Mary Kay is Great in the Netherlands!

This comment was submitted by a woman who says she is a Mary Kay consultant in the Netherlands. Her arguments against the Pink Truth are really no different than those we hear from consultants based in the United States.

W.O.W…. I can hardly believe the US comments. As a consultant from the Netherlands, Europe I have not heard such bad comments in my country ever. Of course there are people in my country who find that MK is not for them. I think … there is always negative stuff to find about each and every company if you really want to. And that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that my MK experience will be the same as yours if you have not been successful in this business.

Yes, we have to invest. For the record, I never had to invest $ 1800,-. I was offered three options with different amounts and I chose the ‘cheapest’ way to start. But doesn’t every entrepreneur have to invest? Where would Apple be if they didn’t invest back than?

And what’s a piramid? I think every company can be marked as one if you want to, because every company recruits new employees. What’s wrong with that? Let’s say, if I open a fashion boutique, don’t I have to go find the clothes to sell? I don’t mind investing at all.

I am greatful for the opportunities I seize with Mary Kay. Mary Kay is a tool and a way of life for me. I don’t like worshipping; in Holland we say: ‘stay grounded and enjoy your success at the same time’. But I like the good spirit, the work relation that I have with my director is fantastic, thrustworthy and normal. She doesn’t push me at all.

And may I remind you that one cannot be pushed unless we allow them to push. I don’t mind if somebody else thinks otherwise. So many people… so many different experiences. I find it fascinating how much time and energy you all have put in being negative about a company like MK. Which company will be next? Thank you for sharing this, so I can keep up my focus. W.O.W. (with or without you)


  1. MLM Radar

    OK, at first glance I thought it said she’s from Neverland, as in next door to Fantasyland. Then I read more closely and found out my first impression was right.

    I don’t mind investing at all… My Director is thrustworthy…

    She’s more correct than she realizes.

  2. BestDecision

    I invested over a DECADE of my life to MK. One of the problems the U.S. sales force faces is manipulation of God by our leaders. When they cast out a net of quoting scripture and praying for and over you, you get tricked into thinking they’d never lie to you and only advise you to do what’s in YOUR best interests. They’re “Godly” women, right? Wrong! I found out much later that I’d been lied to for years, and some of the truth is still coming forward even after I’ve left.

    I do sincerely hope Holland doesn’t start having the problems people face in MK here. The company’s numbers are down, fewer NSDs are going on their annual trips, fewer are making “executive income”, and a lot are starting to get on probation for not keeping up their NSD requirements. I haven’t seen a pink Cadillac in my city in at least a year.

    If it’s that big of a struggle at the very top, don’t you think it trickles down to the very bottom?

    1. BestDecision

      I actually have MORE energy without killing myself in heels, dragging bags to and from meetings and parties, and can focus on who I’m with and what I’m doing in the moment because I’m not worried about it being less than 60days away from June 30th.

      One of the worst examples of authenticity is Gloria. And one of the best examples of an ego is Gloria.


      1. QueenOfTheTanned

        RIGHT? It’s great to just go somewhere and not be ‘ON’ or just meet people and develop real friendships. It’s so Zen…just being in the moment.

  3. pinkiu

    I wonder how big of a problem mlms are in the Netherlands? Just because she doesn’t like what we have to say doesn’t mean we are wrong. I wonder if she’s bothered to read posts in the forum? That’s where the real truth of our thousands upon thousands of personal stories live.

    1. BestDecision

      Do they have NSDs claiming to “not make a car payment in ___ years” like we do? You can spin the wheel on almost any Director or NSD, and you’ll land on one that has, at some point and in some quarter, PAID a part of her commission check to MK for her car.

      I’m bold enough to admit I did. $900 a month, at times. And I know I’m not alone.

        1. BestDecision

          If we didn’t do Cadillac production for all 3 months, our payment could be up to $900/month for the next 3 months. So, it could cost us $2,700, even if we’d done half the production. It wasn’t prorated or in proportion at all. They ripped us all off!

      1. formykids

        My wife paid as much as $900 per month on her caddy, and made copays on it for about 15 out of the 24 months she had it. She did eventually lose it and is back in the equinox, and for the first time in 5 yrs of the equinox(a few yrs before the caddy and a couple after the caddy) she just got charged a copay of $150……and so it goes.

        1. BestDecision

          They are! Some hesitate to finish Cadillac because they’ve no guarantee they can keep up that level of production afterwards. While it’s a huge honor, it’s a massive commitment. I never wanted to squeak with a my goal, even down to Red Jacket, because it could all disappear the following month or quarter.

          And BIG pressure when you’re going to lose your Cadillac. It’s so visible that everybody knows you’re not in it anymore and what happened. Your unit knows, your customers know. Total morale downer. I know a Director that took out a loan against her mortgage so she could order enough to stay in hers.

  4. QueenOfTheTanned

    “Low-Energy” people? Mmmkay. How many on this board are college graduates? REAL business owners? Too many to count. Personally, I’ve got a Master’s, have a career AND a REAL side business that makes WAAAY more money than Mary Kay ever did. My business is based on a service I am able to uniquely provide, not hawking someone else’s makeup. And I don’t call anyone, plead, beg or spam Facebook for business. My customers (and many are repeat customers) call ME. I don’t guilt anyone into referrals. My clients refer me to their friends and family due to my skills. I don’t have to trick anyone into it with the promise of a free mascara. Wow, it’s so nice! If MK consultants could feel how nice it is to own a REAL business, then they might understand. Good luck getting through that Pink Fog. That denial is thick.

      1. “That’s great for you! Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t skilled enough or don’t have the capital to start their own successful business.”

        Yep, lots of people never start their own business… people like Tim Cook… or Steve Ballmer… or Marissa Mayer… yeah, they were all stuck in their boring old J-O-B’s.

        Boring old “employees” like Cook or Ballmer or Mayer probably spend more in a year on clothing than each of the top 10 NSD’s gross revenues… combined!



      2. Char

        “Unfortunately a lot of people aren’t skilled enough or don’t have the capital to start their own successful business.”

        That may be true, but it doesn’t give you license to become a pyramid schemer.

  5. GoGiveAShit

    No, it is no different in Europe. Believe me, it’s the same faking, lies and brain washing all around the globe. I did MK for 5 years in Scandinavia and can indentify every single post!

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