Hello Mary Kay Directors Who Saw 20/20

Written by Suzy Q

So, we taped hours and hours of painful, humiliating, humbling information about our experiences in Mary Kay, and ABC diluted it down to about 12 minutes. However, it made an impact and I was pleased to know that. It is not often that Darrell Overcash interrupts his Saturday to contact the directors.

This is for you, my sister directors. I left Mary Kay Cosmetics several years ago after a non-stellar run in massive debt. I peaked in 2003 or 2004, I can’t remember… and before all of the “I am quitting drama”, I started reading Mary Kay Sucks (the original name of Pink Truth) and I was totally devastated. I had never before heard or read anything remotely negative about MK. I couldn’t believe people were actually posting negative information— it was the first time I heard the term “frontloading.”

I told everyone I would bleed pink if it was required, and thought of myself as a lifer. I would never ever leave Mary Kay. I had given up a career, let my professional credentials lapse, and my only goal was to be the woman Mary Kay wanted me to be. I remember the call from corporate telling me about her death and I burst into tears.

As I look back, years away from it all, I am stunned at the effect it had on me. Mary Kay is a cult. It really is. I remember attending a Bible study group led by a NSD and we prayed for Red Jackets and DIQ’s. Really, who does this? I remember asking after my first seminar—what exactly does “taking God as my business partner” mean? I was told I would figure it out.

I recruited so many women. So many. I was good at that, and I was good at sales. The women came and went. I think (hope) I was able to reach most of them and apologize for misleading them. These were great people and they trusted me and I let them down. Since we taped the 20/20 episode, the memories are flooding back and I dream of Mary Kay frequently. I loved my sister directors, we were all in this together, and the only time we were honest was when the wine/beer flowed after the event was over for the day and we were in our shared room.

I remember vividly when my senior told me she was tired of “the process” meaning the activity that had to be done each and every month. I think I ripped her a new one. One of my sister directors called and told me she either had to quit or she would be forced to declare bankruptcy again. I told her that she needed to quit feeling sorry for herself and get back to work. I am so ashamed. I called both of them back later, too much later, and said I was sorry, they needed to do what they thought was best, but they had both been sucked back into the pink bubble.

My point is this… You are not crazy. IT IS NOT YOU. It is a horrible plan. (Not a “business” plan, because Mary Kay isn’t really a business for you, the consultant or director.) The plan does not work unless you are willing to make a living off the backs of other women. We are sold a bill of goods that includes God, just in case we didn’t get the” enriching women’s lives” thing.

When I thought about quitting MK, I knew I would face shunning… I didn’t know it would cause me a spiritual crisis. God and Mary Kay were so entwined, so enmeshed… how was I supposed to deal with that? Spiritual abandonment?

I am so glad you are reading this. I want you to know that it is going to be better. It really is. If Mary Kay people really bond “for life” then why is there shunning? Why do your BFF’s abandon you when you change direction? Why do they refuse to listen to your “negativity” when you express concerns? Why can’t you talk about being scared– waking up in the middle of the night wondering how you are going to pay your bills? Why are the highest checks talked about at events, even though that check might be 6 years old? Why does no one talk about all the expenses that eat up your commission checks, or all the extra product in the basement because you had to top off production several months? Why do most events request money orders or cash instead of checks from directors? Why do you ask that your check not be cashed until the 15th of the month? What happened to your dream? Why is the universe not responding to your requests? Why is your deserve level so low?

The answer is painfully easy. It is not you. You can do everything “right” and will most likely not succeed in Mary Kay. When you envy the nationals (even though we are not supposed to compare ourselves to anyone else) please know they have exploited and used so many women shamelessly to get where they are—I really can’t understand how they can sleep at night. I do not understand how they can exploit the materialism that is so common in other MLM’s and say MK is different? Seriously? Show me how Mary Kay Cosmetics is different from Amway et al. These are legal pyramids.

