Do You Want More From Mary Kay?

Ick. Another propaganda piece to assure Mary Kay consultants that if they just pray enough and want it enough, they can be successful in Mary Kay. If they are not successful, they must not have had a high enough “deserve level” or they’re lazy losers (like us – LOL).

Please respond to this ONLY if you want more for your life from Mary Kay!  I know that the women who respond to this – want more of my time and attention – and you will get it!!!  When you decide you will be accountable to someone else – major changes happen!

I believe that you came into Mary Kay to fulfill a dream that you have.  I know that Mary Kay can fill it – I have seen it be able to fill a woman’s deepest desires – I’ve seen people get babies, husbands, and money for whatever just to name a few things!

I also know that life gets in the way, that sometimes others disappoint us and that sometimes we just get tired/ frustrated L..

I am passionate about helping you make your dreams a reality!!!!!!!!!!  I USED THE FOLLOWING SYSTEM AND IT MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD TO MOVING FORWARD!!

Here’s what I would like you to do to get things going:

1.  Promise me that you will not compare yourself to anyone else!

2.  Do Mary Kay to beat YOUR personal best each week/month.

3. Each week chart AND report to me via email the following things

We need a baseline to work from – so please send me these results for the entire month of September – you do not need to do it by the week – I can’t capture this data in the form I need from weekly accomplishment sheets:  (if you have already sent these numbers to me – no need to send them again)  IF YOUR RESULTS ARE NOT WHAT YOU ARE PROUD OF – THAT’S OK – YOU CAN  ONLY GO UP – SEND THEM TO ME ANYWAY!!

# of faces

# of classes

# of facials

# of basics

# of Career Talks

# of New Team Members/(+ Unit members if you are a Director)

Total Sales (less hostess credit)

# of Bookings that you booked for the entire month/ # that held

If you feel like you are stuck – read on because…

You can choose to get Un-Stuck Today!!



Ways to Getting Un-Stuck!

1) RUN A SALE!  My favorite Sale is “Buy 2 Products  – Get your 3 rd for ½ price”  OR “Buy 3 Products – Get your 4th one Free!”  Call up all your regular customers and tell them you are going for #1 in your unit and you are running a Customer Appreciation Sale!  This is it!  Today and Tomorrow Only! I always say… “Is there anything you are running low on or would like to try new?”

2)  30 FACES IN 30 DAYS WILL FIX ANYTHING!  30 Faces in one month will fix ANY problem you have.  30 faces (or 5 shows of 6 people, etc) will give you new faces, new sales, new bookings, and new recruiting prospects! Now, doesn’t that fix any problem you have?  My script?  “Hi Sallee, this is Jen with Mary Kay! I am so excited!  I am in a HUGE contest to do 30 faces this month and I had to call you first because I knew you would help me out!  Can I borrow your face?  I will let you buy $75 worth of Mary Kay for $25 if you share our time together with 3 friends that I have never facialed!  What do you say? This week or next?”  NOW, LET’S THINK ABOUT THIS:  She buys $75 for $25 – we pay $37.50 for the $75 in product….she is paying $25 of it, so we are only out $12.50 – PRETTY SWEEET , HUH?  And, you are getting great sales from the 3 guests plus bookings!  ROCK ON!

3) 100 CUSTOMER BASE GOAL!   100 CUSTOMERS is where it’s AT!  Regardless where you are today, doing 30 faces in one month 3 months in a row, will give you 100 customers!  Soooooooo, 100 customers is ONLY AS FAR AWAY as 3 months, but can be closer if you do more faces quicker!  With 100 Customers, you have repeat business, reorders, DAILY!  Could you get excited about your phone ringing EVERY DAY in addition to your regular skin care classes and team building checks?  How about your first $3000 profit month in MK?  YES!

4) INTERVIEW 10!  INTERVIEW 10 PEOPLE that are good qualified prospects (customers, interested in another source of income, trust you, love the product, etc) and you will most likely recruit 4-5 of them!  Can you say “ON-TARGET FOR THE CAR” immediately!!!!!!!???????? An average check for someone on-target for their car is in the $300-$500 monthly range!  Wha-lah!

5)      COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR DIRECTOR DAILY ABOUT YOUR WEEKLY GOALS!   COMMUNICATION with your Director daily is a must when you are wanting to move up!  Is there a reason why you can’t call her daily?  Email her?  Share your goals?  Plan with her?  I am here for you to make your dreams happen!  Let’s get it together and WORK IT AS A TEAM!

So don’t get tired of doing what is good.  Don’t get discouraged and give up, for we will reap a harvest of blessing at the appropriate time.   Gal 6:9

That’s right – Mary Kay is now giving away babies and husbands. This email proves it.

And I love the idea of “just” doing something like 30 faces in 30 days. They know how next-to-impossible it is to get women to hold appointments, so doing 30 faces in 30 days is hard. Very hard. Even when you try very hard. I just hate it when they make women feel like they’re losers if they can’t do it. Hint: Almost no one in Mary Kay does it.


  1. MaryPatShelby

    “30 FACES IN 30 DAYS WILL FIX ANYTHING! 30 Faces in one month will fix ANY problem you have.”

    Hm. My current problem is my dad’s cancer. Who knew MK could fix that?

    I couldn’t even read this whole thing now; I know it would have exhausted me to read it as an MK “lady”.

  2. gotheart

    And ya know MaryPatShelby you would of been told to use your dad’s health as a reason to get out there and do 30 in 30.

    I can tell all of you no one does 30 in 30 and never did. Anyone that did do 30 in 30 invented their imagined 30 in 30 by contriving it.

