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New Color Products Launched

Last week Mary Kay launched their new line of color products, Chromafusion. And they’ve got Matrix Technology, whatever that is.  The rumor was that the new color products would be coming out around Christmas, but here they are and no one had any advance warning. Hello, discontinued color cosmetics. Good luck selling those.

Oh sure, this will no doubt be billed as a wonderful thing. Mary Kay is staying on trend. Cosmetics HAVE to change to stay new and fresh. Other companies change their products too. The problem is that with Mary Kay, we’ve got hundreds of thousands of consultants who are left holding the bag with discontinued products. In theory, they can still sell them. In reality, the old products won’t be shown in the Look Book, so many customers won’t even know a consultant has them.


  1. nomoremlm4me

    Yikes. There is just no way I would pay that kind of money for such inferior products. It makes me sad that more women don’t wake up and realize this entire company is a sham.

  2. PeachyNotPink

    Directors knew about this since July-ish. They even received product to “test”. In a FB post announcing the launch, my SD gushed about how she’s been using and loving the product. Then apologized for not being direct when “asked about her great makeup” – claiming she’s a bad liar and felt terrible for not letting us know. So all those poor new IBC’s that were recruited between July and the new launch loaded up on the old color (if they fell for the “full store” spiel) that they can no longer sell.

    Before I found out that my SD wasn’t “one of the good ones”, and before I learned I can’t game the MK system (thank you PT for educating me), I ordered a bunch of makeup for myself and my teen at the end of August. My SD already HAD the new eye colors, but she let me order the old stuff KNOWING that it was changing in a few weeks. This deception should make me really angry, but after all of the other shenanigans that have occurred in my very short tenure with MK, I’m just resigned.

    Just to clarify my position on MK: I got sucked into MK as a PUC by trying to “help a friend” back in June. I’m trying to extricate myself from the web in which I’ve gotten myself entangled.

    1. OnelessSD

      Peachy!!… easy-peasy… send it all back. Get 90% of your money back and if there’s anything you ever want to purchase in the future- go to Ebay or Amazon. It’s there – and without the hassle.

      Why put yourself through the agony of dealing with dishonest people, when you can just get whatever you want, when you want it without having to buy extra to meet that minimum required purchase amount of $225 w/s? Ditch the pink and be free! 🙂

    2. MLM Radar

      Your friend gets only 4% of your purchase price, so it would take a really really big order from you, about $1,000 wholesale, for her to get paid enough commission to fill her gas tank.

      This means that her commission chargeback when you return your inventory will probably be so small that your friend will barely notice.

      You weren’t really helping your friend when you joined. You were helping the Director, who gets 13% or more of your order price, plus bonuses and car credit. Yes, your money went to support that same Director who was so helpful with your start-up that she let you buy a huge pile of about-to-be-discontinued products. Which you can’t exchange. Yes, that Director.

      Now if you stay you’ll have to buy just as much from the new product line. Oops. Sorry about that. (The apology gently floats off her tongue as she secretly calculates what you’re about to contribute towards her next car qualifying quota.

      In my line of work, we call what she did you by two names:
      1. Violation of disclosure rules for concealing known upcoming events which change your financial decisions.
      2. Fraud.

    3. PeachyNotPink

      @OnelessSD and @MLMRadar:

      Luckily, I didn’t order product to sell. I only ordered product for personal use and it’s all been opened, used, etc. So I’m not stuck with crap I can’t get rid of. But I am stuck with crap that makes me unhappy when I look at it.

      Also my friend IS the SD, so that stings a bit. I’ve mentioned in the comments on another article here that I found PT right after I signed the contract. I was disappointed that my friend subjected to all the “scripts” mentioned here – plus all the half-truths and flat out lies. But I was certain I could just order some product for myself one time, then let my IBC number die a natural death. I was hoping to avoid an awkward scene with this person (our husbands are good friends, so it gets complicated).

      Unfortunately, when I placed that first order she asked to tag onto it under my name so she could get her car credit (she was trying to “earn” the cadillac). That made me uncomfortable enough, but what really shocked me is when her newsletter came out I was “recognized” as having some kind of star order.

      So my game plan is call/write MK and have my IBC number canceled in the next couple weeks. Before you ask, the delay is because I purchased some of the skin care and it makes my face burn and itch. I want to try to exchange it for something I can use. I know the products aren’t great, but I also can’t just let that money go down the drain, either. So once I receive my replacement product, I’ll cancel everything and be done with this nightmare.

      1. Char

        I feel for you. You know why MLM sucks? Not only do you have to lie to be “successful”, they teach you to prey on family and friends as your first target. And that was you! You fell right into their trap, you were truly being nice, spent money, and now this mess. Your friendship might even suffer. Actually, it should. Knowing what you know now, your opinion of her must be falling fast. Do you really want to be friends with a pyramid schemer? She is an SD after all. This ‘might’ also cause a rift between you and your husband because your husband’s are friends. Hope not.

        This is why I have zero tolerance for this scam. It can cause so many problems. The sad part is, the SD will probably suffer most, but only if she isn’t a completely unsavory character.

        Nothing good ever results from MLM. If any money is made, it’s actually dirty money – even if one doesn’t realize it yet.

  3. enorth

    “The rumor was that the new color products would be coming out around Christmas, but here they are”

    Chromafusion was released to the international market months ago.

    An ESSD said the new products were to be released on 10/26 to SDs only, but MK had sent an email “by mistake” to all consultants.

    1. Neverpink

      I always thought that as well – that MK was “granny makeup”. Not that I knew much about MK at the time. But looking at these plain colors… Yep. Still looks like granny makeup.

  4. SoOverIt

    I bought some makeup from a friend years ago (guilt purchase, at least I had the brains to not sign up like a doofus), I’m not a makeup person so I had NO idea (seriously, this was my first time buying eye shadow and I did it to try and look like I was in my late 20’s as opposed to a teenager. Sigh.) what makeup was supposed to cost. Imagine my surprise to discover that $15 gets you a whole (filled) palette of eyeshadow as opposed to 2 tiny “high pigment” tins. Seriously. They were so small. If I find them I’ll throw them out.

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