If you hear nothing else, please remember that Mary Kay give “sales figures” that are based on sales to consultants themselves. Consultants are the end consumers. They don’t give a shit whether you sell the products you order or not. That becomes your problem, your “deserve level” is not high enough, you didn’t work your business. Mary Kay has not ever and will never be #1. They will never track real sales which is why they can deny that people buy product to make production. I bought product to make production, did you?

IT IS NOT YOU. Please listen. You can’t win this game unless you are willing to hurt a bunch of women in the process. If you could succeed without hurting others, you wouldn’t be reading this far. Trust yourself, you know better. Pink Truth is a welcoming landing pad. Welcome. Breathe. It will be okay!


  1. pinkpeace


    It’s all here: the painful awakening to the truth, the realization that Mary Kay twisted your soul, the shunning and hatred from your former “sisters for life.”

    There is nothing I can add, except for thank you – and to echo to all the sales directors reading this, that we understand, and that you’re safe here. Welcome. It’s not just you.

    Suz, this took my breath away. I love you, girl.

  2. Iescaped

    Suzy Q, you made me cry while reading this wonderful article. I am a former DIQ (2 away with 2 weeks left and I walked away), I knew something was wrong when I started DIQ. My first 10 people were a joke. I was pushed into Red by my SD/NSD because I said I wanted to do this for a living. My 2 year MK plan was pushed aside for the bigger and better do it now plan. To get my first 5 and be a Team Leader I was told to sign up my mom, sister, twin nieces and best friend. Mom was the only one that paid for her stuff. The others would join, but didn’t want to work in MK, so I was told (by a National mind you) to use my own money and keep the orders. I should have seen it right then and there, but did not. My next 5 were all ghosts except for one. I paid for the rest. I was told that this was actually setting me up for success since I could reactivate 9 people when and if I needed to. Running around with a NSD you cannot help but see things and not good things. My first two months were filled with dread. But I thought it was just me. By the 3rd month I was so tired of stalking people, oops I meant warm chatting. And by December I had made up my mind to get out, but was afraid of my NSD. During DIQ I did things that make me sick and ashamed even today. I gave away product to bribe people My NSD also gave away my stuff when we talked to potential recruits. She would always say something like “go get her a repair set from your car so she can try it”. Really, you just gave away $100 of my money!! If I ever questioned her, I was told to not focus on the $100 now, but the thousands I would be making in the future. BTW, only one out of the 22 ever sold anything. I had used so much of my families money to buy Starter Kits and orders I was so ashamed. Not only was I told this was standard in the beginning, but I knew that seasoned SDs and SSDs were still doing this to ” make their month”. I finally walked away, in debt and with over $17000 of MK on my shelf.

    Now most people are probably wondering why I didn’t use the 90% buy back program. First, I was lied to. I was told my NSD that I would be charged for the commissions I earned. Second, not everything was in my name. And third, I had been in her car on several occasions when Corporate called to let her know that someone had called to even ask questions about the buy back program. Nothing about MK is your own business.
    Slowly I have been selling off my massive wearhouse of MK crap. Some of it I can’t even seem to give away. I started reading Pink Truth a few months back and I was stunned. I thought it was just me and my area.
    I feel better now, nice to know that I am not alone and wasn’t the only one this sort of thing happened to. Nice to have met women on this site who are really telling the Truth.
    So happy to have watched the 20/20 episode, proud of the women who were interviewed that told the Truth and even got a kick out of seeing my garage and products on national TV (my husband is laughing and joking about this too)!

    Thank you Pink Truth and all the good you do!!!

  3. Former

    Wow. Such truth in these messages. The shunning still hurts. Couldn’t care less about my narcissistic senior director but I do miss some of my friends still suffering.

