonusing here, I’ll work here. If the Company’s bonusing there, I’ll work there. I’ve never tried to recreate the marketing plan or wish it were different. I’ve always only worked what the marketing plan is because I recognize that where the Company puts the spotlight, that’s where I’m going to work because clearly that’s the direction the Company’s going. So when the Company’s going in a direction, I want to be going in the same direction not swimming upstream. And so, leave no money on the table.
  5. Have an “On the Grow” goal of 100 – Your On the Grow goal is to get to 100 and then to continue to grow in increments of 25 and set the goal for growth. Growth cannot be accidental. It has to be intentional. The challenge for you is to always be in growth mode and to always be prepared and have a game plan to grow by 25; from 25 to 50; from 50 to 75; from 75 to 100; from 100 to 125; to 150; to 175; to 200. Why wouldn’t you have a goal of 200? The only reason you wouldn’t is if because when you hit 30, you didn’t have your next goal to get to 50 and then or if you never got to 50 you didn’t hold yourself accountable to that the way you held yourself accountable to getting to 30. A Shaw Time Advantage is On the Grow to 100 and beyond in increments of 25 for prepared and planned growth.
  6. 50% of your unit is a Senior Consultant and 50% of your Seniors are in red jackets. Do I have even one unit that fits this model? Nope. Does my own unit fit this model? Nope, but it’s a focus and so I would wager that based on Company averages that we do have more Seniors because it’s a focus. I’m not teaching you on theory. I’m not teaching you what I think. I’m teaching you what I absolutely know for sure and if you, right now, get very intentional of moving 50% of your unit size into a Senior Consultant position wearing the Senior Consultant enhancer around her pin, wearing the Senior Consultant Pearls of Sharing and 50% of those Seniors you have a plan to get them to red jacket. Let me tell you something, you will be unstoppable. Why? Well because, factually, people stay in the business longer when they’re Senior Consultants. They have a little bit more accountability to someone.

So those are the six things.

  1. 40 or more personals by way of 25.
  2. 13 percent recruiting check every month, not accidental but prepared, planned and strategized.
  3. $8,000 or more personal team production, never below $5,000 where that bonus money starts and preparing and planning for that.
  4. Leaving no money on the table. Five or more qualified every single month, recognizing that you get $100 more for every personal that’s a qualified.
  5. On the Grow to 100 and beyond in increments of 25 at least every 90 days and never less than that. You should be growing by 25 every 90 days and never less than that.
  6. 50% of your unit in the Senior Consultant position and 50% of those Seniors in red jackets.

You always want to plant more than you expect to reap. It’s a time of spring and a time of new blossoms, you might for the month of March, offer your unit the Pearls of Sharing for people who never got their Senior Consultant pin. You might offer them not only that, but also that they can get their pearls this month and see how many of your base Consultants you can bring to the Senior Consultant position.

And you might jolt some recruiting from that if you really stay on it and you wear pearls with your Director suit every single week and you talk about pearls and you fondle the pearls that on your necklace and you talk about them like they’re everything and how much Mary Kay loved the pearl program and share one and [unintelligible] through and you have people tell their I stories how their lives are different as a result of being a Senior Consultant and sharing the career opportunity with somebody else and you really feature your Seniors. You could probably really get a lot of recruiting just from promoting that.

But if you want to get Seniors from this point forward, you talk to your new people coming in about how it’s a tradition that everybody in your unit gets her Pearls of Sharing and that she probably already knows who her first three or five team members are going to be and you can hardly wait to meet all five of those people next Monday night at your unit meeting. In fact when she brings five of her closest circle of female friends, her most influencing female friends, if she brings those next Monday night, her first unit meeting night, official unit meeting night, then what you’ll have for her is A, B, or C.

Maybe you want to give her the earrings or a bracelet or some other matching gift to go with the pearls that she’s going to be earning when she brings those first guests, five of them not four, not three, not two, but five at her very first official meeting after you’ve given her this challenge. Now you’ve got five women in front of you for 3 every new people that you’ve got. I believe that you can get that gal her Pearls of Sharing.

The key is consistency.


  1. Sapphire

    Looks like Pam either likes to hear herself talk or Pam has some MONEY goal that she absolutely needs to meed to she is “Motivating the Minions”.

    I am surprised that she has not mentioned her Design Tools or Focus Folders that she has for sale. That too would bring her in some dough.

    Have to wait for pt. 2. Waiting with baited breath. Wonder what she tells the lowly consultants to get them to ordering and recruiting. That would be a conversation to post!

  2. Lazy Gardens

    40 or more personal recruits on their personal team by way of getting to 25 and growing on a goal schedule.

    So you have 40 personal recruits … but your goal is getting to 25?

    Does this woman even do English?

  3. QueenOfTheTanned

    Fondling your pearls like you mean it..it sounds almost naughty. 😉
    But seriously, telling a recruit that it’s tradition that EVERYONE gets their Pearls of Sharing is …1. A LIE 2. Setting the recruit up for failure. But then again, it’s not really about the recruit’s success, is it?

  4. raisinberry

    The challenge for you is to always be in growth mode and to always be prepared and have a game plan to grow by 25; from 25 to 50; from 50 to 75; from 75 to 100; from 100 to 125; to 150; to 175; to 200.

    The CHALLENGE is to grow and KEEP any of these recruits! Isn’t that what you really mean by getting to the next goal, Pam? The endless recruitment is required BECAUSE those recruits fall out, and why do they fall out Pam?

    They fall out first off because they lack success in consistent selling and booking. They do what they are taught, and when it doesn’t work, they can only blame themselves, since all the trainers and teachers are pretending they are doing it, and its working.

    Only ANY Area member can look at the contest results…weekly sales, weekly classes held, monthly recruits, etc and SEE that few if any of THE DIRECTORS are accomplishing what they SAY is being accomplished. You all talk a good game, and LIE about your lives.

    The poor DIQ’s. They think they are attaching themselves to uncommon women of great focus and determination. They have no idea, that the higher you go in Mary Kay, the more lies you have racked up, the more denial and manipulation you have mastered, and the more you justify the blinders you wear. Keep on fondling your pearls, Pam.

  5. QueenOfTheTanned

    I preface this by saying I was NOT a business major in college… But wouldn’t a REAL Business would grow with advertising, analyzing the market and improving the product or services? NONE of that is happening here. NO marketing (well, we all know MK doesn’t permit you to advertise like a real business!), no improving customer service (you’re too busy recruiting and stalking them!) and no REAL analysis of anything but hypotheticals of who might be recruited and how much will they buy. This is just a rambling manifesto.

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