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Reasons for Mary Kay Consultants to Order

Even Mary Kay Inc. knows that consultants are not selling their products. There is no significant retailing going on. Yes, there are some retail sales. But if you’ve ever been told the truth by a sales director, the bulk of the company’s income comes from big initial orders by new consultants (frontloading).

Directors receive all sorts of training on “pulling inventory”… getting those big orders fast.The longer the new consultant thinks about it, the less she will order. (Hence the pressure to order fast, and usually some special incentive that’s expiring “tomorrow” to get that order!)

I’m always on the lookout for hints that corporate knows there’s not a lot of selling going on. And here’s another one…

A consultant hasn’t ordered in a long time. So Mary Kay Inc. sends her an email with all the reasons to place and order and become “active” again. Notice that conspicuously missing from this list is anything related to sales of products.  They’re not suggesting that  a consultant order because she has to fill customer orders. Or that she has to replace inventory she’s sold.

Nope. Lots of good reasons to order, but none of them related to an actual sale of Mary Kay cosmetics.

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  1. Hopefully MK corpoate are starting to struggle and will collapse on their own weight of product returns and NSD comissons and have to slow down the manufacturing line. Don’t be fooled that MK is focusing on places outside of USA to build business, they are trying to claw their way back into a “mainstream” market. Good luck with that!

    • Proven by the few 11 Inner Circle NSDs they have right now. And just how many Pink Cadillacs do we see on the roads now versus 10 years ago?

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