  4. raisinberry

    To me it is beyond despicable, that a Corporate spokesperson can look at the viewing world and declare her incredulity that anyone would “warehouse” inventory. My first year in, I was made aware that certain people had massive amounts of product…as the career path journey started up, it was clear, that the “insiders” knew how to “find a way or make a way”…and through multiple attempts to either win a car or complete Unit qualifications, (without creative recruiting) it became clear, that one more miss would sink me…and the advice I got from many Directors was, “Surely you know someone you can sign up as a personal use…just get it done, girl.” Once you make it to The Suit, NOW, you get the inside info, all the Area Directors who don’t really sell what they order, but have to have whatever is current to display, demo, and stockpile. Oh they sell here and there, but mostly they only hold selling appointments to find recruits, so they struggle to get any real honest show lines going. But we need RECRUITS more than sales…don’t you get the game yet, Mk-ers? EVERY NSD told us that production comes from NEW RECRUITS.

    So which is it? We get Unit Production from the successful retail selling of all our Old timer Unit members? Or, we get it from Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals?

    Stop the LYING, Mary Kay! Our Unit attrition has ALWAYS told the story. Successful sellers do not have a reason to fall into “attrition”. Units that have a couple good sellers in them,are usually not recruiting their customers. But 98% of UNIT membership do NOT have consistent sales much less profitability.

    So the story is that women on the career path are told to get it done and recover from it later. You don’t know that, when you are new and in the blush of pink! You have no idea- because no one will tell you ahead of time, that your entire DIQ team will be gone in less than 6 months. You do not find out that “building” a successful Unit, never happens unless, you can throw truth about success rates and profit out the window, and with blinders on, continue to “Sell the dream” as if….AS IF…it were actually true.

    This is the NORM in Mary Kay. Not the exception. And they have ALWAYS known it, but of course, they can not in any way acknowledge it, because that would stop the cash train.

    Hey Mary Kay, Prove us wrong. Issue an announcement that Directors need to review all Unit members financials and immediately go into training on inventory management, and profitability, with debt reduction of all sales force members as the main goal. Send Suzy Orman in again,..Remember, that impassioned speech about no debt, no excess inventory…oops…yeah, those NSD’s didn’t like that so much…..yeah..remember? SHE never got an invite back!!

    Right, you’re shocked, that anyone, ever, makes false claims, declares false income making scenario’s, lies about how easy “winning” cars or keeping them is. People just make mistakes. And you definitely cant fathom ANYONE would warehouse inventory.

    You are such Liars.

    One of these days, Dear Nationals, I will start listing (with their permission) all your former Director’s names, your DIQ’s, and the debt amounts they were in when they left. Ok?
    Starting to get a little sick in your stomach?

    1. Still Breaking The Basic

      The corporate rep and the three directors all had that “Stepford Wife” pink fog glazed look. How creepy and cult-like is that?

      Thank you ABC and 20/20 for this segment. Your loss in advertising revenue from Mary Kay’s future nationwide ad campaigns is miniscule compared to the widespread validation you provided Friday night.

        1. Runawayfrmpink

          I thought this part was very telling. Not even one out of three of the directors could say what their income is. Any legit business owner would be able to spit out those numbers with no problem. Especially if they were “successful” like these ladies. And that lady from corporate just played “run around a straight answer” most of the segment. She was either twisting words or outright lying every time they showed her face.

          1. Still Breaking The Basic

            Or would say what their income, or more accurately, loss is. Many of those shiny pink caddies are not free. Be nice to know how much CC debt and unsold product hose three directors have because they had to make up the monthly production difference.

  5. gotheart

    Dear Reader,

    After thirteen years as a consultant and fourteen as a sales director I discovered it wasn’t me.

    Haven’t you wondered how the sales directors at your monthly director’s meeting are in the top ten month after month?
    Haven’t you been hopeful to attend the sales director meeting knowing the struggle to make it will finally be over and you will get what they are doing and you aren’t?
    Haven’t you left another sales director meeting with complete loss of hope wondering why you don’t get it and they do?

    My son, twenty seven, was the one who told me it wasn’t me. His last week of college his professor had the students study multilevel marking. So you see his information came from a non biased group. There on the list was Mary Kay along with hundreds of other companies.

