1. To view the “fabulous” Christmas gifts that the NSDs received from MK, visit Linda Toupin or Jeanie Martin’s Facebook page. (If you are overcome with envy, you can probably find a similar set at Claire’s for $14.95.) Merry Christmas to all PT contributors and readers!

    • Yuck, I hope they aren’t real fur. So far, no one in the comments have asked if it’s real. Guess they’re pulling the fur over their eyes on that one!

  2. Thanks for keeping this website going Tracy. Although I never sold MK or did an MLM, it still allows ppl like me to help others stuck in the bubble..

    • That just exposes another lie: “You’ll cut off the MK “opportunity” forever if you return your inventory!”

      Bull. Returning your inventory just cuts you off until the next re-joining promotion. You were such a good cash cow for a while. Your MK director and MK corporate hope you’ll sign up to be financially abused again. It only costs you $25!

      It’s all lies. Don’t do it.

  3. Does anyone know how or if it is possible to file a complaint with corporate against your director? I don’t appreciate being included in a group text on Christmas asking for a product swap because her client is allergic to the new Timewise. 1. No disrespect but I don’t care 2. Why are you working on a religious holiday? Way to live the company values right? I can’t imagine being so rude as to interput others holidays with this nonsense. Thanks for any help anyone could give…

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