Complaints About New Director Suits

Mary Kay sales directors are in an uproar about the newest director suits. The complaints are many:

  • Poor and disproportionate fit
  • Won’t last more than a year
  • Arm width too small (and MK knew about this at leadership and was supposed to correct it, but did not)
  • Cheaply made
  • Chemical on them that gives a rash
  • Not made in the United States
  • Light color that will need to be cleaned a lot
  • Too expensive

The idea of being forced to wear a uniform at company events has never sit right with me, especially when you “own your own business.” But the whole concept of a director suit and shirts that signify different levels is genius when it comes to MLMs. It creates different classes of participants. It creates envy. Consultants want to be “in the suit.” It’s dangling a reward of sorts and a level of belonging to an upper tier of the membership.

Let’s be honest: Everyone dressing up like a bot is weird. But the concept is embraced by the sales directors and is unlikely to go away in the near future. Enjoy the complaints in the Director Tips Group on Facebook.




  1. Back in my retail days, if a batch of clothing came in that was unwearable, it would either be returned to the vendor or sold at such a markdown that someone would buy it… and if it fit poorly or the material was crap, hey, it was cheap. They didn’t say “we don’t feel like fixing it so buy another at full price and hope it’s better.”

    Of course this was a store that actually turned a profit and had buying staff who knew what they were doing.

  2. Those pink jackets are HIDEOUS and nothing will convince me otherwise. Seminar this year is going to look like the wedding from Steel Magnolias.

  3. It always bothered me that there was a uniform in Mary Kay. I was never a director( thank God) but I’ll probably never own another red blazer in my life after years of wearing one at Mary Kay events. I always felt more comfortable and professional wearing my own choice of clothing and yes, that included stylish pantsuits! I can’t imagine having to wear that hideous pink jacket everywhere. I look horrible in pastel pink.

  4. Oh, wow. My lifelong hobby has been learning about fit and pattern alteration. Women’s bodies come in such a huge variety of shapes that no style can possibly fit and flatter everyone. Even if two women are the exact same size, in terms of bust/waist/hip measurements, they can be completely different when it comes to shoulder width and slope, bicep measurements, high or low bust, sleeve length, full tummy and flat bottom vs. flat tummy and rounded bottom, and other details that can make or break the fit of a garment. Tailored jackets are one of the absolute hardest thing to get a good fit in, if (like me) you’re not built to industry-standard proportions. If I were a director, this would be an absolute nightmare for me.



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