    His urgency to tell me his findings when he got home from college that day was an emergency as if a fire was in the house. Then and I do mean right then and there he got out the last seven years of my income tax folders and as he pointed, I noticed his hands were trembling, to the line with my income, tears started to stream down his face, my eyes became full, not really understanding what was happening. Then he quickly divided each year into the twelve months and there in black and white for the last seven years he said, “Mom, Mom you make less than minimum wage while driving your ‘Mary Kay trophy on wheels.’

    He repeated over and over again, as we both sobbed “Mom it’s not you, it’s never been you. Mom you were duped all these years.” I was bawling and my mind was racing over the twenty seven years I had been so devoted to the company and the women I adored. “Mom you’ve been lied to, our family has been lied to for years.” The shock was worse than any death of a loved one I had experienced.

    The following week every bit of Mary Kay was out of my house. I had never ordered to reach a goal or gone it debt so all the inventory I had, about four thousands wholesale was returned. Which is why I never made the top of list of winners on anything. Yes I had the car and the rings but it was working more than sixty hours a week. I missed out on a lot in twenty seven years.

    This is the short version but I wanted you my dear reader to know it is NOT YOU.

    Listen to me. It takes a lot of glitz and glitter, deception, distraction, product changes, lies and those who go along with telling the lies to deceive three million women.

    It takes a lot of looking the other way and feeling inferior, wanting to be accepted, needing acknowledgement, wanting the lies to be true when you know it is too good to be true. I have to mention you need the ‘commissions earned’ you see in the Applause magazine, you think they are earning. They are all lies you are wanting to believe because you want and need it for your life. You want to earn the family security program the company is dangling in front of you but Mary Kay Cosmetics is betting on you to never reach that goal. That is way so few women in three million reach the goal, c’mon now think about it, in fifty four years only a hand full.


    1. gotheart^2

      It is only fair to hear from the son’s perspective. It is time that all impacted by MK share in the voice of this journey. To give strength to the women that stand for truth and cheer them on.

      So as the son of gotheart, the son that grew up believing in my mom in an unwavering way and seeing strength and determination turn to embarrassment and defeat. It is only right I start to share some insight into the above post.

      It is true, I did come home and share with my mom the truth. It was not easy. I struggled in my heart and mind about the decision to share with my mom my findings. I struggled because I knew she already understood. I struggled because I knew she invested so much and leveraged our lives with this company. I knew I would be pulling the blinders off my mom and she would understand the reality.

      That day, I went home to share with her what I discovered, and that day she broke. It is difficult to process when a human invests all of themselves in something to realize it is all for nothing. All that my mom has shared over the years on this site is very real and true.

      I looked back at my life that day and knew I had to share with her the reality. YES it sucked being poor, YES it sucked eating beans, Yes it sucked seeing my mom come home after going to a house call and having no one answer the door, and YES it sucked pulling up in a PINK CAR to high school. BUT what SUCKED most was knowing all of that was a fraud and never had to happen.

      That day is the day we decided to grow and rebuild. That very day a fire was infused in my mom to not make it for nothing and has leverage pain for strength and courage ever since.

      A simple red flag about any company is the amount of people who are passionate to ensure no one is taken advantage the same way they were taken advantage. SO all of those that do believe in the MIK journey I ask a simple logical question…

      Would anyone go to taco bell if the yelp reviews were this passionate against it?
      Would anyone engage with an OBGYN if the yelp reviews were this passionate against it?
      Would anyone buy a car from a dealer if the yelp reviews were this passionate against it?

      A few people might be wrong but at some point we hit the tipping point and when THOUSANDS of people stand together this passionately it should give justice for some thought. WE ALL CANT BE WRONG 🙂


  6. donewithMK666

    SuzyQ you said it ALL & SO eloquently!!! I felt like i was reading my story!!! It’s funny i had been in for 20 years and my Senior sent all my sister directors a letter “telling them that they could no longer speak to me” I couldn’t believe it when 1 of them finally broke her silence… I was shocked and hurt and stunned……….. I look back now just 9 months out from MK and think what a blessing that I am NO LONGER involved!!! I really want to help my friend that broke her silence to me because she expressed to me once how deeply in debt she was and how much inventory is in her house but i don’t know a good way to go about it………. Any suggestions??
    THANK YOU AGAIN SUZYQ & the other 3 Brave directors who spoke the truth and let everyone know about MK!!!

