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100 Days to Mary Kay Director

Another “do it fast” Mary Kay training document. Of course, if you can’t do it fast like this document demonstrates, you are likely a lazy loser who just didn’t work hard enough.

Let’s be honest. You cannot possibly build a strong selling unit in 3 months. Even in a lifetime it’s next to impossible to do. But these instructions will make it seem like “all you have to do is….”

There are so many women who wanted (and still want) to be successful with Mary Kay. They want to hold 3 classes a week. They’d love to have several women a week to legitimately interview. They’re all for “working full circle.”

The problem is that MLM (multi-level marketing) is an outdated business model and women just don’t want or need to participate in it as customers or recruits. They can get anything and everything they need online or at the mall.

Nonetheless, here are the keys to the magic kingdom, and all you have to do is follow these instructions and you will be a Mary Kay sales director in 100 days or less. (Yeah, right.)

You can become a Sales Director in 3 months or less! This plan shows the POWER OF FOCUS: Simply follow the plan by working 20-30 hours per week! The KEY is what you do with those hours! Recommended: Holding 2 to 3 full-circle TimeWise Classes and 1 to 2 interviews per class, plus 1 – 2 interviews outside of the classes. Using every hour is the key. You don’t have to do this forever – but to get where you want to go in 3 months you do. If you are starting from “0” – It may take you doing this twice – once to gain momentum and a second time to achieve, surpass and even break records.


  • Meals and shopping/Housework/laundry
  • Anything that takes you more than one hour of time and is not directly related to your family 1:1 time. Find a way to delegate it. Routine MK office tasks (restocking, cleaning mirrors, filing, banking, bill paying, etc.)

Learning to be a good at delegating is necessary for a Consultant and essential for a Director!


  • Meals in advance & grocery shopping for needed items.
  • Hold all personal appointments for one day (dentist, vet, doctor, nails, haircuts, etc.) Delegate any of these you can to responsible help. By holding all in 1 day there is less to remember this way & greater control of your time!
  • Special time for you, your husband, family & friends
  • Your life on paper, using a weekly plan sheet. You are becoming a role model – it essential you use easy to understand and easy to use time management tools.


  • Tomorrow’s tasks & phone calls the night before. Use your six most important things list EVERY night before you sleep.
  • Develop and use a “car office” – so you have literature, address/phone lists, etc. with you to use in “spare” moments – esp. if you work outside the home in another job.

Write your 6 most important things to do every night before bed & then review it in the morning, delegate routine tasks, complete highest priorities first, cross off as you go!!


  • God First, Family Second, Career Third
  • Wise financial judgement – pay off credit card debt, tithe, don’t spend just because it’s “deductible” for your business. Invest in your business and in yourself in things that will build the value of your business and free up your time to do IPAs.


  • The peace of mind you get from living a disciplined life & the self-satisfaction of advancing rapidly in your Mary Kay Career!

3 to 6 months or less to Directorship when you consistently use this plan!!


Monday: Phone work – 2 -3 hours

  • First phone call of EACH day is a recruiting call, new prospect call
  • Follow up on interviews from last week
  • Profile guests for skin care classes
  • Confirm guests to Success Meeting & Saturday Class
  • Coach this week’s hostesses
  • Call customers for reorders
  • Pack car and mail correspondence for week
  • Meet 3-5 new people
  • Make 3-5 phone calls to new potential customers/recruits

Tuesday: Meeting – 2-3 hours

  • Attend Unit Meeting
  • Bring 2 guests – pick them up!
  • Interview on the way home
  • Complete Summary Sheet

Wednesday: Skin Care Class – 2-3 hours

  • Hold a Skin Care Class, during it …
  • Book 2 new classes
  • Book 2 interviews
  • Have recruit prospect observe class and interview on the way home

Thursday: 2-3 hours

  • Meet 3-5 New People
  • Make 3-5 phone calls to new customers and/or recruits

Friday: Skin Care Class – 2-3 hours

  • Hold a Skin Care Class, during it …
  • Book 2 new classes
  • Book 2 interviews
  • Have recruit prospect observe class and interview on the way home

Saturday: Skin Care Class – 2-3 hours

  • Hold a Skin Care Class, during it …
  • Book 2 new classes
  • Book 2 interviews
  • Have recruit prospect observe class and interview on the way home Complete your Weekly Accomplishment Sheet Online

Sunday: Plan day

  • Plan your next week on paper and stick with your plan!
  • Complete Summary Sheet for the week

Weekly selling hours = 12-20 ~ Advancement to Sales Director can mean an increase of monthly income (over consultant income) of $1000 to $2000 / month.. You can work this schedule around a full time job! Directors earn incredible incomes in MK, have flexibility, freedom to advance, and a supportive, positive, leading-edge company to work with. You decide how quickly you want to accomplish this career step. It’s certainly worth 3 to six months of intense focus to get there quickly.


  1. I love how the first issue is to delegate all your routine Mary Kay tasks and family responsibilities to someone else.


    Reading between the lines, the way to become a Mary Kay Director is to first hire a maid, a chauffeur, and an office assistant… all before you have the income to pay anyone.

    “Fake it ’til you make it.”

  2. “If you are starting from “0” – It may take you doing this twice – once to gain momentum and a second time to achieve, surpass and even break records.”

    So, then, perhaps this SD should title her document “3-6 months (or 9, or 12, or potentially more, depending on how long it takes you to build up that theoretical momentum) to Mary Kay Directorship”

    (I mean, hey, if she admits it might take longer than 3 months to become a director (in order to “build up momentum”– what a great scapegoat, too, by the way), isn’t it possible it might take more time than 3 months to build that momentum? As in, say, who knows, a few years or so?)

