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If It’s to Be, It’s Up to Me!

 Written by Raisinberry

One of the devices used to achieve mind-numbing compliance with all things Mary Kay was the use of the slogan. We were led down a path of little to no resistance because no matter what ugly objection surfaced in our heads, we had a cancel, cancel, canceling thought that fought back.

The slogans shut down our concerns, convicted us of Mary Kay sin, aroused our enthusiasm, and otherwise controlled our thoughts. No critical thinking allowed here! “You become like those you hang around”, and what do you know…we did!The de-pinking process is both painful and grotesque. But taking a page from Mary Kay’s book, it seems wise to create a new set of slogans that can replace the old, with accurate information. Maybe even a little humor to help us in those days of regret, and wisps of embarrassing memories.

As we all know, it’s a brand new Seminar year, and no doubt the Seminar attendees all went home with new slogans to light up their behinds and achieve Directorship. I am guessing, “Plan for Plum!” or ”You’ll be really keen in Aubergine” It’s been said that the truth will set you free. It is time to fight back the head trip that is Mary Kay with some slogans of our own. Something like:

“Fight the Lure of the Purple Hamster!” Or, “Your finances end up lean if you put on Aubergine!”

Then we can go after standard Mary Kay fare like,” You have to get out, to dig out.” (Showing up only meant more mind control)

“What you think about you bring about” can be changed to, “When I thought about it, I got out of it”

Then there’s “Believe and You will achieve”. I don’t know about you, but I believed long and hard, and what made it all happen was that 4th credit card that showed up. I guess there are some people out there that want to believe God answers your miracle prayer by sending you more plastic. How about, ”Evaluate and you will do great!”

“Find a way or make a way”, is the one that seems to have been our biggest problem, and might be better sloganized as truth. “Making it happen at any cost is just a manipulation of women equally lost.”

Then we could also come up with some pinktruthisms. You know, slogans unique to our healing and recovery.

“Lazy Loosers we are not, there are more car winners here, than at your local lot.”

“Negative Nellies do exist but not on PinkTruth where truth, persists!”

“Enriching women’s’ lives is a motto that endures, but what Mary Kay’s real objective is, is more purple hamsters.”

With the amount of creativity on this board, I expect thousands of motivational slogans will emerge, and truth will be lifted up in our hearts and minds, to replace the brain washing we took that deluded us into believing that SOME DAY, we would finally “make it” like the Dacia’s.

Sure…if you like this sort of work, frontloading the unsuspecting, dangling prizes for orders, and breeding dependence on recognition and significance, even when you know it wasn’t earned.

Now what was that great slogan Mar always said? “Whatever you fervently imagine, ardently desire, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.” Hmm.

Okay. I fervently imagine Mary Kay Corporation publicly acknowledging that they have known sales to retail customers are negligible and have been for decades, and that consultants are their real customer. I imagine the President making known his desire to reform NSD leadership and stop the abuse and manipulation both financially and spiritually.

I imagine that consultants get a real live franchise-type business where they can advertise, and be rewarded for real retail sales promotions, and where Sales Directors arrive in the position due to proven sales success and longevity. I imagine much less consultant numbers but with real live results. I even imagine a retirement program that starts before becoming an NSD, as a reward for all the building work that Exec. Seniors have done. I ardently desire it. And I believe I am definitely enthusiastically acting upon it. Is it inevitable?

Wait. I think I have a more accurate slogan to banter about.

“Whatever you have been told about MLM’s, whatever you want to believe, if you enthusiastically act upon their manipulation, you will inevitably be passing for a hollow shell of your former self.”

And you can quote me.


  1. Stephanie

    I never sold Mary Kay but I enjoy reading this website.

    I feel horrible for the victims.

    Sometimes as I read stories here and hear what some of you did to meet sales, I cringe. But I know why you did it. I think by you all speaking out–you are righting your wrongs. It takes courage to share your stories.

    Now, of course, you all were also wronged. At any rate, I have respect for you all.

    I don’t have respect for the Kaybots who continue to make Mary Kay a billion dollar company.

    One thing Mary Kay is clever on–they teach you all how to manipulate at “conference” and then trips you pay for training and then turn around and calm you all, “Independent Contracters”

    Keep preaching the Pink Truth

  2. Stephanie

    Who teaches these conferences and these slogans you are talking about?

    Like when you go for Director (training) in your area? Who trains you when you have to Dallas? Other MK “independent Contracters” -or- someone from, Mary Kay?
    Or a little of both?

    1. BestDecision

      Nationals and top Directors teach at company events. Corporate staff emcee, and they often give the latest marketing stats as they reveal an upcoming product launch, but it’s more done by the top of the sales force.

  3. Cindylu

    A few more new slogans for the wise:

    Take your daily mental bath, do the math and change your path.

    Take God as your partner, time to read and follow scripture,
    leave behind this failing venture

    3 plus 3 plus 3, no more chasing that silly bee

    A laurel rested upon soon wilts, a business is not built on guilt.

    Believe and you will achieve. Don’t continue being deceived,
    give your family a reprieve, just turn around and leave.

    You can’t sell from an empty wagon, time for real action
    cut your losses and say your done.

    A laurel rested upon soon wilts, a business is not built on guilt.