  7. unpinkedassistant

    One of the most important things you can tell anybody struggling with or getting out of the MK biz is that it isn’t just you. With all the fake it till you make it and false pretenses of success, most feel alone with the all too real financial struggles.

    Let women know that the multi level marketing business is a flawed business model and 99% of all people lose money in them. Feeling alone and like it’s just you is a terrible feeling.

  8. Pink played

    Omg this was awesome!! I actually felt that the 3 directors they featured looked completely stupid because they did not know their numbers!! How can you own a business and not know your numbers! I almost thought the third one was going to start talking about how she was too busy to know her numbers… Pink truth should submit to dateline, maybe they will do a story. I wonder if 20/20 could get sued for going to deep, like the scripts and lies women are told??

    1. ItsNotWorthIt

      I actually thought about sending in the financial estimate worksheet I was pitched at sign up by the director. It had all these fill-in-the-blanks about how much you could make if you gabe this much time, how much you could earn as you move up, etc. I wanted to show that MK Corporate how her Consultants DO give averages to suck women in and they DO promise an income.

      Dateline needs to do this.

  9. Post-It

    I know this site saved me before I got too deep into Mary Kay. Thank you all for the information and keep it going. I got the “opportunity offering” October 2008 and I still follow to keep me up to date on tactics I can warn friend/family about.

  10. costalot

    I have butterflies reading this.
    You nailed it.

    I hope all those drinking the pink koolaide will feel welcomed here at Pink Truth. Truly, it is not a shame to get into Mary Kay. It is a shame to stay in it.

  11. Susan Lewis

    After watching the program, all I have to say is that when Tamara? said “for the most part, putting it on the backs of other women” my attitude changed completely. That is an awful, awful way to be successful. I could not imagine riding around in a “free” car knowing that and also, knowing that some of my Consultants would have stockpiles let alone myself. And to constantly keep after them to meet their quota so that you can get your check or enjoy another month riding your “free” car is very troubling to me. It just doesn’t seem right to be crowned and glorified for this. No, it sickens me the whole thing. I will never look at Mary Kay the same. If you can honestly say that you have no guilt and “sleep like a baby at night” then go for it!

  12. Jann

    The whole MK thing is disgusting. I’ve met a few in the So CAL area… and one that comes to mind is a lying cheating tranny c#nt. I watched for years how she/he lied to her “team”, took their money sold expired product to clients (switched old product into new product boxes … and asked for the boxes back…. which women did) Amazing!
    MK is for women who like smoke and mirrors.
    RUN away from any MK-stepford wife zombie!
    Plus… who wants to look like a “french hooker” after a make over?
    not me.
    This is NOT a legit business and anyone involved needs to be audited by the IRS.

    1. Mindy Bunny

      Omg I thought I had heard it all before reading about selling OLD product in NEW boxes! That is incredibly deceptive and if the products are expired it is COMPLETELY UNETHICAL! Wow….

  13. ItsNotWorthIt

    I spoke with MK Corporate this morning about the 90% buy back. It’s a total joke. They’ll just take everything and I’ll get a $20 check from a $600 wholesale order.

    I have been in debate for the past few weeks about walking away. I came to the conclusion I was not the right type of person to do this when my recruiter told me to ‘push’ my friends and family more to help me out. I’m sorry, I value my friends and my family more than I ever will money. I couldn’t push them more than I had. I wanted to do the fish bowl idea but when I looked at my finances, I had already spent $1000.00 on MK. I had NOTHING to show for it. No parties, no customers, nothing.

