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Happy Thanksgiving (Free of Mary Kay, I Hope)

Happy Thanksgiving to those in and out of the pink fog!


  1. cindylu

    Happy Thanksgiving to all Pink truthers. I have been able to enjoy all holidays for many years. Best of all I also have had plenty of money for gift buying. No shuddering at the thought of other women finding out that MK is not real. No more thinking that MK is some kind of magical gift that will allow women everywhere to support their families in style. Best of all no more planning and setting up open houses that always failed. My home is MK pink free. Men and children hate those pink products taking up space everywhere. Getting rid of my pink carpeted office years ago was a blessing. Lots of time with family I love and enjoy, now that’s the real gift.

  2. Char

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    I wonder if MK MLMers refrained from talking and thinking MK today? I also wonder if they could do it if they were challenged? They should test themselves at Xmas to see how infected they are. Yes, infected not affected.

  3. PeachyNotPink

    I can vouch that Thanksgiving was NOT a peaceful holiday for many IBC’s. My SD was blast posting on social media about her Black Friday Open House, Small Business Saturday Open House, and now the Cyber Monday Sale. (maybe she took a break on Sunday?)

    She was advertising deep discounts at all three events. So I have to wonder if this is an IBC’s way of purging old inventory and trying to recoup some of their money.

    I just find the whole thing sad.

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