  3. “Wednesday: Skin Care Class – 2-3 hours

    Hold a Skin Care Class, during it …
    Book 2 new classes
    Book 2 interviews
    Have recruit prospect observe class and interview on the way home”

    How do you guarantee that one of the 3-5 people you are meeting twice a week (so 6-10 people a week) will want to give up hours of their evening to go accompany a perfect stranger to watch said stranger conduct a class with other strangers?

    “You can work this schedule around a full time job!”

    How so?

    “Directors… have flexibility…. a supportive, positive, leading-edge company to work with.”

    Flexibility unless its one of four times a year where they strong arm you to attend bogus events that you pay for. Supportive and positive until they shun you and cut you out when you return your product. Nothing screams cult like exclusion and shunning!!

    “You decide how quickly you want to accomplish this career step.”

    Actually, the “new people” you meet and harass each week will decide how quickly you accomplish this step. That is, if any of them answer their phones.

    “It’s certainly worth 3 to six months of intense focus to get there quickly.”

    Or 9. Or 12. Or 36. You get my drift.

  4. “intense focus to get there quickly.”

    But you eventually find out that you never really GET THERE, because DIQ never really ends.

    There is no THERE.

  5. enorth for the win!

    “There is no there!”

    “There”, is a place which is a never ending crumbling of the base foundation of the Mary Kay pyramid. It is the non-stop exodus of new consultants, because they can sell to their warm market initially and then hit and miss selling becomes their reality. The Unit is in a constant state of attrition, not because consultants are SUCCESSFUL. It is because they are NOT!

    You can leap tall building with a single bound to get into the Suit, but STAYING in the SUIT means recognizing what you have signed on for. You are not building a Unit, you are replacing one, constantly! The lucky Director who recruits in a “racehorse” will ride that production train. The KEY is getting women into RED JACKETS. That’s why all the promotions about getting into “red”. Once you have a “team” it is really hard to quit…because you feel you owe them. SO reds will chase the recruits and drive the production…and stay far longer ordering product than just a consultant would…see? But since we know that each and every IBC will “hit the wall” and most will not continue, it is the Director’s job to replace the “dead reds”, so the quicker she gets you recruited and into your “pearls of sharing”, the better off she is.

    Anybody can take a look at their Unit rosters and see the turnover. If consultants were having success, like what this scenario suggests, would anybody quit?

  6. As exhausting as this plan looks, it’s nowhere near enough effort for the results promised. That document dates at least from the mid ’90s, which is when I first saw it, and the numbers are completely unrealistic.

    You must meet far more than 3-5 new people twice a week in order to book a new appointment. Typical averages back in the 90s and 2000s were 1 booking for every 10-12 contacts made. Heaven knows what they are now.

    For every 5 bookings, you could count on holding 1 or 2, with an average of 3 people in attendance. And even if you interviewed each person, only about 1 in 8-10 interviewees would end up signing an agreement.

    And don’t forget the $4000 minimum wholesale per month in DIQ. There’s no guarantee that your new recruits will order that $4000. Guess who makes up the difference?

  7. I am exhausted just reading this. I remember those days with my child in a stroller trying to figure out how to warm chatter someone. Couldn’t even enjoy being a stay at home mom thanks to this fake business that sucks the life out of us. Also remember hearing one of the NSD’s (an original 1970’s director) whining at a retreat about losing unit after unit (and pink cadillac after pink cadillac). Then she boasted about supposedly making $40,000.00 a month. Paying cash for a car for her husband for Christmas with one month’s salary. All I heard was a cold, self absorbed materialistic woman using women, putting 100’s into debt over and over again. It also didn’t sound like her family life was good either. It sounded like she was rarely there for her family. Reading this brings back the foolish struggle of few sales, few classes and the embarrassment that I had been conned by an mlm cult. Wasting time from my children and wasting money is the norm. As to Mary Kay’s ridiculous advice to hire nannies, house cleaners, office assistants…what a joke. The pink fairy tale should be shy down.

    • I was just thinking how exhausting this sounds!! And terrifying! How am I supposed to “meet 3-5 new people” two-three times per week with three little kids in tow?! And 2-3 hours of phone calls? First of all, I’d never have that many victims to call. Second, I’d never have 2-3 minutes of quiet, these littles hardly ever nap at the same time.

      Who is supposed to do all of my laundry, cooking, shopping, bill paying, cleaning, child-rearing, and pooping for me? The chore fairy? These unrealistic suggestions are, like you said, a joke. And what’s worse is the fact that most of us jumped on this ridiculous bandwagon at one point and actually thought this crap was true and possible and got upset and hurt when others disagreed with us. Embarrassing.

  8. I remember the day my recruiter (a trusted co worker conned me). I remember when her SD showed up to give me the BS be your own boss, work from home around your children and the dual marketing scam. I remember the anxiety I felt as I signed on because I knew intuitively my director was just awful. I also remember the look of disgust another supervisor gave me when I mentioned MK. She called it a cult. That was decades ago. A mlm that preys on women and has them do the dirty work. All DIQ’s should immediately quit. I never met one DIQ or Director that was happy. I met the odd brainwashed SD and a few NSD’s who gave some rags to riches story. Even feeling the NSD’s I heard seemed either callous or narcisstic (leaving out what they actually did to stay in MK and keep their cars). Either way my gut, the concerns of my husband and a supervisor should have convinced me that something was definitely wrong in Mk. The brainwashing meetings, retreats and seminar with further fake stories should also have triggered a flight response. Intuitively I knew the second I signed that MK agreement that something was seriously wrong.

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