    I reached out to my recruiter, then my director, and heard nothing back – for days. When I finally was contacted they wanted to throw a launch party. I just had to get friends and family to my house and my director would host the party. Now – wasn’t that the problem I just went to her with?

    Anyway, I asked her about the buyback and it took a little over a week to get a response. One that was pleading to meet up so we can discuss options. I stayed firm in my decision and she just sent me the number for corporate. End of story.

    The guilt I feel for spending that much money in hopes of making money for vacation, paying bills, extra groceries…I could have used thextensively $1000.00 spent on those things, not MK. I don’t like giving things up. It’s not my thing. But I HATE using people or forcing them in to things. That’s not me at all.

    When you are joining MK you never hear about the women who speak up on Pink Truth. You never hear about those who didn’t make it. They are hidden like blemishes. They are let go and forgotten, only remembered when that production needs to be met so they can keep their precious car.

    MK is not a sure thing. It’s not a stable job. You can’t plan more than 2 weeks out and even then people could all cancel on you for a whole week. You just don’t know. That’s stressful.

    Reading your message makes me feel a lot better and gives me strength to say ‘screw it’ and take the $20 they’ll give me back. At least I got something from them finally!! And at least I’ll be out. I chose MK and desperately wish I hadnt. Now I’m just going to breath and do what I really wanted instead of trying to make a buck.

    Thank you!!

    1. TRACY

      It is completely impossible that you would only get $20 back on your $600 wholesale order. There must be a misunderstanding. Can you tell us some of the details? I am assuming they told you they’d deduct the value of prizes (including some “free” products) that you got. But there is no way the deductions add up to $580. The deductions probably don’t even add up to $100. More info please!

      1. ItsNotWorthIt

        I apologize, it was supposed to say $200. And the $200 was being sarcastic. I just assume they will have the 90% ($540) and deduct gifts, etc that will add up to a surprising amount and I will get less than I am hoping for. May be $400, may be $200, who knows?

        Oh, and I have a question for all – what the hell do I do with all the section 2?! I have about 20 mirrors (someone else who quit gave them to me) and a few bags and a ton of other unused section 2 crap.

        1. Lazy Gardens

          Remember that you get back 100% of the pre-paid tax on those items, so it may be more than you thing. AND your directors will have to repay the commission she got!

          The mirrors and trays? A school’s craft program?

          Most of the section 2 is basically worthless, unless you can use poroduct bags for pooper scooper bags 🙂

          1. ItsNotWorthIt

            Lol, pooper scooper bags – Priceless!

            And is it wrong I got a sense of satisfaction knowing my director has to pay back the commission? I bet if she understood that part she would’ve tried a little harder to help.

  14. LD

    I wish I had seen this site before blindly going into almost $7000 in debt over the course of 2 years with this company. I’m still paying off that debt nearly 8 years after quitting. There were so many red flags, and they are all laid out really well right here. Any time I hear of a frend starting a Mary Kay ‘business’ I want to tell them to run. There are other MLMs out there that are nothing at ALL like this, and can actually help make some pretty good part time cash without going into debt and holding thousands of dollars in inventory. I’m sad for how many women were broken by Mary Kay.

    1. I disagree. “No inventory” MLMs are no better. They just use a different method of prying your wallet. There isn’t a single MLM anywhere that gets past the “99% lose money” statistic.

      The most common alternate method is by mothly subscription. You and your “team” are required to meet a monthly subscription or point quota. If they don’t meet the quota you have to buy the difference or lose your status.

      Different words, same sad song.