    I attend LCT area SD meetings and there was hootin’ and hollerin’ goin’ on about how clever their IBC got to pullin’ off their 30 in 30. Not to mention how clever the SD got while pullin their 30 in 30. Stupid me and a few other SD were like ‘never thought about cheatin’ to pull it off.’ We tried sincerely, unsuccessfully to pull it off but never reach the ridiculous goal. Everything in MKC is contrived.

    MaryPatShelby, I am sorry for your heartache with your dad’s health and how it has changed both of your lives. I have had the same experience. So rough. Here’s a big HUG for ya.


  3. Danie

    I am absolutely exhausted from reading this. And now I have a headache. Will MK fix it? DOUBT IT. God, this whole article screams what my friend is posting on Facebook right now. Absolutely ridiculous and full of BS.

  4. Lazy Gardens

    And NONE of those recommendations includes expense tracking, inventory control or other standfard business practices to increase PROFITS.

    It’s all about the busy box activities to distract the mark as you suck all her money out.

  5. MLM Radar

    Sell $75 for $25 and you’re only out $12.50!

    No… You had to pay for the shipping, the tax on $75, the samples you used during that facial, the Section 2 supplies, look books, order forms, telephone, gasoline, credit card interest… Your time is worth something too.

    You’re out a whole lot more than $12.50. PRETTY SWEET, HUH!

    1. Enorth

      Just look at the training docs and videos. They all push having a sale, BOGO, discount, freebies, etc.

      There’s a consultant I follow who is always having a sale. Her latest one lasted several days, and she announced on FB that, “No one pays full retail!”

      (And no one ever will…)

  6. gotheart

    MLM not only THAT! The humiliating feeling of defeat that shoots an emotional hole in the soul of a woman, takes the very life out of her. ‘Why doesn’t thsi work for me like it does everyone else!’ Not knowing it doesn’t work for everyone else! it is a perpetuated lie by all those that are humiliated and defeated and too embarrassed to say at a meeting ‘well why isn’t this working for me!’ Cause she has been told ‘no negative nannies here at the meeting!’ Then is doubled assaulted when she leaves the meeting because of the lies of other IBC and their maneuvered sales. All a delusional performance of the most grievous trickery done to the most trusting, unsuspecting victims.

    YES! You’re out a hell of a lot more than 12.50!

    Most sincerely!

  7. ifItSoundsTooGoodToBeTrue

    So, I can say firsthand that this silly little document’s recommendations don’t work. lol. Let’s see:
    1.) sales. Definitely did those. Guess what? at even buy one get one FREE, no one cared. the products stink and people will contact you when they want something. they aren’t gonna buy just because it is your time to have a sale or time for your every 4-6 week call harassing them.
    2.)30 faces!! Oh boy! that is so super attainable!!!!!
    I did EVERYTHING i could think of. I had contacted all my friends, I had contacted friends of friends on Facebook and via text; I had followed up on every referral. Heck, I even sent out “facial bags” to close to 30 people (i’m sure) on Facebook to do Facebook facials, per the advice of a director on one of our coaching calls. Even with all that, I’m sure I didn’t get 30 done in a month, what with: cancellations, people who would take your samples and never “meet ” you online for the appt (as the all-knowing director had prescribed), and people who never answered their phones after the initial booking.
    3.) Talked to my director at least once a day and had weekly coaching calls. I booked her for INTERVIEW after interview. She said her numbers were like 1 in 3 would sign up after she interviewed them (while a peon like myself had numbers more along the lines of 1 in 5). she eventually told me she didn’t know why none of the people we were interviewing signed up lol. I think I had like 15 in a row with her where nobody signed up lol. Hmmm. was i not working my business? looks like i was doing the right thing. could it be….that women are wise to the fact that MK is a GASP!! scam and pyramid scheme????? Who knew!!?? 😉
    4.) P.s. I also did the whole book 8 parties by the 5th so five will hold challenge and all that garbage right? Well one held and no one bought a thing 🙂 That sure works!

    The problem is, nobody cares about Mary Kay unless they are IN Mary Kay. Bottom line.

  8. cindylu

    At all those meetings and rah, rah, rah sessions they bring out the same old thing about sell, book, recruit. The only selling I often got were from re orders when no surprise their consultant had quit. Those silly Christmas open houses were a waste of time and money. It seemed that after seminar, a couple of directors would quit. No doubt being put on a fake pedestal and having to worship those NSD’s just seemed sleazy, unchristian and just plain evil. Strange how those stories began with some hard luck story and then yadda yadda, yadda voila the NSD magically was at the top of the pyramid driving a pink cadillac and travelling to exotic locations. There often was no real explanation. All so mysterious. Except one national did give their Scarlet O’Hara sob story about working hard during the late 1960’s and building her unit over and over again. Finally she reached that pinnacle of success as one of Mary Kay’s very first NSD’s. She went through thousands of women ruining their lives. After losing her unit and cars many times she suckered enough women in at least 2 countries to eventually retire with a huge pension. She is probably one of only a dozen original consultants who took 40 years to get there on the backs of many ruined lives in this cultish mlm.

  9. AliceNotInWonderland

    I’ve been following PT for a while… I’m from Brazil and I’m glad I found PT!
    My director uses exactly the same words (in portuguese, of course)… she makes you feel guilty and responsible for not succeeding in MK.
    I realize that MK is the same bull**** all around the world…

  10. princess lea

    Sometimes I wish I had not burned my bridges with my director and SD so that I could still receive these incredibly inspiring and raunchy e-mails full of lies and deception. But it is what it is. So I stumble my way to PT and see that all the phrases, Bible misquotes, and phony motivation is the same no matter who is spewing it.

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