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Pink Cadillac Con

Why do women want a pink Cadillac from Mary Kay? It’s a great marketing tool, and that’s why Mary Kay offers it. It essentially costs them nothing out of pocket, since directors squeeze more orders out of consultants to qualify for the Cadillac than they otherwise would. Extra orders means plenty of money to pay for the Cadillac.

But why do the directors want them? Sure, they look cool and they’re kind of an icon. But don’t be fooled when they say that they want a Cadillac “for” their unit. The unit deserves this honor! No. Its worthless to the unit.

Chelsea Claytor breaks it down on Facebook when she says “it’s not about the stupid pink car.” She mentions some platitudes about personal accomplishments. But it’s really about the “prestige” and being in the “big girls club.” It’s about being seen as a winner in this grand con called Mary Kay. It’s also because it’s necessary in order to keep moving up in the pyramid. (But no, Chelsea, you won’t be an NSD 2 years from now.)

It’s about status and image within the Mary Kay world. It’s about being seen as part of the “in” group. It likely helps with recruiting, which Chelsea has convinced herself will be her “empowering more women.”  It’s another tool in the box for perpetuating this con.


  1. Mickey2942

    Does MK provide a large pink hat with a pink feather in it? A few dozen gold chains?

    The analogy to a “pimpmobile” is glaringly obvious, fleecing women to get a pink Caddy.

      1. Neverpink

        I think she’s gorgeous, personally, and the outfit suits her, but you’re right – Mary Kay herself never would have worn this.

        Was Mary Kay herself really influential in terms of fashion to her consultants? I don’t know the answer – that’s why I’m asking. I’m just curious.

        1. JanRD

          Yes, she looks good in that outfit. I also would love to know how much influence the company has on what the consultants wear. There have been numerous references to the expectation of skirts, pantyhose, and heels at seminar in DALLAS in JULY (including the air travel). Maybe someone who has been there can weigh in on this.

          1. BestDecision

            No pants are allowed onstage at company events, and we were taught to wear skirts and dress shoes to every MK related appointment or event. At times, Dallas was over 100 degrees, and we were to also wear our Director suits (long sleeve) and Red Jackets (same). The heat was unbearable.

            As for our Cadillacs, MK Ash once said she never wanted to see a dirty one, so it was an unsaid thing to keep them clean and shiny.

            1. JanRD

              And I’m guessing car washes weren’t covered, as they are with most company cars.

              Thanks for the input on dress code and enjoy your summer free of long-sleeved suits and jackets!

        2. enorth

          With that face and figure, Chelsea is wasting her time with Mary Kay. Actually, I see see LOTS of beautiful, young women in Mary Kay and just shake my head. What’s the draw?

          Ladies, you can BE more. You can MAKE more. You can DO more. There’s more to life than holding beg-a-thons on social media and “being vulnerable.” It makes you appear immature and unprofessional. (And prospective employers will review those posts.)

          1. Miranda

            I actually know her and that’s my thought exactly. She has always been very intelligent and has so many positive and admirable traits, being a part of MK just seems like a waste of her potential.

            1. BestDecision

              Tell her there are former Cadillac Directors on here who happily sent theirs back and are using their brains once again outside in the real world. I can vouch it is a complete waste of time.

  2. PeachyNotPink

    Maybe I’m just a selfish jerk, but my first thought is “Why would I work my butt off to help YOU get a Cadillac?” In my corporate job, when I have worked my butt off on a project I was the one who was rewarded with either a bonus, raise, or extra vacation time – not my boss.

    I always thought this was one of the more screwy aspects of MK.

    1. coralrose

      “Why would I work my butt off to get YOU a Cadillac?” Same here!
      My former director was telling us “You deserve to be part of a Cadillac Unit!! I want you to be part of a Cadillac Unit”! And I just couldn’t see how being part of a Cadillac Unit would benefit me. I don’t care if I have a fancy car or not, and I certainly don’t care what my director drives .
      Poor directors, their income is dependent on other people’s purchases and activity.

      1. MLM Radar

        No, a pink Cadillac does NOT help you sell products.

        From an end-user customer’s perspective, when I looked at the makeup prices I thought they were overpriced.

        But if I’d seen a Mary Kay pink Cadillac in the driveway that would have been absolute proof that the products were overpriced.

  3. Neverpink

    Is she the same lady that was flashing her wedding/engagement ring on that FB video, saying she’s “so blessed” and asking for sales so she can get the Caddy at the end of June?

  4. Char

    Note the license plate “DRMGIVR” = Dream Giver. That’s because the con game called MLM, purposely dubbed dual-marketing in MK to fool consultants, is only about selling hope, faith, and dreams. All intangibles that cannot be forensically analyzed. These tactics are also key players in brainwashing people. Something that MLM relies heavily on to dupe the recruited.

    But don’t take my word for it. Start paying attention to the message they spew. When you tune in, it is loud and clear.

    Quick questions: I can’t see through the window. Is her pimp behind the wheel of that pink caddy? And, does this particular pink Cadillac have the upgraded horn? “Oink, oink, squeal”

    1. TRACY

      I love the color of the car myself, but I hate that it stands for the abuse of millions of women. LITERALLY millions of women have lost money with this fake opportunity that is nothing more than a scam.