  15. Jessica

    After 6 years of being an Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay I have now come to realize that this company that prides itself on living by the “Golden Rule” is just like any other corporation out there. Greedy and ruthless. After many requests and letters to the leadership I do now realize that the “do unto others” rule only applies when it is convenient. I’m not just talking about being pressured into placing orders and selling to customers no matter what and how, but the fact that the Mary Kay company still condones cruel Animal Tests in certain countries just to be able to sell their product in these countries does not seem very “Christian” to me. Aside from being told for six years that Jesus wants us to drive a Cadillac, and that we’re meant to be vain and superficial, it is not within the Christian Belief to cause harm and pain to other living beings. I can no longer support this company and the way it does business. I can’t see myself selling products made by a company that supports animal testing in countries like China (a country that eats dogs and cats, harvests bear bile from living bears and still thinks that owning ivory is a sign of wealth and luxury) and then talks about the “Go Give Spirit” and “changing women’s lives”.
    Mary Kay should be leading the way in introducing human –relevant in-vitro tests in these countries and refuse to manufacture and sell their products in these countries, if these 21st century toxicity testing methods are not adopted. There are plenty of non-animal testing methods and if Mary Kay was really about the “Golden Rule” then these methods would have been already implemented. But, as always, money and profit speak louder, and so even a “good Christian” company like Mary Kay has to make compromises and hide their dirty practices in order to meet their bottom line.
    I can’t, with a good conscience, tell my customers that Mary Kay does not test on animals. I will not continue to use or sell the products and I’ve been telling my costumers the reason for me quitting my Mary Kay business. I will not be a hypocrite and I will not be part of thousands of animal’s suffering and horrible deaths. There are plenty of other great products out there that were made without causing the cruel and agonizing death of another living being.

  16. BestDecision

    And now they’re trying to pick apart Urban Decay’s Vault launch, comparing it to the cost of their compact filled with 6 eyeshadows. Ladies, please! If you’d educate yourself on your competitors, you’d find UD’s Vault isn’t just 6 shades but 60. To get 60 of MK’s, you’d pay at least $360 and still not have the durable compacts that the Naked palettes come with. UD = $165 for 60 shades and containers. Plus, you look a whole lot better wearing nicer product that doesn’t test on animals.

    Move over, pink ladies in house slippers at Seminar and those with closets full of old product. There’s way better out there, and Sephora’s annual sale starts next week!

  17. K

    I’m so glad I came across this site. Mary Kay corporate just wiped all my customer files and deleted my consultant number. All because I didn’t place a big enough order within exactly 11 months of my last order. I have been a consultant for the past 9 years. This is how they treat people? Where is the “golden rule” here? What really hurts is that I have about 150 customers who depend on me for their products. They don’t deserve this, either. So much for the golden rule!

  18. Escaping the cult

    This thread is therapy for my soul. I am on my out of the cult as we speak. The shunning has already begun. The delusion is frightening. It helps to know that I am not alone. I’m not crazy. I’m not negative, skeptical, listening to lies from the devil. Ugh it all makes me want to vomit. Its good to know others have gone before me and made it through. Thank you.

    1. BestDecision

      I didn’t hear a peep from my Director friends, either. My Sr brainwashed my unit and Directors to think I was a quitter, when I was actually doing a Unit Circle every year.

      What I think about all of that is they were never really my friend at all. They faked joy when hey saw me, and their hugs were only for the stage and facade. If they’re naive enough to not look into the facts, use their Applause magazine to see who really is and how few are actually making “an executive income”, well…that tells you a lot about where their heads are. And maybe even their intellect.

      Welcome to a life of freedom again! No more business cards being giving out in a slick manner, no more confirming appointments, no more cold calling, no more pressure to go to Seminar for 4-5 blazing hot days.

    2. BestDecision

      The new Director suit is going to cost $340. That’s about $110/month deducted from their commission checks for 3 months. Does that not make you happy you avoided that one?

    3. pinkpeace

      Escaping the Cult, before I found PT, I thought I was the only one. I think we all did.

      You WILL make it through! Although it will probably take a long time to get back to normal, each day it will get better and easier. I appreciate my non-Mary Kay life so much more for having gone through the hell of directorship. There is something precious about being able to finally live an authentic life, free from the lies and the never-ending month-end struggles.

  19. QueenOfTheTanned

    If I’m paying for a $340 suit, I would want to at least pick out the style and color. Then again, I don’t need a suit to know my status.

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