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How Mary Kay Goals Are Met on June 30

There is always a huge push to “finish” your goals by June 30. It’s the end of the seminar year, so there are extra prizes and sometimes you get to go on stage at seminar. Everyone is pushing in June, and that’s why sales director commission checks are the largest in June.

Is everyone really selling more in June? How do those goals get met and those prizes won? We’ve been following along as Chelsea Claytor was trying to qualify for the pink Cadillac again. And miracle of all miracles, she did it. Magically, $20,000 of production appeared for her in June. Or did it?

We have no way of knowing her exact numbers or how the orders came in. She claims to have personally taken hundreds of orders in the last couple of weeks. If she really had that many customers, why weren’t they ordering before? Why now? It doesn’t really add up for me. Literally.

More likely, available credit on a credit card was the reason the goal was finished. Remember Jen Semelsberger (now Besecker) “finishing million” in 2007? She posted pictures of the event. And one picture told the truth. Multiple credit cards on the desk in front of her. THAT is how these big goals are finished. By placing a large order for whatever production is needed at the end of the night.

Why would a consultant or director do this? Why order more products than you need? Part of it is about saving face. And a big part of it is the lies they tell themselves. I’ll eventually sell it. By getting into the Cadillac now, I get momentum, and I’ll automatically be recruiting more and therefore making more in commissions, so that makes up for any extra money I’m spending on products I don’t need.

And once in a great while, that momentum works. We saw it with a couple of young directors who catapulted to NSD quickly. But of those 2 who did it, one crashed and burned within a couple of years and dropped out. The other is still in MK and raking in the money, but she is the exception. There are at least a few thousand sales directors over the last decade who tried this method of gaining momentum (i.e. paying money to get to that next level to create fake momentum) and failed. They ended up with only credit card debt.

Why? Because the MLM system is designed for failure. It is mathematically impossible for more than a tiny fraction of women to succeed in MLM, which is why we see more than 99% of people fail. It’s not because they didn’t work hard enough. It’s because the system is rigged against them. And even if you focus on just selling products, you’re almost destined to fail with that too. You have overpriced products with too much competition from other consultants who are trying to sell to the same people. Even if you can sell, you end up discounting so heavily that you make very little in the way of profit.

If Chelsea bought her way into that Cadillac, I doubt that her thought process was nefarious. She really thinks that she’ll be an inspiration to others. She believes that she’s helping the women she recruits. This is just one step in the process toward becoming an NSD, and she see this all as a good thing.

But she doesn’t realize how she is setting herself up for failure. She doesn’t have a unit that is truly producing Cadillac level production. That means she’s going to be falling short each quarter, and she’s going to owe a co-pay on her Cadillac. (I.e. she has to pay part of the lease cost herself) She will have a commission check that is less than the Cadillac level, and then it’s going to be reduced by the co-pay. Having the Cadillac is going to be an expensive lesson, if she’s like most of the Cadillac drivers.

It’s all so exhausting, isn’t it?


  1. Neverpink

    I was wondering if she would come up again! Magically, she finished Cadillac just in the nick of time. Her FB posts have some of comments: “God is so good”, “God blessed you”, “Praise the Lord”, etc. etc.

    No, I don’t think god made this happen. I think massive amounts of credit card debt did.

    Seems like a lot of “miracles” happen at the very last second in Mary Kay…

  2. enorth

    “She doesn’t have a unit that is truly producing Cadillac level production.”

    Doesn’t it take several months before she receives the Cadillac? She may lose it before she even takes it into possession.

      1. enorth

        Someone can correct me if I’m wrong. I thought the Cadillacs had to be ordered, manufactured, and “personalized”, so it took a good amount of time.

        1. TRACY

          Yes, it typically takes a couple of months to actually receive the Cadillac. Chelsea now has “Pink Cadillac driver” on her instagram profile. Technically not yet true LOL

          1. Neverpink

            Wow, really? Holy cow, I just assumed they had Caddies on hand from when others were returned/repossessed and they just cleaned them and sent them back out. I had no idea!