      1. BestDecision

        And they keep going! Kelly Brock just told people who are using “not enough time” as their recruiting objection to give up Netflix (fair) and THEIR LUNCH BREAKS. What?? How is that healthy??? Kelly just earned her first Top Director Trip to Hawaii, so I bet she’ll be featured at Seminar and beyond, but that mentality is ridiculous!

        So, now people are supposed to not eat or rest when they’re working hard. Funny…my trips to Hawaii were guilt-free and didn’t include pressure to work like a dog!

        Source: Kelly Brock on Instagram Stories

      1. LlamaMomma

        Kind of late to comment, but my dad worked as a body man doe at Thomas Cadillac in Tulsa in the 80’s. He was sent to Dallas to learn how to paint MK cars. They were very specific and strict about the paint color, who could paint them, etc. Ao my dad ended up being one of the only guys in Oklahoma who was “alliwed” to paint MK cars in that time period.

  5. Pink Jihad

    This is the thing that gets me the most about Mary Kay. How is a “Cadillac Unit” benefitting anyone except the person who gets the car? Are you all going to take turns driving it? Have a Cadillac Custody Arrangement, where everyone swaps after having it for 48 hours or something? No? Then why are you doing it? Who outside of the person driving the car gives two sh*ts that you are in a “Cadillac Unit?”

    Hey Pink Truth I want a new car. In fact, it is God’s Will that I drive a brand new Toyota SUV. You all can be in my Toyota Unit if you each give me $4000! I will naturally be the only one to drive it and I will of course park it at my house. But you can look at pictures of it on Facebook and tell everyone that you are in Pink Jihad’s Toyota Unit and everyone will be SUPER impressed with you. Who’s in?

  6. KayNotMary

    lol, I saw her feed, it’s ALL about the Caddy. Who is she fooling?

    6 days left and she starting to post that it’s not, she’s trying to rationalize to her droolers about not winning her dumb little prize. Tick-tock!

  7. Wild Collards

    I think the entire DRIVE FREE thing is the worst, because you for sure aren’t driving free. All the MLM’s that offer cars say you can DRIVE FREE but come on, that is not the case. No one outside of MK is impressed with a pink caddy. Just like Dacia and her “I have 26K followers on Instagram!” to Delta when she lost her luggage, no one is impressed. Delta probably rolled their eyes because really.

    As said upthread, there is no benefit to be in a Cadillac Unit. None at all. Other than the fact that you get to take a picture with your Director, it means nothing other than all the money you dumped into MK to make HER a car driver.

    1. NewFreedom2018

      I just went back to Dacia’s instagram page. I had followed her for a while then stopped. I started to get the feeling (again) that very little of those posts are ‘real life’. They look too staged and put together. Also, VERY little is said about MK. She is promoting her ‘lifestyle blog’ over anything. I realized why I stopped following her.

    2. Justsayno

      So… she got the Caddy. However, she had to take a 2017 one because she had to many points on her license to get a brand new one. ?‍♀️ She didn’t care though because she got her Caddy. She literally picked it up the following week in TN. She has also stated in the past she has made hundreds of thousands of dollars with MK, but wouldn’t she have been in a Caddy before now?

      1. TRACY

        LOL at the hundreds of thousands of dollars. If she makes her Caddy production, her commissions will be about $40k per year. She’s probably been making about $20k per year in commissions.

      2. BestDecision

        It’s impossible to pick up a newly earned Cadillac a week later. They’re special ordered, painted, and delivered about 3 months after finishing. I’m wondering if what really happened is she picked out a Caddy of her own and is leasing it with her own money and calling herself a “Cadillac Director”. Lots of people, including my Senior, have done that. It’s sickening how badly pressured people feel to put up a front of success.

        1. TRACY

          Sorry, I thought I updated somewhere. She leased for herself the Caddy that another director was turning back in. She doesn’t qualify to get a Cadillac from MK because of her poor driving records. So she took the cash compensation, leased a 2017 pink Cadillac, and has the appearance of a trophy on wheels. It’s actually not a bad idea given her circumstances.

  8. Born Pink

    I don’t remember if it was this thread or another that claimed that only 16 women in the entire country had a Caddy, and they “saw it in Applause”.

    Girl, learn how to READ! What you see in Applause is for one month and for one national unit! If we assume that’s average, 16 * 5 = 80 women qualifying. And even that seems low. (Five is the number of NUs–Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald and Pearl.)

    You can hate on MK all you want, but at least do it with the correct facts; kplzthx.

    1. TRACY

      You’re confused about a lot, Born Pink.

      What was stated is that in the quarter that ended in December, only 16 sales directors earned a Cadillac. That was true, and it was listed in Applause.

      It is for the entire country, not for a division. They’re not national units. They’re areas. And there aren’t 5, there are 4. (Pearl was eliminated years ago).

      So speaking of correct facts, I think that’s what you need to focus on. Kplzthx.

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