• Ummm. MK requires skirts/dresses with heels….that’s a “uniform” requirement like similar to most workplaces. Only you pay for your “uniform”. In fact some have no dress code/requirement!Furthermore, you are required to always have your face on. Most regular workplaces dont. Never want to be you wearing expensive rugs…..ugggg….

    • And yet, you must wear the MK uniform that looks like the curtains my grandmother hung on her windows.

  1. Oh this is rich! I cracked up just reading the title. “We are independent [1] business [2] owners [3] who don’t have to conform [4] to a soulless [5] corporate dress code [6] because we are all different [7] individuals free to wear what we want [8] without pressure [9] from leaders [10] who only see us as nameless cogs who are there only to keep us downtrodden & in poverty [11].”
    1. Enslaved
    2. Scam
    3. Victims and Perpetrators
    4. Must Conform 1,000%
    5. Ok this one is correct – ignore footnote 5
    6. Mary Kay’s Version of the Handmaid’s Tale Clothing
    7. Hunbots in Lockstep with Each Other
    8. As Long As It’s What Mary Kay Tells Me That I’m Allowed to Want.
    9. With Nonstop Pressure Using Techniques Learned from Sociopathic Abusers
    10. Evil B****es
    11. Sorry – this was correct too. Ignore footnote 11.

  2. The scratchy, hot material, the heels, the need to over-accessorize, the pins—it most certainly is a uniform! The new black one looks very stiff and uncomfortable, and I can’t believe the suits I had to wear before I left. Grape, royal blue, lilac…awful!

    • That particular jacket is very fitted, so I’m guessing it’s to keep their bellies covered from the side view.

      • I thought it was because the fabric is cheap and doesn’t drape/hang correctly. Look at the zipper on the woman in the center.

  3. I’ll never forget in my 2 second stint in MK, back in the day, how directors had their jacket covered with every single charm they won….so hideous!

  4. I’m have become convinced that the over arching description of human interaction and culture is staggering oblivion to one’s own hypocrisy. You see it everywhere; politics, religious practice, entertainment industry, social media, and most certainly in the exploitation of mlm.

  5. My director was picking me up last year and when I opened the door, the BO from her suit nearly made my eyes bleed. I actually took a step back! Is it against MK rules to get it dry cleaned once in awhile?! I was hoping others wouldn’t think I was the smelly one! I kept trying to stand away from my director! “Not me, I’m wearing breathable fabrics, so I’m not the one knocking you out!”

  6. You all here are so nice and pleasant, but some of these younger ladies who are newer (?) in the company sound so catty and do the whole fake compliment thing…. I’m in my 20’s, and these women just do not sound like not someone I’d want to be around. Not professional at all. Just basing this off of the screenshots, emails, etc. that I see here.

    “And guess what, I rate myself 10/10 & get it (sic) 100% on my employee report card thank you very much.” And it continues on after that.

    So much sass and sarcasm. Is this the kind of the culture within the bubble or is it just for recruiting purposes? Either way, it’s not a great look.

    • Im a millennial, almost 24. Can confirm women are this snooty sarcastic and sassy. That’s why I don’t have many as friends.. and don’t get me started on the men..

  7. Also, I have a question in general. Are there different suit jackets/skirts each year? Is there a post dedicated to this evolution? What was your least favorite and most favorite for those that earned them? So out of touch with what they’d consider ‘sharp’.

    • Yup, every year the suit changes. Nicole Miller “designed” the pink upholstery looking ones you see above. They always are a skirt suit, you’d think by now they’d have evolved to have pants. Even the Catholic high school uniforms now allow pants as an option instead of the kilts, yet MK is staunchly keeping with the skirt.

      I wasn’t a director so I can’t speak to your other questions, just that I believe the ensemble is around $400 and the blouses can be swapped out depending on your SD level like Sr or Executive Elite Swindler. Lol

    • Yes, every July we debuted new suits. New jackets, skirts, and blouses. My least favorite was a royal blue one with tuxedo lapels that had snaps under them. We had a color according to our title snapped underneath them. They were horrendous. The colors were baby blue, like green, coral, and lavender. Suits have apparently gone up in price, but they used to be about $300 minimum before adding accessories, extra pieces, or shoes.

      My favorite was a black one with a scoop neckline from around 2011. It was the least uncomfortable fabric and looked nothing like a MK suit.

      • WOW I’m still shocked whenever I consider the costs once everything is added up. The blue suit does look very fitted and tough to sit down in. At least it was just one year, I guess. I’m assuming these were just for meetings and big events?

        Thank you for the info and sharing the link. I was genuinely curious about this as it seems to be such a big honor.

        I truly hope I don’t offend you all by asking these questions. That is not my intention at all. It’s just the more I learn about MK/MLMs in general, the more genuinely curious I get about hierarchy and the staunch traditions.

        • Wasn’t it awful? And those wings that snapped on. I was so embarrassed to wear that suit, but we had to act like it was amazing and hand out samples of its fabric to our units. So much wasted money!

  8. Sadly, I can absolutely state the two women in the photo are pulling on their jackets to conceal unflattering SOMETHING lololol. The jackets would seem pretty ill-fitting, too, as they have total death grips for holding them in place!

  9. Not gonna lie, I loved it when I had to wear a uniform for work! No worrying about what I was gonna wear for the day. Of course, my uniform was a branded T-shirt with jeans and comfortable trainers/sneakers, so it made my life a lot easier. And it was definitely better than an expensive and ugly suit I was being forced to wear no matter what the weather was like! Just another display of ‘logic’.

    “I hate doing this… now excuse me while I do exactly this and pretend it’s the best thing ever”.

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