Mary Kay is a bunch of mean girls. They often talk about the “big girls club” (directors and above), and once you get there, they have even more little groups based on number of offspring or unit production. Last year a group of young sales directors were together wore these shirts. Jamie Taylor modeled the “get in losers, we’re becoming a national area” shirt for social media.

It’s a reference to a line in the movie Mean Girls, “Get in loser, we’re going shopping.” So maybe you can excuse it as a funny little movie line, but I’ve been around Mary Kay ladies to know it’s so much more. Why do you think sales directors say things like “dead reds” (the Red Jackets who never move up)???

It’s all about peer pressure. Keeping up with the Joneses. Competing with each other on an unhealthy level. Materialism. Cliques. Fair weather friends.

So yes, we know you see your unit members as losers. Unless they’re recruiting and frontloading a bunch so you get a nice commission check. But if that activity stops, all the talk about sisterhood goes out the window.



  1. Jamie Taylor’s Instagram feed is full of pictures of herself. Reminds me of Dacia. Sickening!

    • Jamie Taylor is also the one who allegedly claimed “I make $10k per month in commissions alone” to a potential recruit recently. I went back and looked at her commissions for all of 2018 and 2019. In 2018 she made about $6k per month in gross commissions. In 2019 she had 2 months where she made more than $10k. In all other months she made less.

      Why lie?

      • They think we were/are all dumb. I admit I fell for it, but it’s also because they hooked us with the “God first” and Golden Rule mindsets. So no one could possibly lie to us, right?

        I’m going to look at the October Applause. It would be June’s commissions, so we’ll all know that the highest she could possibly make in a month.

      • My director claimed she made nearly 10,000 a month in commission. She said her average was around 8,000. That was 7 years ago. I recently looked her up and it seems she’s no longer with Mary Kay. At a “party” I attended when I met her she showed us her highest commission check. It was over 11,000 dollars! Looking back now it’s crazy to me how the whole “party” was a recruiting scam. We did only one product test and the rest was us filling out questionnaires and her talking to us individually about joining.

        • $8,000 isn’t “nearly $10,000” unless you’re rounding to the nearest $5,000. I’m sure that if she was getting $12,000 she sure wouldn’t call that “nearly $10,000.”

          Also, it’s before expenses and “topping off” unit orders.

        • “Looking back now it’s crazy to me how the whole “party” was a recruiting scam.”

          That’s HOW she made her commission check. So regardless of the amount, it’s dirty money collected via scamming others. Inflating the check amount just makes her a better liar and hence a more successful MLMer. Certainly not someone anyone should want to emulate.

      • Hey Tracy, I’m going through some old posts (ie Jamie Taylor and a few others) and saw this comment. I’m wondering, is there a way to figure out how much of her MK income is “self-produced” (ie her personal product sales) and how much must be from downline production? And then, taking an estimate of how much her downline is likely spending on wholesale purchases, get a figure of what an average IBC in her area is buying in inventory? I probably didn’t word that correctly; I guess I’m inquiring as to what nuggets of info we can glean about her area by using the info we are able to access…lol does that make more sense?

  2. How long has she been trying for that national area? May want to hook a truck up to that camper so it can go somewhere.

  3. Wow! A new low! What is ironic is that I am a full time RVer and the lifestyle is awesome! They are so clueless on their hamster wheels Lol!

    • As RVs go, she definitely put one of the cheapest types on her T-shirt.

      But that’s the sort of thinking you can expect from Mary Kay. Spend enough money on inventory helping her get to National, and you may find yourself without a home, forced to live in one of those instead.

      • It’s definitely the type of rv that mk would give out. Cheap, falling apart, with unnecessary pink slapped on it.

  4. Personally I think that shirt is extremely insulting! I would be so hard to be one of her unit members and if nothing else made you quit being called a loser would be the final straw for me! It’s so shocking to me how these women feel entitled to speak down to other people like that and having been a director and knowing several top directors who are drowning in debt and have an in opened boxes of inventory from floor to ceiling in the extra bedrooms at their house, it’s just incredible that they feel the need to put on this charade!

  5. Sisterhood…. Mary Kay ruined my marriage. My director is now my ex husbands wife. That isn’t sisterhood. During my time in Mary Kay I had everyone tell me to fight to do what I wanted even though he didn’t support it at all. It caused fights from me leaving for meetings, parties with customers and going to conference. Although I made it up that ladder he never was supportive that I did it. Never did my MK sisters say you should take a step back if it is ruining your marriage. Once we decided to separate after I had taken a step back I find out about the affair my friend, my director with MK was having with my husband. Not divorced yet, neither him or her from her own marriage she ruined to take my spouse as her own when our relationship was weak. MK started the downward spiral of the events taking place and now I can say my once director is the new Mrs. Stay away if you have a spouse or partner not willing to be positive in your career big or small because your sisters will stab you.

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