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Mary Kay Prayer Warriors All Across the Globe

Written by Raisinberry

The Devil has come against us in the form of NEGATIVE BLOGS to destroy our Mary Kay world! Or has he? It is interesting how people have different perspectives about things.

We all know, that nobody knows everything and concerning things of faith, many thoughts abound. In fact, theologians routinely sit on opposite sides of the same coin, staunch in their positions and unbending in any way.

Since many NSDs in Mary Kay express their Christian Faith, you can imagine how PinkTruth is “perceived” by them. PinkTruth is definitely influencing the hearts and minds of consultants and directors all over the globe, and for the most part, with the same device that was used to get us “in.” The “I-Story.”

The Power of the personal testimony can not be refuted. It is after all, a personal experience, not dependent on whether you agree or not… it simply is. The Nationals stand at guest night after guest night telling the same story of rags to riches, from their perspective, omitting the uglier details of their rise to fame and fortune, with a goal to influence all women everywhere that their lives would be so much better if they were a “glad I did” girl and not a “wish I had.”

Now that production is dropping and Directors are quitting and emails are flying and hard questions are being asked of the NSDs who up to now hadn’t really even allowed themselves to take a long hard look at the WRECKAGE they are leaving in their wakes, the cry of the emotionally immature is “The Devil is coming against us!”

That’s right. They’re now claiming that Pink Truth is inspired by the Devil.

Snap out of it ladies! You are grown women.

If you stand on the stage and lie about how much money is being made, whose judgment do you think is falling?

If you manipulated your Units to reach NSD, who would want that exposed?

If you manipulate your people and capitalize on their insecurities and desire to be “in your space,” how is that a servant’s heart?

If you knew what was happening and did nothing but look the other way, the “devil” would be proud of you, not tearing your organization down.

You watched and applauded as your consultants finished Queens Court of Sales, and you KNEW it was mostly on credit cards. Your 20 pages of “T” consultants stand in testament to the skill of your “product on hand: speech and “empty wagon” speech and the reality of the difficulty of selling this product.

You have rationalized them coming in and going out for years, skimming your commission check off their failed reality.

You have presided over this kingdom as your Offspring Directors and in some cases, Offspring Nationals struggle and struggle to stay afloat… denying that a business built on the acquisition of NEW CREDIT CARDS is a fraud. There isn’t even interest in recording actual sales to consumers because frankly this company doesn’t want to know the truth.

Your “find a way- make a way” instruction to your downline to make production one more month, drives your bottom Directors deeper into financial RUIN. You SEE their personal orders. You KNOW they did it themselves. You POST THEIR NAME in your Newsletter as High SALES, when you KNOW they were desperately trying to save their Unit.

And you think the DEVIL has come against you? Can you even be that blind?

Get ready for the bubble to pop ladies. The gig is up. Start the downsizing and get out of the mansion. What you are about to eat in chargebacks is humble pie.

“For those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge (wo)men into ruin and destruction.” I found that in the Greek Scriptures. (1 Tim 6:9)

So here is the reality. PinkTruth tells story after story of former consultants’ and Directors’ lives. Those stories influence others to have the strength of character and ability to step away from Mary Kay, should their experience resemble what they are reading. We recognize that some women are good sellers of this product, but not many. We also recognize that the Career Path is deadly and a trap to the vast majority of women and that Mk is a quagmire of manipulation and deceit.

This Pyramid scheme is most likely where your “devil” lives… and whatever is tearing it down (be it de-pinking women or the Almighty working through them), is working to set women on an honorable path, and to set them free. Doesn’t sound like the “devil” to me.



  1. It’s despicable to see and hear the NSDs and even regular SDs just insist anything against their bubble is “evil”, or “someone sabotaging a good thing out of jealousy”, or just “negative”. These women do not live in the real world. When I was realizing how evil and backwards this company is, I was seeing a bunch of women who had NO IDEA what was going on in the world outside their warm chatting and high heels….and what’s worse, they didn’t CARE. Not everything can be fixed by some girlfriend time and a MK “facial”.

  2. As a non-denom Spirit-filled believer, this breaks my heart. Let’s not take ownership of our mistakes; that would be too transparent, I guess. (sarcasm intended)

    It’s amazing how thick those blinders are.

    The devil gets blamed for all kinds of things that he had nothing to do with it, and goes totally undetected for things he is guilty of.

  3. I wish I could ‘like’ this post! I spent several foolish years in MK, even quitting a good job to ‘do MK.’ I have always regretted leaving that other job for MK, and part of my decision to join was the promise of this magical wealth. To someone in debt (me), that wanted to work to get out of debt, that seemed like the ticket. Hey, maybe the devil told me to join MK. 😉

  4. Bravo, Raisin!

    I actually quoted 1 Timothy 6:9 to my loved one a couple years ago when I saw all the financial damage MK had caused. Unfortunately when you read the Bible with pink lenses you can’t see how this applies to anything “pink”.

  5. “That’s right. They’re now claiming that Pink Truth is inspired by the Devil.

    Snap out of it ladies! You are grown women.”

    Amen. Put on your big girl panties and deal with it.

    • Sounds like MK doesn’t believe in Freedom Of Speach or Freedom of Religion since they push God on everyone. I am not saying I have an issue with Christians or any religion for that matter- I am saying that one should not be subjected to religion in the work place regardless if they are independent contractors or not. Mary Kay Ash started the “God first, Family Second, MK third” lingo. In reality however, MK comes first.

      • Stephanie, you are so right, but that’s because they have a HUGE marketplace in the churches and it’s a strategy that has worked for decades. Mary Kay Ash knew this and pounced on it. Christians are naturally trusting of one another, and where else can you find such a large gathering of “skin” where you can throw in some Bible and prosperity gospel verses, and have women flocking to you? Many direct sales companies use this approach. My sister got briefly sucked into Arbonne, and she called me one time gushing that in a phone conference the director prayed before she closed the meeting. I said “Uh oh! That’s a RED FLAG!” I actually got her to see the marketing strategy used in the church. I don’t believe MK is concerned one iota if others are turned off by the “message.” They have many thousands more to prey on in the circle of friendships within the church.

  6. debt = torment

    healing= peace

    Easy to translate by those who understand and are able to speak truth.

  7. Have they never read John 8:32?

    “And you shall know THE TRUTH, and THE TRUTH shall set you free.”

    Can I get an amen?

  8. When I read one of MK’s books, I saw a tremendous potential for evil. I then began hearing the lies and saw the abuse of those who trusted. When NSD’s are cold hearted, narcissistic egomaniacs, then it isn’t any wonder that eventually the truth would come out. Sadly it took many decades of women’s families being ruined by debt and deceit for PT to finally even the playing field. If the directors and this company had actually cared about the thousands of women it used and abused, then PT (or blaming PT as some kind of devil), would NOT be necessary. For one thing, I really resented being lied to, products constantly changing by the company itself at my expense, having no where, I do mean absolutely no where to sell the products or advertise. The same tired old scripts, the same tired old 1960’s party or class style sales techniques are definitely passé. These long gone methods absolutely do not work and probably never did after 1969. PT is not to blame and nor is the devil. What is to blame is abuse of women by MK. Including the ignoring husbands, children, family etc. and going into debt for this pink nightmare of phoney baloney, pie in the sky riches. It seems even NSD’s are struggling and not making that six figure income.

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