      2. MLM Radar

        Another reason for the delay is that MK wants to make sure you’re able to STAY at car “production” level before they agree to that lease.

        MK doesn’t want to sign that lease paperwork for someone who j-u-s-t b-a-r-e-l-y stretched far enough to qualify, then crashed and burned. Leasing a car to someone who has no staying power is bad business, even in Mary Kay.

      3. BestDecision

        Yes, it takes about 3 months for Cadillacs to be delivered. By that time, it’s possible to already be short the quarterly production needed for its maintenance, so you’d incur a $900/month deduction on Months 4-6 of having the title “Cadillac Director”.

  3. wild collards

    Jen Besecker, now THAT’S a name I haven’t come across in a while. Just looked at her FB, she’s STILL in MK and she’s still having children left and right. She still calls herself EESD and she’s been in that position for, how many years now?

  4. NoToMLMs

    Mary Kay is NOT a business. Claiming that it is would be like the Girl Scouts claiming they own their business selling cookies. At least the Girl Scouts actually track their sales… I’m amazed by how many women still fall for this scam, especially with access to objective, informative sites like Pink Truth.

  5. pinkadoodoo

    I love how Chelsea says on Facebook that she sold so much stuff to get her Caddy:

    “Hey everyone ??

    Please bear with me y’all and be patient with me. I promise I will let you know when I have your order ready ?
    Love y’all, give me time to get more products in please! I got wiped out during my open house! ?”

  6. EyesWideShutNoMore

    Mya Hull didn’t qualify for the Cadillac by June 30th, but apparently God whispered to her to be patient. When will the stupidity stop with these ones? God doesn’t care about your stupid MK goals!

    To GOD BE the GLORY as these TWO goals are FINISHED!!!!!!!! ??

    Truly am speechless, humbled and reminded how incredibly blessed to have such a tribe of women (and men!) who cheer for you, pray with you, and support you unconditionally!!!!

    To my customers! Wow! The past 6 months you have blown me away… it is an HONOR to be your Mary Kay Girl! Thank you for choosing me for all your skincare and cosmetic needs!

    To my new MK sisters and NEW REDS! You truly stepped up, thank you for allowing me to be your Leader!!!!

    Our Pink Cadillac did not come together… yet God has whispered… be patient. ?

    Congrats to ALL my MK sisters who crushed goals this year! You all are such an inspiration!!!!

    #myMKlife #broughthometheice #freecruise #thankyouMaryKay #nowitstimetosleep

  7. Mountaineer95

    Hey Tracy, in relation to the question:

    “Is everyone really selling more in June?” from your post, I began to wonder if cosmetics/skin care sales overall also spike in June. And of course I don’t mean in MK made-up Numbers…rather, as a function of overall consumer goods sales, where does June traditionally fall in the realm of spending?

    My hunch is that June is not a bigger month during the year, and that the spike in June sales numbers for MK don’t fit the mainstream national averages because it’s a fake, inflated month based on internal company goals with no connection to actual consumer purchasing. Which would be yet another piece of evidence that MK sales to the consultants is what the company is based on, rather than end consumer sales.

    1. NoMLMMakeup

      Worked in management for cosmetic sales (non MLM lol) for years and can confirm – June showed no significant increase in sales compared to other months and I actually recall summertime in general being relatively slow. I always assumed because a lot people go “natural” in the summer but who knows. Back-to-school (Aug) and holidays (Nov-Dec) were really the only times we saw noticeable increases.

      1. BestDecision

        I agree! Customers use less foundation and want a lighter feel in Summer. June is the last month to finish yearly and quarterly goals in MK, so it’s obvious why we had higher production…which did not mean it was actual SALES.

  8. KayNotMary

    Now Chelsea’s FB and Insta accounts have been set to private. I bet she hit a big sales slump (predictable), her debt has racked up to the point where she can’t ignore it anymore, and her Cadillac has been repossessed.

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