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One Cruise Qualifier in an Entire National Area

Mary Kay ran their “Destination Red” promotion from January through June, offering a 4-night cruise on Royal Caribbean as an incentive. To win this prize you had to:

  • Buy $3,600 of wholesale inventory in the 6 month contest period
  • Recruit 6 new people who each bought $600 wholesale from MK
  • Have 3 of your personal recruits become first-time red jackets (red jacket = 3 active recruits)

If Mary Kay is such a simple “business” to work, and so many women want to move up in the company, this should be easy to achieve. And yet… in the entire Sharpe national area… ONE consultant qualified for the trip. One.

What does this say about the MLM system? Does it say that the hundreds of consultants in the Sharpe area are all lazy and/or doing it wrong? Or does it say that the MLM system is just impossible to win with, but for the tiny fraction of one percent of the sales force?


  1. Glitterwart

    I am no mathematical genius but…. shouldn’t 3600 USD be enough for a nice trip to the Bahamas for 2?

    So she could have all that out of her pocket without purchasing tons of inventory and harassing everyone around her…?

    1. Nancie

      For $3398 you can take a 4 night cruise to the Bahamas on RC in a “Grand Suite – 1 Bedroom”. (Exact phrase for anyone who wants to Google it, it looks pretty nice!)

      If the winner is getting an Ocean View stateroom, that’s setting someone back about $1600 before discounts etc.

        1. enorth

          What I saw on a SSD’s Facebook page dated July 1:

          “We are already the highest paid home-based business in America and directors just got another PAY RAISE!! PLUS found out the top trip this year is to Ireland and Scotland!!”

    2. CleverAndSavvy

      Yes, Glitterwart, you’d think it’d be enough. But this gal actually is a sales director now; just made it as of July 1st. Woop-tee-doo, smh ?. Every time I see her face (Kristin Sharpe) or hear her voice, I just feel like strangling her. SO ANNOYING!! Her ENTIRE national area, are all a bunch of pompous snobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. BestDecision

    This coming from the Director with the “largest unit meetings in the country”, huh? All fluff and no substance. Simple math shows Kristin is struggling to keep up as an NSD because, as of March 31, she had only $95,000 in gross commissions over the first 9 months of the 2018-2019 Seminar Year. Her March commissions were $20,980. I’m betting she has enormously high chargebacks for her yearly numbers to be that low.

    My source: July 2019 Applause

    To Consultants and Directors reading this, PLEASE DO THE MATH!

    1. TRACY

      So some months she’s not even listed in Applause! Because only those earning $10k in commissions or more are listed. Oh how far the might have fallen. It makes me incredibly happy to watch the earnings of these NSDs drop.

      1. BestDecision

        What I think is happening is that she’s had 10K checks, but her net commissions determining NSD ranking are less than if she really took home more than 10K/month. I bet she’s having tons of chargebacks that explain the difference.

        And I’m with you. It delights me that the very people who have cheated, lied, and carried themselves as better than others are falling. Karma.

  3. MSgtK

    And…how much of her own cash did she have to spend for this rinky dinky cruise? How much will she get back in future chargebacks? Like others have said…way, way cheaper to pay for your own cruise. Heck, they give those away free! All you pay for is beverages! ROFL!

    1. TRACY

      I doubt it. A more likely reason is their directors conned them into placing large orders (either in their names or the names of others) to cause them to qualify, with the argument “you can still hold a big sale and sell all of it in July.”

      Sadly, lots of women fall for that line of thinking.

      1. BestDecision

        And don’t forget the loophole of people placing orders on 6/30 with a declined credit card that can be fixed at a later date. Classic “success” in MK!

  4. enorth

    I believe NSD Lara McKeever only had one cruise earner.

    Ladies, enjoy your brief time on the cruise. You only have three “full days” on-board, so don’t bother unpacking. Monday is about a half-day on-board, and early on Friday morning, you will be practically SHOVED off the ship so the crew can start cleaning and preparing for the next group of passengers.

    1. Mountaineer95

      So she is just “earning” the Chevy Malibu but is shown standing in front of a Caddy? Yep, that’s what you *might* get when you’re part of a Cadillac unit! A possible chance to have your photo taken standing near it, then using that to create the illusion of success that you haven’t yet achieved.

  5. Sir Mccoy

    How can we confirm that Kristen Sharpe Area has only 1 cruise winner? I shared this info with my friend and she said that they counted 8 on her timeline. Please advise.

  6. Laura

    Okay but…. one look at her FB page shows this just isn’t true. There are several girls from her team who cruise-qualified. I think the whole thing is ridiculous, but putting out fictitious articles is only hurting credibility of a great, informative site.

    1. KayNotMary

      Here are the Sharpe cruise earners I found with the date she posted about them. One consultant, six directors:

      Allison Little Wheeler, Director – June 22
      Sarina Vongnakhone, Director – June 27
      Vernice Givens, Consultant – June 30
      Olivia Shockley, Director – June 30
      Lindsey Christenson, Director – June 30
      Rita Wells Contreras, Director – June 30
      Danielle Rieger, Director – June 30

      1. TRACY

        And all her other directors failed. They couldn’t even do red jacket plus get 3 red jackets directly below you? What does that say about this “business”?

        1. KayNotMary

          I shouldn’t have called them cruise “earners,” they’re really cruise buyers. We all know they loaded up their credit cards and didn’t earn anything.

      2. BestDecision

        It’s also a loud statement that they all finished in the last 8 days of June for a 6 month long contest. All that time, and it only came together in those few days?? I can only imagine the l curing Directors got about “leading by example” and finishing the cruise. Sure glad I didn’t go through that!

  7. cindylu

    I recently went on an amazing cruise with my husband. I’m sure that it was a much better cruise then MK’s. We had a lovely room, excellent food, fun filled activities, evening entertainment and wonderful excursions. I doubt if any family members will get to share in this cruise. So much effort for so little return. Just calculate how much unsold product you have to order. Then check travel web sites for cruises. I am sure these MK women will find it cheaper to simply book a cruise. I guess though they’ll have to give up the fake accolades and their directors make believe temporary approval. At least my family wasn’t stuck with cleaning mirrors, failed open houses and pretend product sales. I also believe our very affordable cruise was a much better deal.

  8. Roo2

    Kristin just posted about how she was not able to make diamond circle. Not sure what that means but obviously did not get enough loading of inventory on credit cards to get what she wanted.

    1. BestDecision

      As of March 31, she had only made gross $95,680 in commissions. Diamond Circle is for those that made $300,000 or more. She was barely on target for $125,000 for the year.

        1. BestDecision

          Get this: Her YTD commissions were $95K, but her March check was $20K. Now, doing simple math and using an average of $20K/month, shouldn’t she have about $180K YTD (20 x 9 months)??

          Here’s why I think her YTD is so low: Chargebacks. There’s a lot of NSDs that have decent monthly checks, but then their YTD totals don’t match up at all. Kimberly Copeland is another example of this. I think there are a lot of disgruntled people sending their inventory back, so it drops their YTD standing.

          Just a theory that, of course, MK won’t verify or deny. But, all my years of Directorship taught me how things work, and I think this is exactly what’s happening.

  9. BestDecision

    Most of the posts I’m seeing show Directors doing the cruise and very few Consultants. That would be because Directors have learned by that point how to activate former Consultants, etc to count as Qualified. “Shenanigans” is what they should call that cruise.

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