  4. Cindylu

    And Finally:

    Ask me about the pink car. Don’t fall for something
    so bizarre. If it seems to good to be true. Chances
    are MK is not for you.

    It’s a numbers game. Try not to feel ashamed.
    Using women is not a game and if you quit
    you’re not to blame.

    The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang. It’s
    not about speed no matter how they plead. It is nothing
    but greed. Leaving is the way to succeed.

    Every silver lining has a cloud. In Mk the
    lining is a fraud. Not the time to be too
    proud, time to shout out loud, there is
    no winning in this scheme. Walk away
    and find real dreams.

    Let it be me. Try to listen to PT’s plea
    Don’t follow MK blindly. A slogan focused
    on me instead of we, means you’ll
    come up empty.

    1. cindylu

      Good one Escapedthepink. Absolutely nothing is free. Why are we so surprised that the lying is non stop from the time of the first interview until we finally come out of the fog and break free.

  5. Lazy Gardens

    Those little slogans are called “thought-stopping clichés” because that’s what they do, derail analytical thoughts with a little bunch of nothing.

    What would, in normal business, be an evaluation of your client base and inventory needs it thrown off track by “you can’t sell from an empty wagon”.

    1. cindylu

      Thank you Lazy Gardens. I got caught up in that empty wagon thought stopping cliche. Even my husband knew. The problem with buying product is that they purposely change products regularly and a new IBC has no idea what her future orders will be. Also that most of the time no one will buy the full basics (So braking the basic is inevitable if an IBC wants to make even one sale). The Christmas line is unsellable and then your stuck with it. There is no place to advertise and absolutely no one thinks of MK as a viable skin care option. Too many women have been conned for 50 years now into a pity purchase at a skin care class where the facial isn’t even a real facial.

      1. enorth

        “The Christmas line is unsellable”

        Oh, sure. Now you’ve done it. I now see a cellophane-wrapped coffee mug with a MK hand cream and candy-cane stuck in it, with googly eyes and little pom-pom nose glued on.

        I can’t get it out. of. my. mind.

  6. ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams

    I currently am a consultant, I have consistently for 7 years sold at least $400 weekly and now am being pushed to be a director. I’m not interested in that as I failed DIQ for not frontloading 2x.

    How do I get my director & her senior off my back?

    Also, I’m currently pregnant and I’m just in to get away from all the male energy in my house. I took a break for a while since I was called out for breastfeeding at a meeting- some of the older consultants were “upset”

    1. Lazy Gardens

      “How do I get my director & her senior off my back?”

      Tell her (politely of course) to @%@%#^@ and die.

      Tell her that you are not interested, and that if she bugs you about it one more time you will ship your product back and quit.

      Ask her “what part of “NO” do you have problems understanding? Is it the N or the O?

      In all seriousness, they will NOT quit, because their positions DEPEND on getting people to become directors and “senior directors”. Your selfish desire to think of your child before Mary Kay is threatening their status and income.

      So they will continue to harass you until you shape up.

    2. BestDecision

      I can guarantee they’ll turn up the heat and pressure once you have that baby! The only way to escape the business, the pressure, and the attitudes is to get out. If you truly kept 50% of your $400 weeks, you’d be making a max of $800/month, which we all know requires SOME expenses just to do what you are.

      Do you really need that money? If so, consider a part-time job working 10-20 hours/week, depending on your skills and education, and have the ease of knowing you aren’t going to be pressured anymore and will actually be contributing to your own Social Security for your future.

      I was a Director, and I admit I sank into the same mindset of thinking a consistent seller like you just “had” to be my next Offspring. I’m sorry, but it just is company-wide and won’t stop.

      1. ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams

        I’m an administrative scientist and I’m using this as seed money for my family’s restaurant that we are opening next year. I only go to the meeting if I have guests and I only hold parties or appointments when my husband is home. My expenses even with the training center fees are capped at $75 a month. Sometimes I invite my clients to my home as a way to let my 2 current boys play as well- another job is a bit hard since my husband is a restaurant manager now

        1. BestDecision

          Then I’d certainly be firm, confident, and bold to anyone that even mentions Directorship to you. Let them know your dream is elsewhere and that you’re perfectly content doing as you are. You don’t owe your Director further explanation than that. If she still pushes you, you can call the company and have them remove your contact info from your Director’s access, or you can even file a complaint against her.

          Good luck to you and your future restaurant. Love hearing of entrepreneurs like yourself!

  7. ShatteredPinkCaddyDreams

    LazyGardens and Best Decision called it. I’m not 1 Month post partum and they are trying to turn up the pressure and I’m not budging. I don’t have that much of an inventory since I stock what I sell.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Your baby should be your reason, not your excuse, for DIQ … amirite?
      You need to go into DIQ do you can stay home with the baby … amirite?
      Baby will need the example of an entrepreneurial mom … amirite?

      Keep socking away the money for the restaurant 🙂

      If you are ACTUALLY selling product, have minimal inventory, and keep away from the meetings, it must drive them crazy. You have customers they would love for you to recruit.

  8. ran4fun

    Sounds to me like if anyone is “doing MK the right way” it would be you…actually selling the product regularly and only ordering what you need for those sales. Good for you not giving in to their pressure. They don’t know what’s best for you. Only you do.
    Congratulations on your new baby. I hope the restaurant is going well.

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